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9 Trending Products With High-Profit Margins to Sell in May 2024

By offering the hottest products, you can attract more customers to your store and increase your profits. However, trends are constantly changing and you should keep up with the latest product trends.

Want to know which products are already in high demand? In this article, we present the products that are currently on the May bestseller list and explain why they’re so popular.

Whether you’re looking for an untapped niche or a quality product to sell on an e-commerce site, here are the most popular products right now:

9 Trending Products to Sell in May 2024

#Trending Products Reason of High-demand
1Ocean Style JewelrySummer marine elements/beach resort style as the new trend direction
2Ocean PendantsSummer marine elements (eg. shells, conchs, starfish, etc.) are getting hotter!
3Hair Accessories Floral elements and lace hair bands sell well
4Home&Kitchen Recent Best Sellers: Crystal Energy Ornaments, Summer Drinking Mugs, Beach Towels
5New HatsStraw hats and fisherman’s hats are the best-selling styles in summer
6Office&School Supplies Cute cartoon stationery is a hot new product recently
7Novelty BagsNovelty Bags Are a Hot Trend Lately
8Summer ClothesLight and Elegant Summer Women’s Dresses in High Demand
9SlippersSlippers are a hot summer trend

1. Ocean Style Jewelry

At Nihaojewelry, we’re thrilled to unveil the latest trends in ocean-inspired jewelry that are making waves in the fashion world. From delicate seashell earrings to statement necklaces adorned with marine motifs, there’s something for every ocean enthusiast to adore.

Why Ocean Style Jewelry?

Each piece is a tribute to the beauty and wonder of the ocean, evoking feelings of serenity, adventure, and awe.

With the arrival of summer, marine elements/beach vacation style is the new trend direction, in which shells, conch, starfish, and other elements are very popular.

ocean style jewelry as the new trend direction

2. Ocean Pendants

As mentioned above, the ocean element necklace craze is starting to grow. Among the ocean pendants conchs, shells, and starfish have become the best-selling pendants.

Among the ocean element pendants conchs, shells and starfish have become the best selling pendants.

3. Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories has almost always been a popular product category, and as you can see from Google Trends it has remained steadily hot for the past 5 years.

Hair Accessories has almost always been a popular product category

Hair Accessories is also one of our recent bestselling new products, with hot elements such as floral elements and lace hair bands.

Explore our wide range of Hair Accessories.

Hair Accessories is also one of our recent bestselling new products.

4. Home&Kitchen

Find the Home&Kitchen items you need at the best prices and highest quality in Nihaojewelry.

Home&Kitchen being a necessity in life, it is no exaggeration to say that it will always be High-Profit Margins products.

Discover the best Home & Kitchen in Best Sellers. Among the hot home category elements: are crystal energy ornaments, summer drinking glasses, Devil’s Eye mugs, and beach quick-dry towels.

More and more people like Home & Kitchen products.

5. New Hats

While the popularity of fisherman’s hats and straw hats peaks in the summer months, you can stock up on fashion hats for vacationers all year round.

Today’s shoppers are looking for unique, standout pieces that reflect their personalities, and as a store owner, this is your golden ticket.

Offering a variety of staple styles-bows with webbing adorning brims, pearl rhinestone embellishments, and more can turn your online store into a summer hotspot.

You have a wide variety of choices, so there’s always something for everyone in your store – baseball caps, fisherman’s hats, straw knit hats.

All of fashion hats are cheap and high quality.

6. Office&School Supplies

Cute cartoon stationery is fun, colorful and creative, and they may even inspire kids to study harder! Browse recent hot new products: cute cartoon stationery and plain notebooks.

It’s easy to overspend on Back to School items. We’re here to help with our list of the best school supplies to wholesale.

Nihaojewelry online offers a range of wholesale cute stationery online.

7. Novelty Bags

Since time immemorial, bags have served one of the most practical purposes – carrying necessities. For this reason alone, this product has never gone out of style and is sold throughout the year.

Bag has never gone out of style and is sold throughout the year.

Bags should absolutely be in your catalog because they are not actually a seasonal item. However, the design aspect will drive people to buy bags in a variety of styles and finishes!

Handpick inexpensive novelty bags for your boutique. These bags feature unique designs such as animal shapes, food-inspired creations, and popular…

These beautiful and fashionable Novelty Bags are provided to you at wholesale prices, and there are discounts for bulk purchases.

8. Summer Clothes

With the arrival of warmer weather comes the opportunity for on-demand store owners to tap into a popular market: summer clothes.

Year after year, as the temperature rises, the demand for summer clothes from customers increases significantly.

the demand for summer clothes from customers increases significantly.

Recent hot items include light and elegant summer women’s dresses that I think your store can’t live without.

Summer Clothes are good-looking on summer vacations or travels.

9. Slippers

No outfit is complete without shoes. Like hats, shoes can complete your outfit.

Depending on the season, high-heeled sandals, flat slippers, and muffin-soled sandals/slippers are also necessities. Your customers can be provided with comfortable and stylish options to complete their look. 

Shop for bulk cheap house slippers for women at nihaojewelry. We are a chineses slippers wholesaler and supplier.

How to find items in high demand?

Now that you’ve learned about some of the top 9 Trending Products currently available, consider whether these products are the best fit for your business and interests.

It may be helpful to use the following methods to determine if the product you have in mind could be a best seller.

500,000+ Sold Monthly,Hot Sales Daily Update
  • We will regularly update the weekly best seller’s blog, and you can follow the pace of Nihao’s weekly recommendations.

Read More:

  • Use Google Trends to search for. Enter a keyword related to a product or industry in the search bar. Analyze the “Interest over time” graph to see if a search term is growing in popularity, holding steady, or declining.
  • In addition, after you find the best-selling products, you need to set the right selling price and marketing strategy based on your business goals and user demographics.


If you’re looking for Trending Products With High-Profit Margins to Sell for May 2024, check out these trending products. They can help you increase your sales.

We hope this list inspires you to add at least one new product to your store. Have you picked your soon-to-be bestselling products yet? Let us know in the comments.

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