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10 real ways to make money online for free 2021

make money online
make money online

Maybe you want to make extra money online, or find an alternative to your current job? You will find that there are many ideas for make money online. Here we have compiled 10 typical real ways to make money online for free in 2021. Some of these methods are easy to start, and some require certain skills, but they are all practical. Hope these methods will bring you more online money making ideas.

Easy ways to make money online for beginner

Take surveys for money

Online surveys will not bring you considerable income, but you can earn a few dollars here and there. Online survey opportunities provide you with a stable way to add extra cash to your monthly budget. You can conduct paid surveys on your computer or mobile device and earn points for each survey. These points can be exchanged for cash or e-gift cards. However, some survey platforms have restrictions on age and place of residence. Different survey websites have different prices for each survey, and the number of points redeemed is also different. Compare these sites carefully and choose the ones that are legal, reliable and cost-effective. This method is particularly suitable for students and workers with a full-time job and a lot of free time.

Here are 5 best Legit survey sites online:

  • Swagbucks
  • Survey Junkie
  • InboxDollars
  • MyPoints
  • Vindale Research

Advantages: no skills required, simple, suitable for beginners

Disadvantages: It takes a long time and relatively little income.

Be careful:

Do not share sensitive information. There are some websites that just want to collect your personal information or surveys, which may not be worth the risk. Keep in mind that it is almost impossible to make large sums of money online quickly.

Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing
affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing can be one of the most popular ways to make money online. It has always been proven to be a long-lasting way to make money online. Affiliate marketing allows you to make a living online by promoting brand. Use your unique referral link to register or purchase products to get the corresponding commission. Online shopping sites of different sizes have affiliate marketing plans, such as Amazon, shopify, Dhgate, Nihaojewelry, etc. You can choose a variety of ways to promote retail/wholesale products, software, applications, etc. to earn commissions from sales. For example, share your referral link through social media such as Youtube video, facebook, and Instagram. Focusing on content marketing is one of the best ways. You can become a member of multiple brands and include multiple affiliate links in a single blog post. Anyone buying products through your affiliate link will give you passive income online.

Advantages: simple, free, long-lasting, suitable for beginners

Disadvantages: low income from a single link, unstable

Make money online from home

Starting a business online is a way to make money online that most people can think of. It is slightly more difficult, but the potential benefits are also huge. Especially after experiencing Covid-19, more and more people have become familiar with and prefer online shopping.

The businesses you can conduct online include but are not limited to:

  • Wholesale products to resell
  • Dropshipping
  • Sell handicrafts/custom products online

Wholesale products to resell

Wholesale products for resale is the most common mode of conducting online business. It requires you to invest a small amount of money in the early stage to obtain the goods you find profitable at wholesale prices. Then you can create an e-commerce store, use platforms such as Amazon, shopify, and even resell goods at higher prices through social media sites like Facebook. The price difference earned from it is profitable.

Comparing the price of the same style jewelry provided by Nihaojewelry, a Chinese fashion jewelry wholesaler, with the retail price in Amazon, you will find that wholesale jewelry for resale is definitely a profitable business.

nihaojewelry wholesale price
Nihaojewelry wholesale price
amazon retail price
Amazon retail price

The advantage of wholesale is that you can freely adjust profits and control costs. Product quality and after-sales service are under your control.


dropshipping business

Dropshipping is a new business model and you can make money online for free. The biggest advantage of it different from wholesale is that you don’t need to order and stock products (to pay upfront costs), but only resell products online from third-party suppliers. If a consumer has purchased some products in your store, you can place an order directly from the supplier’s website. They will deliver the product directly to the consumer for you. This means you can earn money online without investment. The biggest difficulty of Dropship lies in sales and after-sales guarantee.

Wholesale and drop shipping have their own advantages and disadvantages, you can read them here: Dropship vs wholesale: How should I choose?

Where can you find wholesale and dropshipping suppliers?

The nearby wholesale market. You can find a nearby wholesale market through Google Maps, where there are a variety of products for you to choose from and buy in bulk. The advantage of choosing a local wholesale market is convenient communication and fast delivery.

Foreign manufacturers or wholesalers. Wholesale suppliers in China and Southeast Asian countries with developed manufacturing industries have price advantages. However, their delivery speed is not as fast as local suppliers.

If you are having trouble finding a legal and reliable free wholesale supplier, here is the Free Wholesale Vendors List Top 15.

Sell handicrafts/custom products online

Online sales of handicrafts/custom products are aimed at the jewelry industry, fashion industry and home decoration industry. The costs associated with handmade products are material costs, finished product storage costs, and labor costs, all of which are within your control. Handmade products are easy to form a brand due to their originality and uniqueness. But customized products and hand-made products are time-consuming and not easy for business expansion.

Customized products can also be completed by the manufacturer, as long as you provide ideas and design drafts. Common ones include jewelry customization, T-shirt customization, mobile phone case customization, water cup customization, and so on.

custom jewelry from Nihaojewelry
custom jewelry from Nihaojewelry
Custom products From printful
Custom products From printful

There is a lot of room for profit from conducting business online, which can be used as a means of making a living online and benefit in the long term. One of the reasons that online businesses have high profit potential is because digital businesses are not limited to specific geographic locations.

It is not easy to open an online store, it is best to have a certain marketing knowledge. If you want to start a business online, it is an option worth investing in.

Make money online based on hobbies(Freelancer)

Non-traditional employment methods are becoming more and more popular. If you want, you can also turn your hobby into a career.

Make money writing online for free

Writing is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to make money online. You don’t need perfect grammar skills to become a freelance writer. You don’t need to spend 10,000 hours to perfect your writing skills. Easy-to-read text will be more popular with people.

As a beginner, you can apply to become an author on similar websites such as iwriter, write letters for website and business owners, and build your own customer base. If you have some experience, starting a blog to express your opinions or ideas is also a long-term business.

You will not make money right away. However, as the level of writing improves, the audience and the number of clicks on the website increase, you will have many opportunities to profit from your website, such as the aforementioned affiliate marketing, paid advertising, and so on.

Narrative audiobook

Narrative audiobook to make money online
Narrative audiobook

Don’t underestimate your voice, it is also valuable. If you have a good voice and like to read, then becoming an audiobook narrator will be a great opportunity to make money online. If you think your voice is not good enough or up to the standard, you can study for a period of time in a planned way. The audiobook industry is a new type of industry that has emerged in recent years, and it continues to grow every year. It seems that more and more people prefer to listen to books instead of reading.

Sell stock photos and videos

If you like to take pictures or record videos, then you can make money by selling photos and videos online.

There are many websites that allow you to upload photos and video footage. These sites have a large user base, and when someone buys and downloads your photos, you get paid. Istockphoto, shutterstock, videohive, etc. are all highly recommended sites.

Become an influencer

The rise of Youtube, Instagram, tiktok and other social media has given everyone an equal opportunity to make money, if you can grasp this plan. Using this method to make money online may be much more difficult than the previous programs. The process of creating video content for this type of video can take a lot of time, but the reward is usually worth the effort. When you have enough fans, you have the opportunity to recommend products, courses, and make money from advertising revenue.

Online teaching

Payment for knowledge is accepted by more and more people. If you have expertise in a specific field, you can use the Internet to conduct a coaching business. Teaching musical instruments, fitness classes, drawing classes, and even teaching English to foreigners can be one of the ways you can make money online for free.

It is absolutely feasible to turn your hobby into a way to make money.

Other online jobs, such as graphic design, illustration, proofreading, document conversion, jewelry design, etc., are one of the profitable jobs that freelancers can choose. You can find a way to make money online that suits you at the following freelance website:




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To sum up

The way to make money online is becoming more and more respected. This means you can make money at home or wherever you have an internet connection. If you choose to make money online, in theory, anyone in the world is a potential customer. Whether you already have a full-time job, want to earn extra money online or want to make a living online, you have a chance to succeed.

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