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Where to wholesale gold plated jewelry online?

We are back now, after a relatively long vacation. First and most importantly, we have resumed normal order placement and delivery, and you can freely place orders on our website. Back to the topic, in this article we will discuss gold-plated jewelry.

gold plate earrings and rings
gold plate earrings and rings

What are gold-plated and gold-plated jewelry?

Gold plating is a unique process in the processing of jewelry products. Most of the jewelry products are mainly electroplating. Gold electroplating refers to the use of electrolysis and other methods to attach the gold layer to the metal substrate in micron units. In the United States federal regulations, products with a gold plating layer above 10Kt and above 0.5 microns (about 20/1000000 cm) can be marked as “GP” or “Gold Plated”. Also, “GEP” and “Gold Electroplated” refer to products with a gold plating layer of about 0.175 microns using electrical processing methods. “Heavy Gold Electroplated” refers to products with 2.5 micron gold plating. According to materials, gold plating is divided into two categories, one is gold-plated with homogeneous materials, and the other is gold-plated with heterogeneous materials. Homogeneous plating refers to plating the surface of gold jewelry. Its meaning is to improve the brightness and color of jewelry. Gold-plating of heterogeneous materials refers to the gold-plating of the surface of non-gold materials, such as silver plating and copper plating. Its meaning is to replace the color of the plated material with the luster of gold, thereby enhancing the ornamental effect of jewelry.

Gold-plated jewelry refers to jewelry made by using other metals to make a rough surface and electroplating gold on the layer. Gold-plated jewellery has been loved by people in recent years, because it not only looks like gold in appearance, but also has a cheaper price than gold.

In addition to gold-plated jewellery, there is also a gold filled jewelry. Gold filled refers to the process of mechanically rolling and attaching a gold layer with a grade of 10Kt or higher to a metal substrate (copper material, etc.) by means of high temperature and high pressure processing. In the United States federal regulations, “Gold Filled” refers to products in which the weight of the gold layer accounts for more than 1/20 of the total weight including the metal substrate. Such gold-filled products are generally engraved with “GF” and “Gold Filled” on the surface. The main difference between gold-plated and gold-filled is the number of layers that distinguish them. Filler gold has more layers covering the object or metal. Gold Filled jewellery has more gold content than gold-plated jewellery. You will find more differences between the two here.

Why do we choose gold-plated jewelry?

1. The color of gold-plated jewellery is similar to real gold jewelry. Using this process will produce cheaper necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that have exactly the same appearance as pure gold. This makes the cheaper metal jewelry (such as silver, steel) look exactly like pure gold jewelry, but the price is only a small part.

2. Easy to manufacture, and there are more design possibilities. Gold plated jewellery occupies a large share of the jewelry market. As the accessories that women keep in daily life, various styles are always innovated. Pure gold is destined to not be the main material of fashion accessories due to its high price, so designers focus more on gold plating to create cheap and trendy products.

3. It not only retains the luster of gold, but also maintains the hardness of the original metal. The Mohs hardness of pure gold jewelry is 2.5 and the hardness of human nails is equivalent, so fine marks can be made with nails. The gold-plated costume jewellery is more robust because it is made of other metal materials.

Disadvantages of gold plated jewellery

1. Loss of luster

Will gold-plated jewelry sets fade? There is no doubt that the answer is yes. This is a very common problem. Over time, the original metal material will eventually reach the surface and change color.

2. The coating is fragile and easily scratched or damaged. The gold-plated layer is very thin, fragile, and low in hardness. If it collides with other metals, it is very likely to crack, fray or peel.

Gold plated jewelry online supplier

Which gold plated jewelry wholesale suppliers will you find online? We have collected the following 5 websites for you to choose from.


As a wholesaler and supplier of fashion jewelry in China, Nihaojewelry has many designs of gold plated jewelry wholesale, including gold plated necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings for you to buy. Gold plated stainless steel jewelry, copper gold plated jewellery, and more than 20,000+ products can be found on this website. There is no minimum order quantity requirement. Nihaojewelry provides a “one-stop” shopping service to reduce costs and ensure quality.


Interested in buying them online at Nihaojewelry? Check this guide to start shopping!


kaashusa is mainly engaged in the wholesale of gold plated jewelry. Headquartered in Los Angeles, USA. They offer more than 10,000 products and many variations in many products, with a minimum purchase order of $100. Free shipping is provided for orders over $150 (within the United States).



925 silver jewelry is a Thai silver jewelry wholesale online store. Their gold-plated sterling silver jewelry is made of 14K gold + electroplating. The minimum order price is US$199 and there is no minimum quantity. Jewelry does not contain lead, cadmium and nickel, safe and high quality.

925 silver jewelry
925 silver jewelry

Fantasy world jewelry

Fantasy World Jewelry offers a large selection of gold filled and electroplated gold jewelry. The website supports both wholesale and retail. The minimum fee for a wholesale account is $400. There are no minimum requirements for retail promotion accounts.

Fantasy World Jewelry
Fantasy World Jewelry


PRJewel is a high-quality jewelry manufacturer that has been in this business for more than ten years. Get involved in all aspects of jewelry manufacturing – from material selection and jewelry design to embedding processing and wholesale. Headquartered in Hong Kong, China. PRJewel’s wholesale gold-plated jewelry uses German Umicore electroplating technology, and the quality is guaranteed.


Some common questions about gold-plated jewelry

Is it worth buying gold covering jewellery online?

For any fashion enthusiast with a limited budget, buying plated jewelry online is worthwhile. You will spend the price of a pure gold jewelry to purchase multiple gold-plated versions of accessories from necklaces and rings to bracelets and watches to enhance the sense of fashion. Although in the future you may end up replacing or re-plating gold, it is still cheaper and more attractive.

Are gold plated jewellery fake?

Gold plated jewelry is not fake, unless someone sells it as pure gold jewelry.

How Long Does Gold Plated Jewellery Last?

The fading time mainly depends on the gold plating technique and the wearing condition of each person. If the wearer sweats easily and does not take good care of it, the color may begin to fade within a month or two; if it is properly maintained, the color will begin to fade within half a year to two years.

Can I shower with gold-plated jewellery?

No. After soaking in hot water or sweat, the gold-plated luster of necklaces or earrings will darken or even fade.

How to maintain and clean gold-plated jewelry?

1. Remove the gold-plated jewellery after wearing it every day. It is best to wipe it with a fine flannel, so as to keep the jewelry bright.

2. When not wearing it, wipe the surface gently with cotton cloth or absorbent tissue to remove moisture and dirt from the necklace. Put it in a sealed bag or jewelry box to avoid contact with air.

3. When doing housework, such as washing clothes, remember to take off the gold-plated ring and bracelet to avoid being corroded by chemicals such as laundry detergent.

4. When storing the necklace in the jewelry box, do not put the gold-plated necklace and other jewelry in the same place, as this will cause the two to rub against each other and damage the gold-plated layer or stain the color of other jewelry.

5. If the style of your gold plated bracelet is relatively complicated, it is best to go to a professional jewelry store for professional cleaning and maintenance every six months, so that it will always remain fresh and lasting.

Final words

Gold-plated chains, bracelets are very friendly to people on a budget. The rich design styles are also loved by young men and women. Online purchases and wholesale gold-plated costume jewelry also seem to be profitable. If you are interested in the gold-plated jewelry business, the 5 jewelry websites provided in this article are worth trying.

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