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Christmas 2020: Grasp the best time for holiday sales!


Christmas is a major holiday that everyone is looking forward to. It is undeniable that 2020 is a very difficult year. Covid-19 has messed up most of our lives. Due to the global pandemic and various restrictions and agreements, this year’s Christmas will also be different.

From the Christmas Covid rules reported by the BBC in the United Kingdom, to the COVID safe holiday guide in the states of Australia, all indicate that the restrictions of the coronavirus will make this holiday more complicated than most holidays.

How will Christmas 2020 be different from the past?

1. Virtual parties are supported.

A typical home Christmas party is an environment where infections can spread. In order to prevent the spread of Covid-19, many countries have imposed partial restrictions on people’s travel and gatherings. Even if you are allowed to meet with your family, social distancing is still important. Virtual Christmas parties and outdoor parties are gradually being accepted by everyone.

2. Online shopping is expected to surge

COVID-19 has prompted a surge in e-commerce sales. According to the survey, as far as the United States is concerned, during the Black Friday and Thanksgiving shopping boom, shoppers spend more online than in stores. This may happen for the first time in Black Friday shopping events-there are more customers shopping online than stores

58% of people choose to shop online. And 41% of people still choose stores to shop. But compared with last year’s 51%: 61%, there is a clear gap.

online and in-store shoppers share of black friday shopper by channel
Share of Black Friday shopper by channel

Source: 2020 Deloitte pre-Thanksgiving pulse survey

This is also expected at Christmas. Although there are many restrictions, it still can’t stop people from looking forward to the festival. It can be found from google trends that in the past two weeks, the keywords “2020 Chrismas Decorations” and “2020 Chrismas Gifts” have been frequently active in the hot search terms in Europe and America. Whether it is holiday decoration needs or Christmas gift shopping needs, it means that customers have a strong desire to shop during the Christmas season. Therefore, online retailers must not miss this one of the most profitable times.

What preparations do retailers need to do?

Choose the right Christmas goods

During the critical holiday shopping season this year, some retailers and e-commerce companies have turned to big data analysis methods to increase sales, better target customers, increase business coverage, and maintain competitive advantages.

Whether it is an online retailer or an offline store, you have a target sales group. Therefore, it is very necessary to conduct Christmas commodity research on Christmas customs in the corresponding country (or local). For example, in the UK, giving gifts to each other is a Christmas tradition, so traditional or creative Christmas gifts are what they need most. Combining your products with local Christmas elements will be more attractive than general Christmas hair accessories, Christmas trees, Christmas lights, etc.

holiday gift
holiday gift

Demand Forecast

Forecasting sales can be difficult, but it’s worth trying. You need to prepare enough goods to prevent insufficient inventory when selling, and you cannot reserve too many goods to cause inventory accumulation. Compare last year or past sales to predict reasonable customer needs as much as possible.

Order in advance

It is necessary to find a suitable wholesale supplier of Christmas supplies as soon as possible, and to prepare sufficient goods for your boutique in advance. This not only ensures that the goods orders arrive before the holiday, but also reasonably controls the shipping costs (due to the high demand for holiday goods and COVID-19, the shipping price may change).

Keep in mind that placing an order at the last minute is risky, as inventory may run out and deliveries may be lost or delayed.

Personalized experience

The personalized experience is based on big data mining. Record the customer’s previous purchases, searches, collections, and browsing information, and use these customer behavior models to predict what customers will need, and at the same time, develop personalized services for customers to remind customers to buy their favorite products. This kind of personalization can have multiple aspects, such as product personalization and service personalization. Throughout some large websites, such as amazon, ebay, when you browse a product, you can always see related product recommendations, which is also one of the manifestations of personalized experience.

Holiday promotion

High-quality marketing and promotion strategies cannot be ignored either. Make Christmas event planning and execution as early as possible. Promotional content should not only reflect the characteristics of Christmas Day, make the theme appealing, but also pay attention to the inner needs of consumers, and avoid overly cumbersome solutions that make customers bored or suspicious. In addition, gift certificates and reward points are used to promote repeated visits and recommendations.

How can Nihaojewelry help you?

Nihaojewelry provides you with a variety of Christmas decorations, Christmas gifts and fashion accessories wholesale and sells them worldwide.

Sufficient inventory. It is reported that on Christmas 2020, China exports 80% of Christmas products, and most of the products come from Yiwu, where Nihaojewelry’s factory and warehouse are from here. So we will provide customers with as many holiday decorations, gifts and holiday jewelry as possible.

Christmas series product recommendation. Nihaojewelry specially prepared a collection for Christmas accessories and decorations, which is convenient for you to buy in wholesale. Cute plush headbands, antler hair clips, snowman earrings, Christmas brooches and more. If you want a reference, please follow our YouTube video: Nihaojewelry’s 2020 most popular Christmas products series.

nihao recommendation

Cheap price. Due to the unique geographical location, low labor and inventory costs, we will provide you with high-quality products at reasonable prices for you to buy in bulk, and even our official website will launch time-limited shipping discounts from time to time.

Beautiful pictures. For online shops, high-quality clear pictures are of great help to the sales of products, whether it is on-site or off-site publicity. Nihaojewelry will provide a series of attractive product pictures to solve your trouble shooting. (If you are interested in researching how to take attractive product pictures, please refer to here. )

Final words

Although this year’s holiday season may be very different from the past, we are working hard to help stores around the world make their work easier during Christmas. Hope this article is helpful to your business, and welcome to share your experience and opinions in the comments.


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