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Nihao Jewelry Top Sellers In May 2022

nihao jewelry top sellers in may 2022
Nihao Jewelry top sellers in May 2022

May has passed and we have counted the best-selling products of Nihao Jewelry in May and grouped them into collections. Let’s take a look!(Download Nihao Jewelry Top Sellers in May at the end of this article)

Religious Jewelry(Cross/Virgin Mary)

Religious jewelry is one of the accessories often worn by people of faith. They like to wear jewelry with religious connotations to express their faith and love for God.

There are various options for this religious jewelry that brings new hope and new beginnings. One of the most popular is the Cross Necklace, Religious Saint Medals, and Virgin Mary Jewelry.

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Letter Jewelry/Initial Jewelry

Letter jewelry is the ultimate choice for personalized expression. People generally choose necklaces or rings with letters and mottos that have special meaning to symbolize their sense of self, personality, and values. In addition, it can also be a thoughtful gift for your loved ones, family, or friends.

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Pearl Jewelry

Is pearl jewelry still in style in 2022? Absolutely yes! Pearls are deservedly one of the classic jewelry elements, and one could even argue that they have transcended age, style, and gender. Designers are changing the size, shape, and color of pearls to bring more uniqueness to each piece of jewelry!

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Fashion Bags

Bags have long been a closet essential, but the design and style you choose will vary depending on the occasion and your personal taste. There was no shortage of lust-worthy silhouettes to pick from.

Check out Nihaojewelry’s best-selling fashion bags for May below.

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Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings were featured in our previous article The Most Popular Costume Jewelry Trends For 2022. There are hoops in every style that people love. The large, thin hoop is simple and modern, and the charmed hoop earrings are a playful take on the classic hoop. Colored hoops are also one of the best-selling earring collections.

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Natural Stone

Natural stones are known for their unique appearance and healing properties. Among them, turquoise jewelry is popular among jewelry and fashion lovers.

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That’s all for the best-selling products of Nihao Jewelry in May. If you want to start a jewelry business and get more trending products, visit our website at!

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