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Nihaojewelry Top Sellers in June 2022

nihaojewelry top sellers in June
nihaojewelry top sellers in June

It’s July! We’ve collected some of June’s best sellers based on last month’s sales data. And these products include men’s sunglasses, stainless steel jewelry, body jewelry, and fashion bracelets.

Men’s Glasses – Sports Sunglasses

The Nihaojewelry’s first top-seller in June is men’s glasses, especially sports sunglasses for men.

When you’re active outdoors, you need a good pair of sports glasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. And especially in summer, there is a huge demand for sports glasses. You can confirm this by looking at Google’s monthly average search trends for the keyword “sports sunglasses”.

google monthly average search for sports sunglasses
google monthly average search for sports sunglasses

Here are some best-selling sports sunglasses for men on Nihaojewelry.

Nihaojewelry Top Sellers in June – Stainless Steel Jewelry

Stainless steel jewelry is the next Nihaojewelry bestseller for June. Jewelry made of stainless steel is more durable than other jewelry due to its inherent resistance to corrosion and scratches. And it’s cheap and versatile, making it one of the must-have pieces of jewelry in recent years.

Nihaojewelry has a wide range of best-selling stainless steel jewelry, including stainless steel necklaces, rings, earrings, and more. But, we have only selected some of them to show in the article below.

Find more here:

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Nihaojewelry Top Sellers in June – Body Jewelry

Nihaojewelry has a variety of body jewelry, not only body piercing jewelry, but also body chains, anklets, and others. And some of the best body jewelry for June are fake nose rings and piercing body jewelry.

Summer is the best season to show off your body piercing jewelry. Nowadays, people are increasingly interested in receiving multiple piercings at a time, not just one. Also, due to the return of travel, celebrations, and concerts, stacked helix earrings have become the new trend for bold self-expression.

Bracelets & Bangles

Bracelets are an easy and chic way to complete any look. And Nihaojewelry’s best-selling bracelets for June include the floral bracelet, the evil eye bracelet, and the metal stacking bracelet.

So here are all Nihaojewelry top sellers in June 2022. We have many more winning products on our website. Bulk buy them now here:

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