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Thanks for your continued trust in Nihaojewelry. We have new shopping ways in the US, Canada, Australia, France, the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Netherlands. Enjoy the free shipping in Nihaojewelry, Why not have a try?

Nihaojewelry’s new shopping  way is coming!

What is more amazing? 24-hour fast delivery! If your order is fast enough to catch the stock quantity, our shipping time will be faster, and your goods will be shipped in 24 hours!

Here is the Free shipping guide:

  • Click here “Free shipping ” and you will enter into a new zone that has around 7000 products labeled with “free shipping”  and “ ship within 24h ”.
free shipping
free shipping
  • Here each item will have the quantity to ship within 24 hours, so if you need to ship within 24 hours, pls choose the quantity under the stock. If your quantity is over the stock, the goods are still free shipping but just need to take some more time to ship.
free shipping
  • When you are checking out, here is an instruction on your order amount. Your order needs to be over $100 to enjoy the free shipping. And if the red label “ship within 24 hours” disappeared, that means, these goods cannot be shipped in 24 hours, and you can click the below buttons.
free shipping
  • If your goods include the “not free shipping goods”, you can click the two below buttons to check the goods.
  • If your order has included the not free shipping goods. When checking out, you have to pay the shipping difference of the not free shipping goods.
nihaojewelry shipping methods

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