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Where can you wholesale Korean jewelry online?

Korean jewelry

korean jewelry
korean jewelry

Speaking of South Korea, what did you think of for the first time? K-pop pop music? Trendy fashion clothing? Or makeup and skin care products? South Korea has long been hailed as a magical place for beauty products and fashion clothes. Their unique fashion culture has even influenced global trends. If you know something about jewelry, Korean style jewelry also has a huge market share.

The small accessories industry emerged in developed countries in Europe and the United States. Because of the high production costs, it later moved to East Asia where labor costs are relatively low. At first, the production base was transferred to Japan, and gradually formed the trendy style of Japanese jewelry, and then moved to South Korea, with Korean-style jewelry.

Korean jewellery focuses on jewelry design. Modern, small, neutral, simple, and geometric are the characteristics of their jewelry design.

Why are Korean jewellery popular?

1. A long history of jewelry market

With the global popularity of Korean trend, South Korea’s trendy clothing industry has developed, which has also driven the development of the jewelry industry. Speaking of Korean style jewelry industry, I have to mention Seoul Namdaemun Market. Today, this Korean market with a history of more than 600 years has become a well-known international distribution center for giant jewelry.

2. Use Korean dramas to promote jewelry culture

The popularity of K-Dramas has made Korean jewellery culture gradually welcomed by various countries. The korean drama earrings, necklaces, bracelets, headdresses and other accessories worn by the actors and actresses in the play have become increasingly popular among young people.

Korean jewelry belongs to fast fashion, with unique designs and rich styles. Elegant, sweet, and highly creative, it has also attracted a lot of attention.

In addition, Korean jewellery is different from higher-priced gold and silver jewelry. It is generally made of copper and aluminum alloy as the main material, with artificial pearls, acrylic beads, leather, wood and other materials. Therefore, accessories are cheap and are popular consumer goods pursuing fashionable life.

3. Competitive advantages of green industry

The Korean jewellery industry strictly controls the environmental factors of raw materials, adheres to the development direction of “green jewelry, environmentally friendly jewelry” and brand-name construction. Both the materials and design of the jewelry adhere to originality and innovation.

Korean jewelry designer brand


1064Studio is a Korean independent designer brand, full of elements of neutral colors and architectural geometric lines. The melting point of the metal is 1064 degrees, so the brand is named accordingly. It looks minimalist but with details and meticulous design. The surface is cold but there is mystery. The idea of design comes from nature, buildings, ceramics, shadow optics, etc.


Original design jewelry brand from Seoul. The designer’s inspiration comes from the Vintage style of the 90s. Each piece of jewelry will use the most exquisite materials to enhance the sense of nobility.


SOUHAIT is a Korean jewelry brand. SOUHAIT means “wish” in French. Its design is very unique and has personality. Many of Souhait’s designs are based on thick lines, matched with sterling silver, spar, or metal. The rough and unruly shape, matched with subtle details, is probably the image of Souhait jewelry, which is refreshing.

Where can I wholesale Korean fashion jewelry online?


As a professional jewelry wholesaler, Nihaojewelry has more than 30,000+ jewelry for sale online, including small and exquisite Korean jewellery. On this website, you can find various designer styles of Korean earrings, Korean necklaces, Korean rings and more. Various materials and designs, including resin, acrylic, alloy, and imitation pearls. Whether it is with casual style, elegant, or office style jewelry accessories can be found here.

The advantage of Nihaojewelry lies in its cheap unit price, fast delivery and no minimum order quantity requirement.

Screenshot of Nihaojewelry
Screenshot of Nihaojewelry


TradeKorea aims to become the most reliable online platform for Korean trading companies and overseas buyers. It provides a full range of products, similar to China’s Alibaba, which gathers many Korean foreign trade suppliers. So it also includes Korean jewelry wholesalers. The downside is that it does not support online ordering like Nihaojewelry, and each supplier has different MOQ requirements.

Screenshot of tradekorea
Screenshot of tradekorea


Asujewelry, similar to Nihaojewelry, is one of China’s B2C jewelry and accessories e-commerce sites, offering a variety of Korean jewellery. Product accessories to more than 200 countries and regions.

Screenshot of asujewelry
Screenshot of asujewelry


Alibaba and aliexpress are both websites belonging to the Ali Group. Alibaba is a wholesale trading platform for companies all over the world, regardless of their size. Generally, the bulk goods are mainly wholesaled, and the minimum order quantity is slightly higher. Aliexpress is a trading platform for small and medium enterprises around the world, mainly retail and small wholesale. On both platforms, you can find numerous Korean-style jewelry accessories and place orders online.

Screenshot of aliexpress
Screenshot of aliexpress

In addition to the above websites or platforms, there are many other B2B platforms that provide Korean fashion jewelry wholesale, such as Dhgate, lightinthebox, globalsources, ec21 and so on.

Final words

Korean fashion is very diverse. The designs and colors of Korean style earrings, rings and necklaces are also rich and varied. You can choose the right wholesale website or wholesaler according to your requirements. Almost all of the above websites support global distribution.

If you want to know about Korean fashion, we recommend the top ten Korean fashion clothing websites for you.

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