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Here is the Free Wholesale Vendors List Top 15(2022 Updated)

Here is the Free Wholesale Vendors List Top 15
Here is the Free Wholesale Vendors List Top 15

The wholesale business is one of the most commonly sought after businesses by most entrepreneurs in the current business setting.

If done right, the wholesale business has the potential of earning you a sufficient amount of income since you will be buying the products at low prices and selling them at a profit.

The process of wholesaling requires research on the market to find out what is in demand. To find the best strategies to get customers and maintain high sales, the capital needed for starting the business is also substantial.

This, therefore, requires that you keenly study the market before you decide to get into the wholesale business.

What is retail?


The retail business involves selling goods to consumers through multiple distribution channels.

The retail market has a long history, with the early retailers being mostly peddlers of goods through various channels such as peddling and distribution booths.

The retail market has recently changed to incorporate online media through eCommerce, which has revolutionized retail business.

The eCommerce sector is thriving since more people are connected to the internet and the need for convenience due to the busy schedules that most people have in this day and age.

Since there is also a shift from solely the traditional brick and mortar business model, more people are creating online stores to satisfy the market demand for a convenient online shopping experience.

To successfully get into the retail business, there are a few factors you may want to consider;

Find your niche

Finding a niche is one piece of advice you will always hear when starting a business.

This is probably because focusing on one product will help you narrow down the many options available in the market.

Niching down will help you quickly find your market and the suppliers for the work, and you will also be able to run your business smoothly as you will know the demands of the customers within your niche.

Generate a business plan

For your business to run smoothly, you will need to set down structures and plans that you will need to use to operate; this will include a roadmap to how you will source for products, what you will sell, and the target market others.

The business plan should be flexible to ensure that you fit in changes that may occur in the business course.

Register the business and come up with a business name

Registering a business is essential, especially if you are looking to have a physical store; this will help you obtain the licenses you need to operate your business following the laws and regulations of the area you are setting up the store.

Choosing a business name is also essential, as this is how your customers will quickly identify you in the market.

Find a store location and set up an online store.

In this ECommerce era, it is not enough to have your physical business; you may also need to set up an online store where the online shoppers can have access to your product and ensure that the online store contains all the relevant information regarding the products you are selling.

When finding a physical store, choose an easily accessible location and an area with massive traffic to enable you to get a large number of customers.

Find wholesale suppliers

The supplier will provide you with the products you will sell.

Finding the right supplier is essential for your business; hence you need to research thoroughly on the best supplier you can use for your business.

Market your business

This is usually a vital point to consider when starting a retail business.

Marketing ensures that more people will know about your business, and this may translate into sales.

Ensure that your marketing strategy is efficient enough to reach a large number of customers.

How to make profits in retail?


Although the retail scene has dramatically changed with the increase in eCommerce, the basics of running a business are still the same.

The profit is what comes up after a sale is made, and the expenses are taken out. To ensure that you make profits, we shall consider some factors that you can take into account;

Attract the right customers

Everyone is interested in very different things. This should be a point to note when starting a business.

You need to be aware of the customers who may want your product and use the necessary marketing procedures to attract your target customers. Online marketing campaigns are the most common ways to market your business.

You may go to the expensive route of advertisements and influencers or use various social media platforms.

If you have a physical store, you need to ensure that you set up the right type of displays and information to attract customers to your store.

Meet the market demand

Your retail business needs to fulfill a market need to be successful. You need to be aware of the trends and the needs of your target customers to provide them with the products they need.

Manage your inventory

To run a successful retail business, you need to ensure that your inventory is always stocked with a sufficient amount of product.

Always ensure that you replace used up stock to be able to meet the market demand.

Set relevant prices

You need to set your products’ prices to ensure that you make an adequate profit from your product sales.

This may require you to research the market prices for the products you want to sell and then set prices to translate to adequate profits.

What is wholesale?

The wholesale business includes buying products in bulk and selling them at a profit.

Wholesalers are usually intermediaries between the manufacturers and the customers as the source for products from the supplier.

They then store them at warehouses for distribution to various retailers who will then sell the products as individual units.

The Free Wholesale Vendors List Top 15


Nihaojewelry is an overall professional online wholesale jewelry supplier with a large number of low-priced, high-quality, and trendy jewelry and accessories, not only daily accessories but also various categories, including fine jewelry and qualified women’s clothing. If you are looking for wholesale accessory vendor, they are highly recommended. They keep up with market trends and update single products daily. For example, the latest popular resin ring series in 2021 can be found in their home page.

Nihaojewelry homepage- colorful resin rings banner
Nihaojewelry homepage- colorful resin rings banner

According to the holidays in the United States, there will be corresponding holiday marketing sales with best-selling recommendations, such as Halloween special page.

Nihaojewelry halloween page
Nihaojewelry halloween page

They provide shipment with the service of fast delivery worldwide, no minimum order quantity requirement, and the mass production of ODM and OEM which is also available to solve the problem of finding suppliers from several original boutique shopkeepers.

This supplier has been known by more and more people in the industry. Therefore, one of the problems you may have to face is that the jewelry and accessories items you are longing for may be targeted by other people around the world.

For professional business expansion, they launch a new website for wholesale clothing products called Nihaostyles. Various women’s clothing products such as tank tops, activewear, floral dresses, etc. are available for your choice. It is more detailed and comprehensive than the category of Nihaojewelry. Place an order now and you will enjoy free shipping on orders over $99.

nihaostyles dress banner
nihaostyles dress banner

Light in the box

 Light in the box is an online wholesale platform that offers the latest men and women’s clothing and electronic gadgets at affordable prices. The website provides the option of customizing products for maximum order fulfillment.


DHgate is an online marketplace that supports the sale of products by multiple suppliers. It is a great wholesale vendor for Chinese products.

The Company has its base in Beijing but has its branches in the USA and UK. The website contains a broad category of products at affordable prices.


Chinabrands is among the top Chinese wholesale eCommerce platforms that support the dropshipping of products directly to the customers. The websites host various suppliers, and therefore, you can have access to a comprehensive option of goods.

Wholesale 7

Wholesale 7 is a free wholesale vendor for online boutique. They offer cheap wholesale clothing for women and men. You can find many dresses similar to Shein’s items.


Bloomwholesale is a top wholesale supplier for women’s clothing at affordable prices. The Company offers the latest fashion trends to ensure that you make profits from your purchases.

Tasha apparel

Tashaapparel is a wholesale clothes distributor based in the US that supplies the latest outfit trends at affordable prices. The Company focuses on market demands and provides outfits that are straight out of the runway.

Wholesale fashion square

The Company offers trendy women’s clothing and accessories at 50- 80% below the standard wholesale prices.  This low cost of quality products is essential for running a successful wholesale and retail business for maximum profits.

LA Showroom

LA Showroom, located in the heart of the Los Angeles Fashion District, is one of the leading free wholesale websites in the United States. It connects large suppliers and retail buyers from all over the world and is dedicated to creating a quality online B2B wholesale platform for boutique store owners.

Magnolia fashion wholesale

Magnolia fashion wholesale is a leading wholesale vendor and supplier of chic and trendy women’s fashion at affordable prices. The Company boasts of exceptional customer care services and high-quality products.

CC Wholesale Clothing

CC Wholesale Clothing is a great wholesale clothing source for boutique owners. They offer a wide variety of women’s fashion items, including clothing, jewelry, and accessories. The minimum order starts at $100.


Parisian consists of the latest celebrity inspired fashion trends with some of the latest unique global fashion trends at affordable prices.

Wholesalers UK

This website contains a list of wholesale vendors across the UK that offers a variety of products at affordable prices. In case you are searching for a wholesaler in the UK, the website consists of details on the wholesalers and the products they offer.

CityGoddess UK

CityGoddess is a wholesale clothes provider in the UK where you can find the latest outfit trends at affordable prices. The Company offers customization options to enable you to get products that are in demand.


The Company offers fast-selling clothes at low prices with efficient shipping and packaging to get your products in good condition and convenient.


Made –in –China is a B2B directory that consists of a variety of manufacturers and suppliers across China to ensure that you get quality products directly from the source, which helps in reducing the time that is required when looking for suppliers since all the suppliers in the directory are vetted to ensure that they are among the best.


Alanic is a sportswear supplier based in the US that offers a one-stop-shop for all your sportswear needs. The Company also provides customization options to enable you to brand your products efficiently.


This is a website that offers wholesale clothes at affordable prices. The website also consists of pricing charts and easy navigation to help you shop efficiently.

The above are the top 15 free wholesale vendors we listed, but they may still not be able to meet everyone’s needs. So we provide some steps to help you find the right supplier.

How to find a suitable wholesaler?

Many people may search online: What is the best wholesale website? Who are the best wholesalers? This will find you a lot of wholesalers, of course, but it should be noted that the best is not necessarily the most suitable. Finding the most suitable wholesaler is more difficult than finding the best wholesaler. (To be honest, everyone has different criteria for judging the best.)

The following are some steps that may help to find a suitable wholesaler.

1. Write down your conditions for the supplier.

Different retailers have different requirements for suppliers. Write down your business scope and products, budget (or the price you can afford), your geographic area (or where you want the supplier to come from), order quantity, etc. List as many filters as possible.

2. Look for suppliers extensively.

Collect enough suppliers for you to choose from. Where can I find it?

 Business directory.

There are many business directory sites on the Internet, such as Wholesale Central, Top ten wholesale, 4 wholesale usa, BAOlink, Closeoutcentral, Wholesale Hub, and so on. These websites gather thousands of wholesale suppliers, and they are listed for you according to different industries.

 Local and international trade shows

This is one of the traditional ways to find potential wholesale suppliers. Trade shows are exhibitions held by different industries. Wholesalers and manufacturers will showcase their latest or best-selling products here. It gives retailers the opportunity to directly ask questions of manufacturers and wholesale distributors, and build a list of wholesaler options to choose from. At present, there are also many online virtual exhibitions available for participation.

 Google and social network search

Google, Bing, or other search engines will provide you with third-party wholesaler websites, most of which may not appear on Alibaba and other wholesale platforms. Some of these sites have decades of wholesale experience and should not be missed. Try a variety of search terms to find new suppliers, such as wholesalers, manufacturers, wholesale vendors, distributors, and more. Search “terms + qualifiers” are also a search method that few people know, such as “wholesale no minimum”, “wholesale China”, “wholesale USA”, and so on. Searching on social networking platforms may also have unexpected gains.

 Industry recommendation

Always pay attention to industry information. Many related industry blogs, Q&A websites (quora), forums, etc. will recommend high-quality and reliable suppliers.

3. Learn more about the suppliers and check out the inappropriate ones.

Learn about wholesalers from supplier website introductions, products, and customer reviews. Evaluate whether the wholesaler is reliable, the scope of delivery, whether the product is of high quality and meets the requirements, and whether the product price is within the budget. Check the supplier’s minimum order quantity or amount, as well as some other purchase conditions (such as providing tax number, business license).

Now you have obtained a list of more suitable wholesale vendors, and you can choose one or two of them to cooperate with. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Your first wholesale supplier may not be your long-term supplier. You will continue to modify and improve the list, and find wholesalers worthy of long-term cooperation. Make sure to always have a backup distributor option, just in case.

In conclusion

The retail industry is fast rising as more businesses are coming up to accommodate the demand for products; the increase in the use of eCommerce has also resulted in a broader market for products, and things will only get better as more structures will be put in place to support the growth of the retail industry all around the world.


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