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How to make money with Niaojewelry?

how to make money with nihaojewelry
how to make money with nihaojewelry

Millions of people are searching for ways to make money online, and many of them have tried and succeeded. From freelance digital nomads to savvy marketers to rising entrepreneurs, there are plenty of business ideas you can try at home using your laptop and a solid internet connection. There are so many jobs that you can make money online with, but a few jump out as the most lucrative. In this article, we will teach you how to make money with Nihaojewelry.

Why Nihaojewelry?

Nihaojewelry wholesale
Nihaojewelry wholesale

What is Nihaojewelry? Nihaojewelry is a fashion wholesale supplier from China, with more than 8 years of wholesale experience. At, you may find more than 150,000 products for sale, including fashion jewelry, women’s clothing, hair accessories and other items.

Nihaojewelry is the go-to place for resellers and startups to make a great profit due to a large assortment of goods and cheap prices. The biggest advantages of making money with Nihaojewelry are no minimum order and a steady stream of new products every day. Worldwide delivery allows you to make money with Nihaojewelry easily.

Nihaojewelry Advantages:

  • A wide range of products
  • Low prices
  • High quality
  • New products update every day
  • No minimum order
  • Worldwide delivery

There are two very effective ways to make money with Nihaojewelry: One is reselling goods and the other is dropshipping.

See our video version here:

Wholesale products to resell

Buying wholesale products for resale is one of the most popular ways online. You order a bunch of products, deliver them and sell them in a physical or web store. Buying goods from is quite simple. Register or log in to Nihaojewelry. Select the necessary products and add them to the shopping cart. Purchase and wait for the goods to arrive.

For handbags for example. Go to and find the handbag category or type “handbags” in the search bar. Filter your search by price, material, or styles and find the ones you want to order. Add them to the shopping cart and place an order at any time and any place. If you have any problems with their products, service, feel free to contact them through live chat, mail, or Whatsapp. For new customers, you can get 5% off, and for repurchase users, you can get up to 15% off.

nihaojewelry handbags
nihaojewelry handbags

Another feature we want to introduce to you is sourcing. You can post any purchase request on Nihaojewelry, and they will try to add them to the product list. It is very useful especially when you find items you want to sell in Alibaba, Amazon or other platforms and want to buy them from Nihaojewelry.

buy hold sell

Anyway, you can easily buy wholesale products in bulk from Nihaojewelry, and resell them in a variety of ways, such as local market, online market, amazon, eBay, Facebook marketplace, or even your own website. For selling goods online, amazon, eBay is well-known for almost everyone. The range of merchandise on this worldwide platform is huge, so the competition is fierce. Once your items start to sell, they will charge a monthly fee. While the Facebook marketplace is completely free to join, so it’s very low-risk.

No matter where you will sell it, due to the cheap purchase price, you can always sell at twice, triple or even higher prices and easily make a high-profit margin.

This method guarantees excellent profitability. And you are able to check the quality of resold products to make sure they won’t be harmful to your reputation. But you need to have a certain amount of start-up capital and bear the risk of loss.



The other way of earning money online with Nihaojewelry – Dropshipping. This scheme of making money online has become very popular in recent years, because you do not have to spend money to rent warehouses, and you only need to focus on selling products. You purchase the item from a third-party supplier and has it shipped directly to your customer. You can start dropshipping with very little or even no money!

Why do we recommend Nihaojewelry dropshipping? The biggest difference between it and other dropshipping is the integration of products and services. Usually, if you want to start a dropshipping business, you need to find high-quality dropshipping suppliers to provide you with products, and also a reliable website builder to build your own e-commerce website. The most common way to start dropshipping is to use Shopify, but there are invisible costs to pay, such as membership fees, startup store enhancement costs, etc. While starting dropshipping with Nihaojewelry greatly saves the cost of opening an online store.

How to start dropshipping with Nihaojewelry?

Create your own online website from Nihaojewelry first. No need to worry about costs and usage. Nihaojewelry will provide a free website builder and step-by-step guides to help you easily build an e-commerce website. There are no membership fees or additional fees.

how to start dropshipping with Nihaojewelry
how to start dropshipping with Nihaojewelry

Set up your online shop and import products from Nihaojewelry to your website. Once your website is all set up, it’s time to get started promoting your website and products. 

When a customer places an order on your website, you shall post the order to Nihaojewelry and pay it at the wholesale price. Then Nihaojewelry will send the order directly to your customer.

To sum up, dropshipping business is a quick, easy, and low-risk way to start selling online. When you run a business through Nihaojewelry dropshipping, you avoid those issues and the potential loss of any up-front capital investment.


So that’s two ways of making money with Nihaojewelry. I’ve been working with Nihaojewelry for many years now, and I’m pretty sure that they are reliable for people who want to start a business online and build their brand.

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