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Nihaojewelry Shipping: Customs clearance and Tariff issues

Comparing international logistics and domestic logistics, in addition to the difference in transportation time, customs clearance and tariff issues may also be encountered during the transportation process. Some customers have questions about Nihaojewelry shipping and tariffs during wholesale and shopping at Nihao Jewelry. Therefore, this article has compiled some useful content to solve your doubts.

Customs and tariff

customs officer
customs officer
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What is customs? If you have been engaged in international import and export business for a long time, then you definitely know something about it. According to wikipedia, Customs is an authority or agency in a country responsible for collecting tariffs and for controlling the flow of goods, including animals, transports, personal effects, and hazardous items, into and out of a country.

The customs is also responsible for finding products with a price exceeding the declared price or with higher value, and imposing customs duties.

Tariffs are taxes levied on importers and exporters by the customs established by the government when importing and exporting commodities pass through a country’s customs borders. It consists of a series of import and export expenses and taxes, and it also varies according to criteria such as the nature of the goods. This payment will have nothing to do with the freight paid during the express service. The tariff price is set by the customs. Different countries have different tariff thresholds.

If the goods are suspended at customs, you need to contact our customer service staff in time to process the order as soon as possible.

Common customs issues

Regarding the issue of customs clearance, the first thing you need to know is-the situation in each country and port is different. In fact, only up to 10% of global shipments are checked. Although this may only account for a small portion of the total transportation volume, you need to be prepared.

Under normal circumstances, the customs will detain the package for the above reasons:

  • Application issues

Abnormal declarations will cause the package to be detained by the customs. The declaration is mainly reflected in the declaration of the value of the goods. If in order to avoid tax, the original value of 1,000 US dollars of goods is declared as 10 US dollars, it will definitely be detained by the customs.

  • Prohibited items

Every country has items that are forbidden to be transported. The common ones are flammable and explosive items, guns and weapons, radioactive items, coins, antiques, fruits, vegetables and food. There are special circumstances, such as Brazil banning the import of logs, and Australia banning the import of fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, some countries also prohibit the transportation of some common items due to their cultural characteristics.

  • Tariff issues

Depending on the value of the imported goods, each shipment will have a formal, informal or lower threshold. Tariff issues can also cause parcels to be deducted. If the declared value of the goods exceeds the local tariff threshold, the parcels need to be paid for the corresponding tariffs before they can be released. For example, in the United States, customs and taxes will be exempted if the package value is less than US$800. In European countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, and France, the tariff threshold is 22 euros. The declared value of items often exceeds the tariff threshold.

  • The order information is lost, so the recipient cannot be confirmed
  • Lack of certification documents

Some items are exported abroad, and the corresponding certification documents are required, otherwise they will be detained by the local customs. For example, electronic products, pure battery items, liquid items, cosmetics, well-known brand products, etc., all require corresponding certification documents. If they cannot be provided, they can only be returned or destroyed.

  • Special policies

Different countries have different customs clearance policies. If the goods sent do not comply with the local policies, the goods will be detained. Therefore, you’d better understand the customs clearance policy of the destination country in advance.

How to choose Nihaojewelry shipping options to reduce customs and tariff issues?

transportation process
transportation process
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For customers in the United States, if your package is worth less than US$800, it is less likely to be detained by the customs. You can choose different shipping options according to different needs. Just in case, you can also choose our duty-free shipping.

Due to the low customs clearance rate in Europe and Latin America, if your delivery address is in these countries or regions, we recommend that you choose duty-free shipping (if there are customs problems, we will pay the duty or resend the package for you). The best logistics method is DHL. If you choose UPS to ship packages, the chances of customs problems are greater.

The following are some of Nihaojewelry’s duty-free shipping options for different countries and region.

United States:

UPS-Duty Free. It is our tax-free channel for the United States. The weight of the package is less than 20KG.

ship by sea. Duty-free method for items weighing more than 21KG, but the transportation time is long.


Mexico Solo. Suitable for packages under 2kg, Nihaojewelry is responsible for import and export customs clearance and bear customs duties.

DHL-Impuesto gratis para producto con bateria. This duty-free method is suitable for orders weighing less than 12kg and paying less than US$50. Products with built-in batteries can also be shipped.

DHL-Impuesto Gratis. This option is available for orders weighing less than 13kg.

DHL-Free impuesto. This option is available for orders weighing more than 13kg. But your order will be split into 2 or more packages for shipment.

Impuesto grastis para todo mexico tener problema en aduana por ejemplo Sonora, Sinaloa y Jalisco. This is our special logistics method for the three regions of Sonora, Sinaloa, and Jalisco. If your delivery address is in these regions, please select this option to avoid customs issues. The weight limit is less than 30kg.


DHL Germany (Tariff included). Nihaojewelry special line logistics for Germany. Order weight is less than 20kg. We will pay the customs duties for you.


European express (Tariff included). Nihaojewelry dedicated line logistics for European countries. Order weight is less than 20kg. We will pay the customs duties for you. The parcel is delivered by the local post.


Airline to Lagos Duty Free. Nihaojewelry dedicated line logistics for Nigeria. The parcel is delivered by the local post.

What if the items you bought on Nihaojewelry are detained by the customs?

Each order has a 10% possibility of tax withholding by the customs, which depends on the customs of your country/region.

If your package has no customs clearance information for a long time, the first thing to do is to check whether the package has been detained by the customs through the tracking number or delivery note provided by the shipping company.

If it is true that your package has been shelved, they will send you a postal notice for international shipping with instructions for requesting and releasing the package.

The customs officer may contact you in about two weeks so that you can explain why you are requesting the entry of the goods. You need to prepare the proof of purchase, receipt or invoice for imported products (ask to NIhao’s customer service).

If you confirm that your order has been detained by the customs and you have not selected a duty-free logistics method, we recommend that you choose to pay customs duties instead of returning the package. Because the freight returned by the customs is too high, it may be several times the order price.

If you choose a duty-free logistics method and the package is detained by the customs, Nihaojewelry will pay the duty or resend the package.

If the customs problem is caused by other reasons, please contact the local logistics company, customs and our customer service in time, and cooperate with us to solve it together.

Customs contact information of some countries:

CountryCustoms tel
Mexico(+52 55) 51 33 07 15
Spain(+34 91) 396 42 32
Peru(+511) 219 51 50
Colombia(+571) 413 82 80
Brazil(+55 11) 2112 7267  
Argentina(+54 11) 4316 1710
France(+33 1) 5501 3812
GermanyFrankfurt Airport: (+49) 6969 021731;
Customs Information Center: (+49) 351 44834-530
Nigeria(+505) 2222 7877
United Kingdom(+44 24) 7621 2800
Finland(+358) 20492 3750
Canada1 800 461 9999(within Canada)
6046661535(outside of Canada)
AustraliaSydney:(+612) 9582 10 00;
Melbourne:(+613) 9920 17 01;
Brisbane:(+617) 3000 70 78;
Perth:(+618) 9237 47 00

To sum up

In short, when there is a customs problem, don’t worry, please contact the logistics and local customs in time to find out the cause of the problem and provide the required documents. The invoice and payment certificate can be obtained by contacting NIhao’s customer service. The above are our solutions to customs and tariff issues. If you have any questions, please leave a message in the comment area.


  • Angie

    Hola soy Angie vivo en USA y me gustaría hacer dropshipping con ustedes … Como puedo hacerlo.


    Quedo atenta

    • jessica


      Hola angie,
      Ahora solo podemos vender al por mayor y todavía no podemos proporcionar servicios de envío directo.

  • rafael

    hola quiero hacer una compra de juguetes baratos para enviarlos a usa, la compra seria de 1000$ aproximadamente, quiero optar por el envio por mar, solo me da una opcion y dice (us-ship by sea 01 30 a 40 days american extraction, mi pregunta es si esta opcion es libre de impuestos? o debo pagar en aduana al llegar la mercancia?

    • jessica


      Hola Rafael. En general, difícilmente encontrarás problemas de aduana si eliges el envío por mar. Si quieres saber más, puedes ponerte en contacto con nuestro servicio de atención al cliente: +86 19357252355 o +86 19357656323

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