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Facebook Marketing for Beginners: 17 Tips to Help You Gain Followers Fast

With over 2 billion active users, Facebook is a great platform to reach your target audience. One of the key indicators of Facebook’s success is the number of followers your Facebook page receives. The more Facebook followers you have, the more it helps you expand your brand awareness and reach.

Therefore, in this article, we will share practical tips on how to increase your Facebook followers to help you get more leads and increase your sales. If you have zero Facebook followers, or if you have been running a Facebook page for a while but it’s not working, don’t miss this article!

17 Tips to Get More Facebook Followers

1. Make your page easier to find

The last thing you probably want is for someone to want to follow your page but not be able to find it. While some people may be persistent, most will probably give up after an initial unsuccessful search.

To avoid this problem, optimize your Facebook page for search to ensure that users can always find your home page easily. Here are some ways to optimize:

  • Use the same username on all your social media profiles.
  • Add your company, website or brand logo to your profile picture and add a cover photo that reflects your brand.
  • Include links to your Facebook page on your website and other online profiles. This will make it easier for people to find and follow your page.
  • Update your contact information and hours of operation.
  • Make sure your page is properly categorized. Make sure to select the appropriate category for your page in the “about” section. This will help your page show up in the relevant search results.
  • Encourage people to review your page. Positive reviews and ratings can help your page show up higher in search results.
Nihaojewelry facebook page

2. Verify Your Page or Profile

Social media is full of fake business pages that attempt to deceive consumers, which can discourage Facebook from following brands they don’t recognize.

The Verified badge means that Facebook confirms that this public page or personal page is the real public page or personal page of the public figure or brand it represents. This provides credibility to your potential customers.

How to apply for a verification badge on Facebook? You can fill out this form:

3. Share valuable and interesting content

Share content that is useful, informative, or entertaining. This will help attract followers who are interested in the topics you cover. Take a page from your competitors’ posts and provide your audience with high-quality content. You can share interesting facts about your company or post content that is appropriate for holidays. By doing so, get your audience gradually interested in your brand.

4. Post frequently

Generally speaking, the more content you post, the more likely your target audience will see your content and the more likely you are to reach new users. Of course, this is also closely related to your posting content, posting time, etc.

To ensure the regularity and effectiveness of your postings, you can simplify your posting process by using the following two tools:

Content Calendar: Used to plan the content you will post to your social media platforms and when you will post it. Using the content calendar keeps your social media content in line with upcoming events, such as product or service launches. In addition, it ensures regularity and frequency of posting.

Social Media Posting Tool: Manually posting to your Facebook page can be time consuming and may delay your other important work. Therefore, you can use the posting tool to schedule your posts to go live at a specific time and date.

5. test various types of posts

One of the reasons your follower numbers are plateauing may be that your content is too homogeneous and only attracts a very small portion of your audience. So try to start planning content, testing different content, post types (videos, images, links, etc.) and see which posts get more shares, comments and other forms of engagement. You may find that videos perform much better than images, or that videos that cover certain topics get more shares than others.

Test as much different content as possible. When you have accumulated enough data, you can adjust your Facebook operation strategy, observe and test more types of posts and content.

6. Use hashtags in posts

Using hashtags is a great way to increase visibility on Facebook. Hashtags help your content get discovered by people who are interested in those topics. So you can use relevant hashtags in your posts to make it easier for people to find your content, and to help your target audience find your posts and increase the number of your followers.

shein hashtags

How to use hashtags wisely? Here are some tips:

  • Find brand-related and popular hashtags. Common types of hashtags include: branded hashtags, campaign hashtags, universally appealing hashtags, niche-specific hashtags, real-time hashtags, and entertainment hashtags.
  • Try to describe brands and products using different keywords and create a list of topic tag keywords. In addition, create topic tag groupings that can be recycled for different posts.
  • If your competitors or similar accounts have the target followers (consumers) you desire, you can also mimic the hashtags they use.
  • When hot topics emerge, follow the trend and align the content of your posts with the trending topic or hashtag to increase the discoverability of your posts and user engagement.
  • Mix popular topic tags and niche subject headings to ensure your posts are not completely overwhelmed by popular topics.

7. Interaction with the audience

Like most social media users, Facebook users like to be seen and heard by the brands they engage with. Your brand should make it a priority to regularly engage with your followers, whether it’s responding to a direct message or replying to a comment under your latest post. This helps build a community around your page and encourages people to follow you.

These interactions not only increase post engagement, but also build brand loyalty. And we all know that brand-loyal consumers spread the word and bring in more brand promoters.

In addition to interacting with people who comment on your Facebook page, you can also join relevant Facebook groups and participate in discussions on related topics.

8. Host contests or other events

Hosting contests or other events is an effective and inexpensive way to build brand awareness and attract new Facebook users to your Facebook page.

As we mentioned in our previous article(15 Ways to Increase Followers on Instagram to Gain Loyal Followers), to maximize the impact of your campaign, create rules that encourage audience participation. The rules should state the exact timing of the campaign, who can participate, specific actions that must be taken, etc. Copy elements for such activities should include a call to action for participating users to like, follow, comment, tag friends, retweet, etc.

9. Offer coupons

In addition to hosting events such as contests, there are other ways to incentivize your audience to promote your brand, including offering coupons. For example, using a plugin like Shopify’s Facebook Likes Popup, you can offer discount codes to consumers who complete a purchase on your site and follow your Facebook page.

10. Share your page outside of Facebook

If your goal is to get more followers on your Facebook Page, you should direct traffic from other sources to your Facebook Page as much as possible. There are several ways to help you do this:

  • Add a Facebook plugin to your website
  • Embed your Facebook post on your blog
  • Promote your Facebook Page on other social platforms
  • Include a CTA in your emails that encourages your subscribers to visit your Facebook page

11. Invite users to like your homepage

When a user likes your Facebook page, they automatically become a follower, unless they choose to unfollow the page. If you see someone responding to your post (commenting, liking, sharing, etc.), you can invite them to like your page, which is a great way to add followers who are already interested in what you have to say.

12. Cooperation with influencers

There are many reasons to work with influencers, the main reason being that they have a large following to help you expand your audience. In addition, when influencers promote your brand, it’s a social proof that boosts users’ trust in your brand.

shein collaborate with influencers

13. Collaborate with other pages

Collaborating with other pages in your industry can help expose your page to a new audience. It also helps you establish relationships and builds your network within your industry. As well as lends credibility to your page, as it shows that you are actively working with others in your field.

14. Collaborate with other brands

Co-marketing is a collaboration between two brands with similar audiences and marketing objectives. You can choose brands that have a similar audience or at least some relevance to you to collaborate with. For example, if you sell clothes, you can partner with other brands that sell bags, jewelry, accessories, sunglasses, and the like, and tag the partner brand in the post. This may allow them to share your post with their audience.

15. Utilize Facebook Live

Live video is a popular and effective way to engage with your followers in real-time. 

According to Facebook, people interact six times more in live videos than in regular videos. Facebook live allows you to organize live broadcasts in which you can interact directly with your audience in real time. This can keep your followers engaged while convincing new users to join.

If you’re not sure what to stream live, here are some ideas:

  • New product launches/weekly product recommendations
  • Expert interviews
  • Q&A sessions

With these simple live streaming ideas, it’s easy to boost your engagement and gain new Facebook followers.

All Facebook Live videos are displayed on the Facebook Live Map. The more viewers you have on your live stream, the higher you will show up in the feed.

16. Create Facebook groups and join others

Whether you create a Facebook group or join a group managed by someone else, you can use groups to position yourself, find new customers and partners, promote your business, increase your social media following, and more.

Facebook groups bring together individuals with common interests. When you join a Facebook group made up of people who match your target customers, you will have multiple opportunities to increase group members’ awareness of you and your business by providing assistance.

It’s important to note that Facebook groups are communities – they need to focus on content that appeals to their members. It means that you should avoid promoting yourself, your business and links until you have earned the trust of your group members.

17. Use Facebook advertising

You can use Facebook’s advertising tools to target specific groups of people and get your page in front of more potential followers. Facebook ads allow you to target users based on demographics, behaviors, and interests. It ensures that you reach users who match your user profile and are more likely to convert.

facebook advertise

You can place “interactive” ads, which will help you increase your brand’s visibility on Facebook. Of course, if your main goal is sales, you can mainly place conversion ads.

If Facebook users like the content of your ad, they may engage with the post and may like or follow your Facebook page.

For businesses that don’t have a large advertising or marketing budget, increasing Facebook followers takes time. You need to continually improve your approach to Facebook operations, monitor the engagement and interaction on your page, and focus on providing more of the most effective content.

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