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2021 spring and summer bag trends: to help you choose products better

multiple colored bags for women
multiple colored bags for women

Although the bag is only a trendy item, it occupies an important position in the fashion trend of each season. After all, buying a new bag may easily catch a fashionable express, which is more cost-effective than spending a lot of money on a new suit.

Although most of us have fewer outings these days, we still need to go out. Whether we are carrying groceries, personal protective items, or necessities for a quick weekend outing, ladies still rely heavily on our handbags. It is conceivable that bags play an important role in women’s daily life, so let’s take a look at the fashion trends of bags in the spring and summer of 2021.

Popular color trends for bags in 2021

In 2021, after being enveloped by the haze of the epidemic in the past year, we urgently need soothing and relaxing tones. They will bring us a sense of hope, optimism and freshness. Various bright colors, such as blue, green, orange, etc., have begun to be popular in major fashion shows, which inspires exhilarating optimism. The combination of these colors swept away the dullness, and made the whole world bright and light. Therefore, 2021 bags are more popular in bright colors.

Marigold (orange)

Orange crossbody bag
Orange crossbody bag

The color of marigolds is darker than yellow and lighter than orange. Its rich colors evoke a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. The orange color of marigolds with higher saturation is full of vigor and vitality.

If you are not suitable for this color outfit, then choosing this marigold orange bag as an embellishment is also an excellent choice. Carrying such a bag is like carrying a small sun with you, advanced and warm.

Illuminating (bright yellow)

bright yellow underarm bag
bright yellow underarm bag

The bright yellow tone helps arouse hope and optimism after a turbulent year. It is also an eternal classic color in spring and summer.  Floral dresses, dark or light-colored clothing with bright yellow bags will bring people a good yearning and happy mood.


mint chain bags for women
mint chain bags for women

Mint color can be said to be a low-key and bright color, close to the natural color, and presents a youthful feeling with a fresh style. It is another color that represents spring. In summer, it looks extra fresh and cool. Imagine a touch of mint in the hot season, as if the breeze is blowing, bringing you a comfortable coolness. Mint-colored bags have gradually gained popularity in recent years.

Popular bag types in 2021

In the fashion shows of major fashion brands, we have the opportunity to spy on some bag types that may be popular this year.

Minimalist geometry bag

Coperni handbags 2021
Coperni handbags 2021

In the handbag trend of 2020-2021, geometric bags exude an irresistible avant-garde fashion. These geometric bags have no extra decoration, but they can reflect the neat silhouette and elegant minimalism of the bag itself.

Mini bag

Mini handbags were very popular at the beginning of last year and will shine again this year. The compact design and charming appearance of the mini bag make people fall in love with it! Although you can’t put many items in the mini bag, its cuteness, lightness, and convenience make it the first choice for outings in spring and summer.

Oversized tote bag

It feels that oversized handbags that can hold the entire world are still in fashion. They will become the first choice for grocery stores and weekend vacations. This is very friendly to pragmatists. You can freely put all kinds of cosmetics, clothing, etc. into it. Or use it directly as a shopping bag, which is environmentally friendly and durable.

Raffia bags/woven bags

Ladies bags designed and manufactured from natural materials will be on the rise in spring and summer! Raffia is a material full of summer flavor, and it has a faint natural flavor that is unique to grass and wood fibers. The raffia bag is strong, light and soft, and can be rolled into a soft ball and stored in the closet when not in use. Woven raffia tote matches with any summer dresses or print dresses, and is a must-have addition to your warm season wardrobe.

We are not only chasing fashion trends, but also the love of life. The popularity of woven bags may be the inheritance of handwork. Its unique tenderness and romance, like our expectations of life.

Fashion is always changing. The above are some of our recent forecasts for the fashion trend of bags in the spring and summer of 2021. They may be helpful for you when restocking your boutique. Follow us and get to know more fashion trends here!


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