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Where To Sell Jewelry Online

Whether it is fashion jewelry, fine jewelry or handmade jewelry, they are all suitable for resale online and are profitable. According to Technavio data, the online jewelry market is expected to grow by US$19.88 billion during 2020-2024.

fashion jewelry banner
fashion jewelry banner

Why choose to trade jewelry online? There are many advantages to reselling jewelry online.

  • People’s participation in the Internet is getting higher and higher. Especially in 2020, e-commerce is developing rapidly, and people are increasingly inclined to shop online, including jewelry.
  • The jewelry is light in weight and small in size, so it is convenient to transport and carry, and will not cost too much money on shipping.
  • There are various styles of jewelry, and jewellery designs are endless. There are also many sub-categories of jewelry, whether it is luxurious diamond necklaces, simple charm bracelets, or exquisite earrings, there are hundreds of choices for you to choose from. It is acceptable to focus on one category or several types of products.
  • The profit margin of jewelry is about 25% to 75%. As long as you set prices and promotions reasonably, don’t worry about it being unprofitable.

We have introduced you to top ten suppliers of wholesale jewelry for resale. Nihaojewelry, Fashion Bella, etc. are all good choices. So where can you sell these accessories online? We have compiled some methods for your reference when selling jewelry online.

Where to sell fashion jewelry online

Fashion jewelry is popular with many people, so it is one of the best-selling products for resale. Costume jewellery is cheap and has a variety of styles. For ordinary people, it is the best product to decorate themselves, and it is at an affordable price.

1. Sell fashion jewelry on your own website

It couldn’t be more convenient to have your own website to sell products. You are able to decorate your online shop according to your own design and ideas, name it, and customize the style, just like opening a shop offline. This makes it much easier to build your own brand.

Don’t worry about your lack of code knowledge. There are many e-commerce website builders, available online, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, bonanza, etc., which can help you build your own e-commerce shop simply and conveniently.


1.Take full use of data to analyze customers.

Everyone who browses the website may be a potential customer interested in your jewelry. Analyze the background data of the website, you will better understand the customer’s preferences, and you have the opportunity to obtain their contact information (such as email), all of these are great advantages for marketing. This kind of marketing is very likely to bring potential users, or users who have left your website, to return to your website again and buy jewelry products.

2. High autonomy.

Creating your online store makes you unique. You can decorate the e-commerce website into the style you want, control the appearance of the store and the way customers experience it. Freely edit product content, pictures, and videos. Unique store design is more likely to attract customers.

3. Build a brand

Long-term business requires you to have your own brand. You may provide high-quality jewellery or services, with the help of communication to make the brand gain a favorable position in the hearts of consumers, so as to achieve the brand effect. But if you sell on some platforms, it is difficult for you to stand out from many competitors.

4. Avoid price wars

In some platforms, you will see a lot of competitors. In order to win more consumers, the only way for retailers to compete is to lower prices. Price wars are inevitable. Having your own website is possible to avoid price wars. Customers who visit your website care not only about the price, but also about the price/performance ratio. Providing high-quality products and services and gaining the trust of consumers will have the opportunity to keep your business growing steadily.


1. You need to bear more work. Website design, picture beautification, product content preparation, etc. all need to be controlled. You have to not only make your website look good overall, but also consider simplifying shopping methods and optimizing the internal structure of the website to ensure that the website loads quickly and remains safe. Use reliable SEO strategies to get better rankings.

2. Increase marketing tasks, and may even increase marketing costs. The opening of a new store does not directly bring customers, so you need to place various advertisements in the early stage to attract traffic and gain customers. Google ads, facebook ads, etc., each marketing plan needs to be carefully set up.

2. Sell fashion jewelry on Amazon

amazon app on a mobile phone
amazon app on a mobile phone

If you want to buy goods online, which websites do you think of first? Amazon is undoubtedly ranked. Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce platform with the highest traffic ranking and the best user experience. With Amazon Marketplace, you can access 300 million users and 197 million visitors every month. If you are just starting out and want to attract a large number of potential users immediately, it is worth a try.


1. Amazon has more than 300 million active users, and your store on Amazon will automatically acquire a considerable number of customers. Because of the branding effect of the platform, many people will consciously trust your store and products.

2. Ship to more than 100 countries/regions around the world. You can quickly expand your business to the world.

3. It is relatively easy to start selling on Amazon. Amazon provides a unified product template. As long as your jewelry is ready, you can start a sales business.

4. Fast logistics. Amazon has a professional FBA way of shipping. You don’t have to build your own warehouse to process orders by yourself, just ship the goods to Amazon’s local warehouse in advance. When you get the order, Amazon will help you pack and ship, and handle customer feedback and returns. Amazon is responsible for all packaging and delivery work, and you only need to pay attention to timely replenishment when the inventory is low. You will have enough time to invest in product development and marketing.

5. Amazon has attracted millions of customers to visit its website every day, which means you don’t have to cast any ads to get the chance to get traffic. However, due to fierce competition, it is not recommended that you completely abandon the idea of advertising on Amazon.


1. Fierce competition. As a platform connecting sellers and buyers, Amazon has retailers from all over the world, and the degree of competition is imaginable. If your jewelry products have no characteristics, it is difficult to stand out from these competitors.

2. Amazon cannot freely edit product content images and videos, and is only allowed to fill in product content in accordance with established format rules. The uniform design limits many excellent and interesting ideas. Therefore, unique designs cannot be used to attract consumers.

3. Amazon restricts the interaction between you and customers. You cannot directly contact customers, and you cannot collect better customer data like self-built websites to provide more personalized products and services. You can’t build a customer mailing list, and you can’t conduct secondary marketing to customers. This is very detrimental to maintaining customer loyalty.

4. Difficult to build your own brand. Amazon weakens your brand. It reduces brand awareness by shifting the focus from the brand name to customer reviews. When you search for jewelry on amazon, you will see many products but it is easy to overlook the store and brand information that sells the product.

3.Sell fashion jewelry on Ebay

ebay on computer
ebay on computer

Ebay is the e-commerce platform second only to Amazon. Compared to opening a store on Amazon, eBay has a lower threshold for opening a store. Ebay has two operating modes, auction and buy-and-sell. Its logistics is mainly the third-party logistics of its own choice. The seller’s choice is relatively free, and the platform has no special requirements for delivery time. Its advantages and disadvantages are similar to Amazon. It should be noted that eBay has different levels of stores. In the early stage of the new store, only 50 products can be listed. If you want to continue to list, you need to pay a publication fee. The higher the reputation of the store, the more free listings will be.

4.Sell fashion jewelry on Mercado Libre

mercado libre
mercado libre

Mercado Libre is the most famous e-commerce platform in Latin America, known as the South American version of eBay. It is suitable if you want to develop business in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Colombia. Its advantages and disadvantages are similar to Amazon.

If you are interested in selling fashion jewelry on Mercado Libre, you may refer to this article: How do I Open an Estore and Make Money on Mercado Libre?

Where to sell handmade jewelry online

Why is handmade jewelry popular? In many cases, mechanically made jewelry has less personality than handmade jewelry. For those looking for personalized and unique pieces, handmade jewelry is the ideal choice.

1. Sell handmade jewelry on Amazon handmade

Amazon handmade
Amazon handmade

Amazon handmade is a unique, craftsman-only platform provided by Amazon. It allows artists to maintain their creative passion while expanding their customer base to a wide range of coverage. Amazon Handmade accounts are different from ordinary seller accounts, and its business model is also different from other sales methods on the previous page.

The goods sold here must be hand-made, hand-modified or hand-assembled, so it is definitely a good place for hand-made jewelry sales.


1. Benefiting from Amazon’s huge traffic, your product is more likely to be sold. Amazon Handmade’s independent platform also distinguishes it from other products listed on Amazon, thereby bringing consumers a more exclusive experience. This is also a good thing for sellers.

2. Logistics. As mentioned above, you don’t have to worry about Amazon’s logistics and delivery, which greatly saves time and effort in order execution, packaging, and customer service inquiries.


1. Compared with Etsy’s easy registration process, Amazon handmade’s seller registration process is more complicated and strict, and the review time is longer. Amazon wants you to prove that you actually made it by hand (rather than made it in the factory), so it may take up to 2 weeks to get permission to sell on Handmade.

2. Other Amazon shortcomings mentioned above.

2. Sell handmade jewelry on Etsy

sell on etsy
sell on etsy

If you are interested in selling handmade products, Etsy is definitely not to be missed. It mainly builds bridges between customers and designers, handmade craftsmen and antique collectors. The products sold include artworks, clothing, jewelry and other decorative items as well as crafts.


1. Etsy has more than 35 million active buyers. Listing your products on Etsy will make it possible for you to get sales from organic search traffic on Etsy’s homepage, which may complement your external marketing efforts.

2. It is easy to open an Etsy store. Etsy provides a series of auxiliary tools, such as Sell on Etsy App, discount postage, simple and convenient shop setting.

3. Compared with Amazon, on Etsy, it is easier to find the seller’s personal information or view other products.

4. Etsy provides help for sellers, such as answering seller questions by phone and email, and creating seller magazines and seller forums, all of which are to help sellers successfully operate their stores.


1. The market. The jewelry market is a saturated market. You will also encounter fierce competition on Etsy.

2. Few categories. All items sold on Etsy can only be handmade products, antiques (over 20 years) or craft materials. Resale and wholesale of products from other platforms on Etsy are strictly prohibited.

3. Brand opportunities are limited. Etsy will allow your store to provide banners and images for your business information. But like Amazon, if your personal store is more popular, the less friendly it is to platform. Therefore they will limit your brand development. Your customers are not your customers, but Etsy customers. They don’t remember that they bought the goods from a specific store, but only remember that these handmade jewelry were purchased on Etsy.

The Takeaway

Every online sales method has various advantages and disadvantages. According to the characteristics of the jewelry you sell and the advantages of each platform, choose the most suitable way.

Whether you decide to build your own website or sell jewelry on an e-commerce platform, there are many paths to entrepreneurial success in the jewelry world. So let’s get started!

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