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What is Nihaojewelry shop and How Does It Work

nihaojewelry shop
nihaojewelry shop

Nihaojewelry is well-known as a jewelry supplier. But few people know that you can also open an online store with Nihaojewelry, that is, Nihaojewelry shop. In this article, we will introduce what is Nihaojewelry shops and how does it work.

What is a Nihaojewelry Shop?

By choosing Nihaojewelry, you are able to set up your own e-commerce website. Select products from to add to your shop for editing and repricing. Once products are sold, they can either be sent by Nihaojewelry directly to your customers, or to you for delivery.

With 150,000+ hot items for your selection, from jewelry, accessories, clothes, trendy bags, shoes, wigs, etc., you have huge profit margins by investing around US$1 to US$3 in each one of them.

In addition, Nihaojewelry regularly issues reports on hot sales, providing seasonal recommendations and inspiration for your quick selling strategy.

In summary, you take care of marketing and customers and Nihaojewelry takes care of the rest.

It is also worth mentioning that your Nihaojewelry Shop is multi-functional, from order processing and user management to marketing and Google analytics as well as Facebook Pixel, etc. It is constantly being upgraded though.

Shopify vs Nihaojewelry Shop

shopify vs Nihaojewelry shop
shopify vs Nihaojewelry shop

Shopify is a pure SaaS platform where products are unavailable. It charges a monthly service fee of $79+ and takes a cut of sales. Here with Nihaojewelry, opening your own shop is free and supplies are provided.

With its complete developer ecosystem, business owners get a lot of plug-ins to improve their Shopify stores functionally.

Fully developed by team Nihaojewelry, Nihaojewelry Shop is yet to be improved but it’s free and consistently upgrading.

Therefore, Nihaojewelry Shop is for those who are in the first phase of their business looking for a complete supply chain while Shopify is better for businesses in the maturity stage.

How to start a dropshpping business with Nihaojewelry Shop?

Nihaojewelry Shop provides two solutions for you to process orders. One is to send items to you and then to your customer. The other is dropshipping.

If you choose dropshipping and when you receive an order, it is automatically generated under your Nihaojewelry account, which shall include the buyer’s delivery info. If items are directly sent to you, make sure to click the Post to Nihaojewelry button to add them to the cart, and then checkout.

Now you got the picture of how easily your dropshipping business will be.

Interested in building your online store with Nihaojewelry now? Click here to get a step-by-step guide!

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