How to Find the Balance Between Work and Personal Life?

how to find the balance between work and personal life
how to find the balance between work and personal life

Nihao Jewelry tips: 6 simple ways to achieve it

Often, our entrepreneurship or business project can occupy such an important place in our lives that we tend to forget everything else, forget we have a life. Has it happened to you or is it happening?

Our desire to succeed professionally and above all the drive to fulfill the commitments made mainly with our family, is so big that we even manage to forget ourselves and completely ignore the personal and work balance.

Thanks to technology, starting a business is easier and easier. I have always said that never before has it been so easy to start a business, but it can also lead to harmful work culture and can turn working days into endless… causing moments of stress in which it becomes increasingly difficult to achieve a work-life balance.

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However, all experts agree on one thing: having a personal and professional balance generates positive effects on physical, mental, and even health.

The advantages of work and personal balance are immense! In addition, if you have people working with you and you guarantee that there is a personal and professional balance in your boutique, jewelry, or business you will get in return more loyal workers, more productivity, and less absenteeism.

Although all this can have different meanings for each person, there are coincidences in the recommendations made by health and work specialists and there are certain strategies to achieve the balance between work and personal life… ¡ So take note! But more importantly, carry them out.

Here are the 6 points of Nihao Jewelry to find a balance between work and personal life:


Whatsapp, IG, Twitter, and email have created expectations of availability at all hours for both customers and business owners and the workday seems to be endless. That is why to achieve personal and work balance it is necessary to turn off the phone and enjoy the moment. By not reacting to the cell phone notifications you will be forging a habit of resilience that will make you more stress-tolerant; which is the first step to achieving personal and work balance.

Say goodbye to being perfect:

Many people who stand out in business development have pursued the trend of perfectionism from a very young age. When you are young, they are simple to maintain, but as they grow and the work becomes more complicated, perfection becomes impossible. The secret to having a balanced life is to leave perfectionism behind and welcome excellence, which is not “perfect” but it is enough.

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Exercise and meditation:

You’ll probably tell me: – I know that! – And in fact, it is sure that every day we find time for the most important things in life such as eating, cleaning and relaxing, but when we seek personal and work balance, sometimes we forget two activities that would mark a forceful change in our life: exercise and meditation.

It is enough to take a few minutes every day to exercise the body and calm the mind. It can be in the mornings or at night, the goal is to wake up your parasympathetic nervous system and put your body to work while you free yourself from stress… Are you in?

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Don’t waste your time:

A great way to achieve work and personal balance are to prioritize your activities and distinguish between the necessary and the expendable. So you can identify which tasks are really important and on which you should not spend more than a few minutes of your time. Especially if you have a team, it is important to learn how to delegate.

Start with small actions:

New habits seem unattainable and even too much, when we are beginning, but this is because we see the whole task rather than dividing it into parts. In order to achieve the balance between work and personal life, it is necessary to divide our goals into small tasks that we can fulfill every day. For example: start meditating for 5 minutes per day and do stretching exercises every day for a week and then increase the time.

There is really no balance between work and personal life…Just kidding! 

The fact is that when we talk about personal and professional balance we can imagine having an extremely productive work day, leaving early, and spending the rest of the afternoon with family and friends. Unfortunately, this will not always be possible, work and free time may vary from week to week, so it is important that you identify your times and can adapt to constant changes to achieve your goals.

It will be very important that you plan your day, your week, your month, your semester, and your year. And have well identified the activities that are really responsible for moving the needle in your business and not wasting time on those that reflect return on investment.

It is important to remember that, although we will not always be able to balance work and our personal life, at the end of the day we are the ones who have the greatest responsibility: to take the reins of our life.

6 ways to achive balance between work and life

So how would you rather get on with your life? 

Productive, happy, and satisfied with yourself? Or busy, overwhelmed, and without energy?

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