How to Start Up a Jewelry Business with 100$?

Are you considering working for yourself? If you like jewelry, you hope to start your jewelry business with a small investment, for example, $100. Then you have come to the right place.

Jewelry business is a highly competitive industry. Because the demand for jewelry is huge and still increasing. The profit of the jewelry business is considerable. This is the reason why many people earned a lot of profits in the jewelry business and established their own brands.

I believe that you have seen a lot of people run their own shops online and make good profits. They offer a variety of products which follow the trend and are very attractive. And the price of the product is very cheap, and they are still making a profit. How did they make it?

The secret of their success is that they have found the right wholesale jewelry supplier.

Nihaojewelry is a Chinese jewelry wholesale supplier, supplying jewelry to more than 1 million customers in 150 countries around the world.

If you want to start your jewelry business, let’s see how many products can be purchased with $100 in Nihaojewelry?


There are many necklaces with prices of USD 0.1, 0.2, they are exquisite in style and very popular.

For example, this heart-shaped necklace is very cute, it’s only $0.18, and it comes in gold and silver. You can buy 50 for only  9 dollars.

heart-shaped necklace

If you choose this necklace, it is $0.16 and it comes in two colors. If you buy more than 60 pieces, the price is 0.15 yuan for each one, and you will get 100 pieces for 15 dollars.

If you choose this necklace, it is $0.16 and it comes in two colors. If you buy more than 60 pieces, the price is 0.15 yuan for each one, and you will get 100 pieces for 15 dollars.

Pearl necklaces have always been a classic trend. This pearl necklace is very elegant and only costs $0.18. You can also buy 50 for 9 dollars.

Pearl nacklace

Nihaojewelry website and related information are in the description below.


Earrings are something that everyone likes very much. Let’s take a look at Nihaojewelry’s earrings.

There are many styles of these sweet fruit-shaped earrings, and the unit price is only US$0.23. If you purchase every style, the total quantity over 60 can be cheaper. $22 for 100 pcs.

This fashionable frosted earring is a very popular one. Available in gold and silver.  You can get 15 pcs for $9.55.


Of course, rings are also essential.

This titanium stainless steel ring is $0.19 and comes in 6 beautiful colors. This is one of our best-selling rings. If you choose a few of each color, 50 rings will only cost $9.50.

Titaniumstainless Steel Fashion Geometric Ring
Titanium Stainless Steel Fashion Geometric Ring

This ring is a hot style this summer, with many macarons in colorful colors. This is one of Nihaojewelry’s best-selling rings. Similarly, you will get nearly 50 rings for $10.

Hollow Candy Color Twist Bracelet Ring
Hollow Candy Color Twist Bracelet Ring

This fashionable bougainvillea ring is made of titanium stainless steel and costs only $0.15. You can buy 100 for 15 dollars.

Leaves Flowers Opening Ring

To know a reliable supplier better, you need to know more besides the price. Such as product quality, logistics speed, customer service.

Nihaojewelry has its own factory, and all products undergo strict quality inspection. Nihaojewelry has no minimum order quantity limit, all products are factory prices. You can choose English, French, German, and Spanish as you need. Therefore, you can purchase with confidence.

We talked about some of the products at Nihaojewelry. To summarize: For $100, you can buy 200 necklaces, 115 earrings, and 200 rings. Would you like to start operating your store right away?

If you want to run your own jewelry store, instant action is the crucial step for you to start making money.

Want to know our customer base? You can join the Nihaojewelry Facebook Group. For more questions, please let us know in the comment section.

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