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Is the Shipping Cost for Nihaojewelry Expensive?

Why is the shipping cost on Nihaojewelry a bit expensive?
Why is the shipping cost on Nihaojewelry a bit expensive?

As a professional wholesale vendor for fashion jewelry, accessories, and clothing whose number of products is normally over 100,000 and the wholesale prices for most products are 1-2 US dollars, Nihaojewelry has been known by an increasing number of clients and retailers around the globe.

It is a fact that products with good qualifications and at the lowest prices result in an attractive wholesale website for these small retailers who are might be the shopkeeper of a dollar store or might operate online e-shops on eBay, Shopify, or Facebook Marketplace for resales. Most of them settle down in the USA and Mexico.

After adding the wished products to the carts and checking out, the shopping procedure may be canceled or postponed.

The enthusiasm for placing orders has been extinguished. It is not a strange situation for some users whose orders did not proceed.

And why this happens?

Mostly, because of the shipping cost.

Screenshot of the shipping cost of NihaoJewelry
Screenshot of the shipping cost of NihaoJewelry

An order shipping to Mexico costs a total of 154.76 US$, whereas the shipping cost is 24.09 US$ carried by DHL, delivery within 4-6 business day.

Clearly, this situation is happening every day, and every month there are thousands of users searching for the shipping cost problems of Nihaojewelry’s on Google.

Seriously, the shipping cost seems a little expensive. Can Nihaojewelry still be your jewelry wholesale vendor as a priority? Is the shipping cost too expensive?

Pros of Nihaojewelry

Within the development for 7 years, Nihaojewelry has built a whole series of supply chain management.

Here is a look at the procedure working of the supply chain:

  • Get Inspired
  • Design
  • Manufacture
  • In stock
  • Display on the sites and cellphone apps
  • Placed orders by clients
  • Pack up
  • Shipping to the globe
  • Arrived

The efficient supply chain management leads to a highly efficient Nihaojewelry group. As a matter of fact, it allows Nihaojewelry to keep updating with high frequency.

Nihaojewelry: the frequency of updating is nearly every single day

Because of the refined management procedure, the company’s long-term development has been created. The price factor can be more competitive than other Chinese jewelry vendors, nor can other non-Chinese wholesalers.

A Christmas tree brooch is from 0.68 on Nihaojewelry
A Christmas tree brooch is from 2.75 from a USA dealer.

Compared to a wholesaler in the US, you save 2.07 US$ for such a Christmas tree pin on Nihaojewelry.

Shipping costs comparison between Nihaojewelry and DHL official

DHL is one of the most efficient and leading logistic companies and is also one of the reliable business partners in Nihaojewelry.

Deep connections with DHL help the delivery services ship to the buyers’ countries and areas for Nihaojewelry, besides, these connections also gain incredible discounts on the shipping costs for every buyer from Nihaojewelry.

It leads to a truth that every order carried by DHL on Nihaojewelry will cost much lower, approximately 1/6, than you, an independent client who does not build a deep business partnership with DHL, call for delivery service.

We will set an example:

Place an order to Mexico on Nihaojewelry, the shipping cost is nearly 24 US dollars.

shipping to Mexico for this order is nearly 24.09 US$ on Nihaojewelry by DHL

And we quote for the price to Mexico on DHL with the same size of the carton box and the same weight, DHL is about to charge 150 US dollars.

In this comparison, we see the shipping cost on Nihaojewelry is lower less 1/6 than the DHL official quotation.

Why is the shipping cost on Nihaojewelry expensive?

To this question, we could conclude the first reason from the above paragraphs.

Firstly, the Emergency Situation Surcharge Adjustment conducted by DHL officials.

Emergency Situation Surcharge Adjustment conducted by DHL officials

Emergency Situation Surcharge Adjustment conducted by DHL officials

Given the significant impacts of COVID-19 on the global aviation industry, DHL has charged higher for the shipping than it was before.

It readjusted several times. It was noted that the Emergency Situation Surcharge Adjustment is an abrupt policy and it would be temporary, but no one knows how long it will last.

Briefly, DHL rises shipping costs in 2020.

Secondly, the weights of products and packages.

Although products monitored on Nihaojewelry sites are shown with the information of net weights. The shipping cost still cannot be valued absolutely correctly by Nihaojewelry’s delivery system.

When you add your stuff to the cart and proceed to checkout, the delivery system will automatically calculate by your address, the net weights of products, and estimated package weight.

The packaged weight, for a parcel, will not be exactly sure unless it is packed up and weighted. Thus, the delivery system would charge your order with its pr-calculation if the order proceeding.

Please note that Nihaojewelry would refund the overcharging part for the shipping cost to every client if the estimated cost is higher than the real-paid cost.

Thirdly, the volume of a product matters as well.

In addition, the cost is calculated according to which is greater, the volume weight or actual weight. Volume weight calculation method = length * width * height / 5000

For example, when you buy 10 fashion bags, they would calculate the shipping cost by volume if the package is big.

Why doesn’t Nihaojewelry choose cheaper shipping channels or carriers?

The price of China Post Air Mail is quite cheap?

Why doesn’t Nihaojewelry choose China Post Air Mail?

The answer is Nihaojewelry’s philosophy. Nihaojewelry wishes to assist overseas buyers to buy wholesale jewelry and fashion accessories more efficiently, more convenient, and more inexpensive from China.

What Nihaojewelry wants to solve is the complex process of importers-wholesalers-local wholesalers- retailers in the traditional supply chain, and behind this complex process, the fast fashion nature of the jewelry will lose its meaning.

Jewelry, clothing, and accessories, no matter the color or the style, they shall follow the trends.

It only takes 10 days for our factory to obtain fast fashion elements to produce out of the warehouse, and it only takes up to 15 days for the shelves to be sold to customers.

The traditional transaction of customization, receiving, shipping, customs clearance, and batching is more complicated. Nihaojewelry’s process is 4 times faster. This 4 times speed means that you have the market opportunity.

You can bring products to your own customers faster and better, and let them enjoy the most fashionable accessories!

In the fast fashion market, one step ahead means to seize market opportunities and attract fans’ attention!

Nihaojewelry has 100,000 products, covering all categories of fashion accessories. This purchase efficiency is impossible to obtain in any single physical store, single importer, or single manufacturer.

Nihaojewelry provides services when customers need to continuously optimize the product line, in order to allow these flexible customers such as jewelry stores, online shop owners, Facebook sellers, Amazon sellers, etc., to obtain the fast fashion products they want all at once, with no need to run around, with no need to place different orders in different companies.

With such efficient and successful integration, you will feel that the cost of the shipping is worthwhile.

Nihaojewelry’s suggestion is to buy as many products as possible in the same order, which will reduce the average cost of logistics and freight. After all, sending a package is a one-time delivery.

Regardless of whether this package is weighted 1kg or 21kg, the courier service staff will deliver it to you.

If you receive a package, you will know it after careful calculation. The shipping cost you see while proceeding to checkout is expensive but it has been stated clearly.

Rather than adding to the unit price of the product, if it is a traditional transaction or another purchasing platform, they just increase the unit price of the product and add the shipping cost to the product price.

As a wholesaler, we must consider the price and the cost of the entire order, not just the shipping cost.

Are Nihaojewelry’s products cost-effective?

We have compared the prices of Nihaojewelry and American wholesalers before, so let’s compare Nihaojewelry with other wholesalers in China. Take a look at the same product, how much their prices will be.

10 jewelry sets placed on Nihaojewelry

10 jewelry sets placed with shipping cost detail on Nihaojewelry
the same 10 jewelry sets placed on Aliexpress with shipping cost detail

While buying 10 pieces of this set, the wholesale price is 11.15 US$ on Nihaojewelry, and the shipping cost is 18.81 US$.

But the same set will cost 25.9 US$ on Aliexpress, and the shipping cost is 56.06 US$.

The wholesale prices of Nihaojewelry are definitely lower than the same products on other Chinese wholesale websites.

Save money for the shipping cost on Nihaojewelry

Here are 3 practical tips for you to save money on the shipping cost on Nihaojewelry.

1.The shipping cost charged for headbands and bags will be relatively high because the volume is relatively large, DHL will charge according to the volume.

So we suggest that while buying a bag, you can buy small but heavy products because these products will not charge you the extra shipping costs.

For example, 10 bags’ weight is 5kg, but the volume weight is 8kg, the freight charged in accordance with 8kg, when you buy more earrings and the weight is 2kg, the actual weight of the entire package is 7kg, the more volume is still a heavy 8kg. Because earrings will no longer take up space, there will be no shipping fee for extra 2kg earrings.

2.If your order weight is 5.01kg, it is recommended that you add the product to 5.99kg, because 5.01kg and 5.99kg are the same cost.

3.If there is more than 16kg in the shopping cart, it must be more cost-effective to choose 25kg!

Read more detailed money-saving tips here:
4 Valuable Money Saving Tips About Shipping Cost When Shopping On Nihaojewelry

Another tip is to place your order during the Nihaojewelry shipping campaign.Since Nihaojewelry’s products are already cheap enough at wholesale prices, most of the promotions are shipping discounts.


In fact, it is not a particularly serious problem that freight is a little expensive. For your business, you shall pay attention to the overall cost.

When determining the final retail price of goods, the freight and wholesale prices are combined and calculated together and allocated to the retail price to ensure that there is a profit margin.

All products are wholesaled from China. Products with lower wholesale prices will undoubtedly allow you to make more money.

In the cheap jewelry industry, the wholesale price of Nihaojewelry is really the lowest. Choosing Nihaojewelry, indeed, enables you to make more money.

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