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Nihaojewelry is one of the most experienced jewelry wholesale company in China, we are pround of our products and services. Our customers could add everything they want into their cart and place orders with ease.

To help new customers to get familiar with our website, we wrote this guide which contains the registration procedure, the shopping procedure, and the post-order procedures. By reading this post, you will be able to shop easily and freely on our website. Let’s start with registration!


If you are new to our website, you could create a new account. Just click the “Join Free” button on our front page or click the “Join Free” on the left-up corner of the page. In addition, once you register successfully, you will get a 5$ coupon.


In the registration page, please enter

  • Your first name & last name
  • Email address (You need to log in with your email once the registration processes are complete, your account information and order information will link to this email)
  • Phone number
  • Password
  • Re-enter your password

Then click the “Join Free” button to finish your registration.

Or you could log in with your Facebook or Google account. Click the Facebook or Google button on the page.

Registration Page
Registration Page

2.Account Page

Account Management
Account Management

Once you finish registration, you could now log in to your account with the email and password you just set for your account.

Account Page
Account Page

In your account page, you could see

  • Your account’s level
  • Your name &email address
  • The account management panel
  • Order information
  • The customer services contact information

Your member level starts with Alloy, your account level is determined on the total value of your purchases.

To know more about our member policy, Click Here.

We recommend you add an address as your default shipping address at first.

Click “Account Management” on the Account Settings’ block.

In the address management page, click the “+Add Address” button as shown below.

Address Management
Address Management

Please input every required field on the page, you can set this address as default shipping and billing address for all your orders.

Then you could click the submit button and save this address to your account.

Adress Editing
Address Editing


From now on, you can start your shopping on our website!

On our homepage, you will see the banner which shows recent deals & special offers and hot selling items of the season, just click it to know more.

On the top and left side of the page, there are categories of our products, put your mouse on it and a list of subcategories under this main category will pop up.

You could use this to locate your target products more precisely, or you could check our hottest items of this type of product by clicking the small banner in the subcategories’ window.


On the product page, you can see products under a specific category that you have chosen.

The left side of the page is filters that allow you to find products with specific properties, use these filters to find what you want.

You could sort search results by clicking the “Price”, “New”, “Best Sellers” and “Most Viewed” buttons on the top of the results’ window. These will sort your search results in a specific order.

Please Note, every product on our website has its unique “Item No.” which is the combination of letters and numbers at the end of the product’s name.

Product Page
Product Page

When you find something that you interested in, you could click the picture or the name of the item to get into the detail page of this product.

Detail Page
Detail Page

On this page, you could check more product details in the detail section, the shipping payment section contains the information about our shipping and payment policy, you could have a look at it.

In the section right to the main product pictures, there is a list of all types of this product, you could click the “+” button or enter the number of the quantity you wish to buy in the box. The total price will show below the section, if you are sure about that, click “Add to Cart”.


Click the Cart icon on the top of the website, you could access to the cart page, on this page, you couldDouble check items in your cart.

  • Double check items in your cart.
  • Apply coupons or use your account credits
  • Estimate your shipping cost and delivery time
Shopping Cart
Shopping Cart

If you have no problems with items in your cart, you can now click “Proceed to Checkout” to start the payment process.


On this page, you need to select an address for your order to ship to. There are two blocks you should take care of.

1.Invoice Value – This is the value of the invoice to be checked by the destination country’s costume.

We recommend you select the last option “By our experience, 10% ~ 30% of real value”.

2. If some items in your order are out of stock, what do you prefer?

In this section, we provide several options for our customers if the item in their orders is out of stock. The first option will allow us to send the in-stock items in your order and refund the out-stock ones to your account credit. You could use your account credits in your next order.

Or you could contact us about the stock details of your order, we will hold your order until you make your decision on this case.

Then double check the block 5 to ensure the total value of your order(including shipping fees).

Click “PLACE ORDER NOW” to process your payment procedure.

On the payment page, you need to select on the payment method for your order, before you click “PAY NOW” Button, final check your shipping address and the value of your bill.

If everything is ok, click “PAY NOW” and you will be guided to the payment page of the method you select.


5.Order Management

After you finish the checkout process. You can see your order on your account page. Click into your order details, we’d like you to check the product status of your order.

Items in your order have 3 status when we processing it.

1.Processing – This means our warehouse is processing your order. Your items’ status will change to Confirmed or Out of Stock due to their availability.

2.Confirm – in-stock items in your order will change their status to confirmed and available to be shipped out.

3.Out of stock – Out-Stock items will not be dispatched due to their availability, we will refund you the total value of out-stock items to your account credits and you could use your credits in your next order.

Order Details
Order Details

Once we give your order to delivery services, you will see a tracking number of your order, you can check your orders’ delivery information through the delivery services’ official site with the tracking number.

If you’d like to buy more items in your orders in the future, please click the reorder button and all items in this order will be added to your cart.

6.Member System

We built a member system for our customers to have discounts for their orders.
Currently, we have 7 member levels.

Member Level
Member Level

Below are the requirements and discount rate of each level.


For vast orders, we have special discounts based on orders’ total value, these discounts could not stack with member level’s discount. Below are the details of this offer.

Special Discount
Special Discount

7.Find the Trendy Stuff

Recommend Products
Recommend Products

You may get confused about what are the popular fashion goods for this season/ year. We have years of experience in the fashion business. We list the latest and the hottest on our website, you could find the popular fashion goods from.

1.The latest updates – We update new trendy products to our list every day, these products are the representatives of the latest fashion trend.

2.Recommended Products – We specially select the most popular products on our website and list them under this section for you. So you will not spend a lot of time to find them.

3.Banners – The banners on the website are the easiest way to find hot products, we gathered different products into several series, therefore our customers could choose what they want in a vast number of selections.

8.How to Submit Reviews of Your Order?

When you finish an order on Nihaojewelry, you can submit your reviews. After doing that, you can get $8 no threshold coupon.

Login to your account and enter into ” My Order “.

my order
My Order

Click your orders, and the status of your order must be ” complete “, otherwise you can’t write reviews. Then you will see ” Review “.


Next, you can write your reviews. You can rate quality, price, value of our products, and you also can upload products’ pictures. Then write your ideas and suggestions about products.

write reviews
Write Reviews

9.Affiliate Program

Nihaojewelry now releases a new project, which called affiliate program. You can earn money easily through join this project. Click Make Money Online — Join the Affiliate Program of Nihaojewelry, you can know the detailed information.

We hope this article could solve your problems when you are using If you have any other questions about our website and services, please let us know.

FAQ About Nihaojewelry

  • Where is Nihaojewelry?

Located in Hangzhou Zhejiang Province China , Nihaojewelry has rich experience in fashion jewelry .

  • How About the Material of Our Products? Whether Do Harm to One’s Health or Not?

We promise that our products do not contain any harmful substances, and the materials are environmentally friendly and durable. So you don’t have to worry about any problems with the product materials.

  • Can Nihaojewelry Offer Customized Products? Is It a Wholesale Price?

Of course, Nihaojewelry offer customized products, and all products’ price is a wholesale price.

  • How Ahout the Shipping Cost?

We have provided sevearl tips about saving shipping cost, and the detailed information about shipping cost also shown in here.



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