How Much Money Do I Need to Open My Own Boutique?

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Surely you have asked yourself that question and more if you already have time dedicated to your business.

The truth is that it will take time, study, and effort. But if that is possible, it will be possible and everything begins at the beginning. Be inspired by the stories of famous brands that started selling slippers and today are already international stores with points of sale in different countries.


So how much money does it really take to open a boutique? Here at Nihao Jewelry, we like to support entrepreneurs to formalize their businesses and grow big and achieve the financial freedom they so desire.

The first step is to make smart decisions when buying equipment and furniture for your clothing boutique. Know what you will need, the typical costs and what are the best places to buy it. 

In the end, you can make it as big or start on a smaller scale, but these are a common budget of a well-established boutique. You can always start with less by starting operations from the garage of your home or stand in markets and from there start growing.

boutique store
boutique store

Necessary equipment and materials

Most clothing boutique owners will need the following equipment to get started:

  • Racks ($40 – $100 dlls per piece)
  • Slotted panel ($100 – $200 dlls per piece)
  • Jewelry holder ($40 – $300 dlls per piece)
  • Display cases ($150 – $300 dlls per piece)
  • Mannequins ($50 – $100 dlls per piece)
  • Hangers ($3 – $20 dlls per set)
  • Hooks ($4 – $20 dlls per piece)
  • Chairs ($30 – $45 dlls per piece)
  • Price & Labeling Guns ($50 – $100 dlls per piece)
  • Hand tags ($6 – $10 dlls per set)
  • Shopping bags ($10 – $50 dlls per game)
  • Gift boxes ($2 – $8 dlls per piece)
  • Mirrors ($10 – $200 dlls per piece)

This list does not include the initial inventory of clothing and accessories you’ll need to launch your boutique, which can be as low as $500 dlls and start with a single product category such as t-shirts, up to $10,000 dlls or more, depending on the size of your project and your investment capacity.

You must also plan very well your budget for the adequacy of the premises which could be depending on the size and magnitude of the project between $500 dlls and $18,000 dlls.

The information we are giving you is so that you can visualize how much it would cost to put a local in shape and be able to compete with boutiques established in shopping malls or in the streets. 

Example of a shopping list

A typical entrepreneur looking to buy equipment to set up a clothing boutique could do the following purchases:

Clothing inventory approx (as low as $500 dlls up to $7,500 dlls)

Make the shop suitable for a boutique (from $500 to $7,500 pesos)

  • 2 shelves ($120 dlls)
  • 2 printed ribbons ($100 dlls)
  • Jewelry holder ($60 dlls)
  • Display case ($140 dlls)
  • 5 mannequins ($160 dlls)
  • 100 hooks ($35 dlls)
  • Set of 6 hangers ($80 dlls)
  • 2 price guns ($100 dlls)
  • 1000 labels ($35 dlls)
  • 200 shopping bags ($90 dlls)
  • 50 gift boxes ($75 dlls)
  • 4 mirrors ($400 dlls)
  • 2 chairs ($105 dlls)

It would be necessary to consider the computer equipment for the POS with a management system. But you can start with a cash register if your budget is lower. 

how much money do I need to openn my own boutique STORIES

Key decisions

It could be said that choosing the right clothing style is the most important purchase decision that will be made when starting a clothing boutique. Here we will help you to describe the considerations you should take into account when making these purchases and we will give you some options that we believe are the best.

Considerations when buying clothes

How to buy online for your clothing boutique effectively?

When shopping online, it is essential to learn about qualities so it will be good practice to buy samples to see different qualities. But you must consider that this study of suppliers will require a good investment to be able to define your product, style, and quality according to your ideal customer.

It is essential to do your own research on suppliers and check customer reviews.

Create a style for your brand

It’s always important to maintain a lasting style and theme for your boutique store, to attract the right customer. 

Who is your target audience, have you done that analysis? 

What clothes are you most likely to wear? 

What atmosphere would fit the clothes best? 

These questions can help you determine what clothes you should have in your inventory.

Purchase of a variety of channels

There are four main forms of clothing supply listed below. We recommend buying a combination of these four until you can determine the sources that best suit your business. Buying from several different channels will also create a diverse selection for your customers.

Options for purchase of inventory

Wholesale of clothes

A common choice for many people starting their own clothing store are wholesalers, which are companies that sell to small retailers in smaller quantities than they can buy directly from manufacturers. The agreements depend on how you make the purchases if they are online or physically, but in both cases, you must specify all the details such as the price, the order requirements, the shipping costs and the delivery times, methods of payment, etc.

Antique shops and flea markets

For store owners who want to create a unique vintage style for their store, and who have plenty of free time to search for unique treasures in many thrift stores, this is an excellent choice. However, it’s important to make sure you make a profit on second-hand items, including the time you spend finding them.

Independent Designers

A great option to gather unique pieces from the latest trends is to find smaller independent designers. There are many blog sites to find these designers and contact them directly to display pieces in your store.

Fairs and exhibitions

Events where designers and suppliers gather to showcase their newest designs for each season, the fair offers visitors many options to explore everything in a convenient space.

The best places to buy

With the recommended options listed above, there are many different options for finding clothes. Wholesale channels can often be found online. Contacting independent designers is also an option to explore online. 

Meanwhile, trade fairs and second-hand trade fairs are sources that require in-person travel and exploration. Trade fairs are essential for owners of clothing boutiques to keep up with the latest trends.


Wholesale fonts are accessible and offer a variety of styles and products. Here are some popular wholesale clothing fonts.

Of course, our first recommendation will be as a direct supplier from the factory in China to your business:

nihaojewelry website
nihaojewelry website

Where you will find more than 100,000 items of all qualities in categories from jewelry, clothing for women, footwear, hats, lenses, and bags among many more novelties.

To know qualities and prices you must make substantial orders where the price of each garment determines the quality and you can more easily learn to buy online and benefit from all its benefits.

I remind you that with NihaoJewelry you will find all the qualities in each product category, from economic line to fine and high quality. Because we cater to different types of businesses around the world. So the most important thing will be to know your market niche and your ideal customer so you can choose according to it.

Other options:

Market places

USA Suppliers

Mexico Suppliers:

Find more wholesale vendors here:

Here is the Free Wholesale Vendors List Top 15

Antique shops and flea markets

Touring markets is an excellent way to find unique pieces, make your clothing boutique stand out, and have options that others can’t offer. It can also be a cheaper option to start your boutique.

Facebook groups are a great resource for finding local thrift stores or people who renew their closets.

Freelance designers

This option creates an inventory that customers won’t be able to find in larger retailers and a store that will likely have the latest trends. It also supports smaller designers and therefore builds better business relationships. Here are some fonts to search for designers:

Fairs and exhibitions

Trade fairs and exhibitions provide great exposure to many different designer brands and allow shoppers to see the quality of clothing up close and keep up with the trends of the season.

So what’s next now?

Get down to business and carry out your initial research and keep looking for more information about what it means to start and manage a clothing boutique. We will continue to share valuable information with NIHAOJewelry, your trusted wholesale supplier who supplies you directly from a factory in China, giving you the best options to grow.

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