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Nihao Weekly Recommendations: Colorful Jewelry, Swimwear and More

nihaojewelry weekly recommendations
nihaojewelry weekly recommendations

It’s July and also time for our weekly installment of new arrivals! Let’s take a look at this week’s Nihaojewelry best-selling new products.

Summer is far from over and colorful jewelry accessories are making a big splash this year. In addition, swimwear, flip flops and other summer essentials have become winning products and will continue to be for a long time.

Weekly Recommendation – Colorful Jewelry

There is no doubt that summer is the season of color!

colorful ear studs NH820214

Colorful earrings can be paired with the same color to add vibrancy to your outfit! Round, square and heart-shaped earrings are basic and versatile.

Item No: NH820214

Price: US$0.55

Buy Now: https://bit.ly/3OLBS1l

colorful twist earrings NH827562

The twist pattern adds a unique design to candy color earrings.

Item No: NH827562

Price: US$0.80

Buy Now: https://bit.ly/3agic6G

bohemian beaded multilayered bracelet NH825043

These boho stacked bracelets may look plain, but they look great on the hands!

Item No: NH825043

Price: US$ 0.85

Buy Now:https://bit.ly/3bW7B1n

Weekly Recommendation – Slippers

Slippers are the perfect choice when it comes to summertime relaxation. You always need a pair of soft and comfortable slides, whether you’re relaxing at home, running errands, or when you go to the beach.

soft breathable nonslip eva slippers NH826938

Soft, comfortable, non-slip, and multi-colored! Can’t think of any other reason to say no to these inexpensive home slippers.

Item No: NH826938

Price: US$2.40

Buy Now: https://bit.ly/3urAeKf

Do you know the shark slippers that are hot all over the internet this summer? It’s on every platform, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more!

shark slides on youtube
shark slides on youtube

Check out Google Trends, its popularity is still here to stay!

shark slipper trends on google
shark slipper trends on google
shark slides NH840494

How adorable are these shark slippers! 8 colors to choose from. Sell them before the trend is gone!

Item No: NH840494

Price: US$5.04

Buy Now: https://bit.ly/3NLMYly

Weekly Recommendation –Swimwear

Swimwear comes in a variety of styles and you can always find the perfect fit. We’ve previously compiled a list of the most popular swimwear trends for this summer, and floral swimsuits are among them. It just so happens that this week’s top seller is also a floral bikini swimsuit.

floral printed bikini swimwear NH804143

There are several prints to choose from, whether it’s a daisy bikini set or a leopard print bikini set.

Item No: NH804143

Price: US$7.83

Buy Now: https://bit.ly/3P5BAlM

So that’s all for this article. And Nihaojewelry has more recommendations on the website! Find more recommendations here: https://bit.ly/3Rg8To4.

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