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7 Tips To Help Small Businesses Get Product Photography

Tips To Help Small Businesses Get Product Photography HEADER

A good photograph is a key to getting that sale online or on your social media networks!

Let’s look at some product photography tips for boutique owners. 

For our customers and even for yourself when shopping somewhere, part of the appeal of shopping in boutiques is how they teach us how to combine a look. They show us amazing photos, and what goes well and inspire us to use what we might not have chosen on our own.

Images help customers determine the quality and style, which eventually leads them to buy or visit our store. Do you need some inspiration? 

We chose 7 of our favorite resources to help you improve your game. We hope the photos we’ve included will inspire you. 

Here are some product photography tips for small businesses: 

1. Style to perfection

Have you ever noticed that some pictures of outfits arranged on the floor look like a pile of dirty laundry? They have cheap plastic hooks, multiple wrinkles, and labels that stick out and are taken at a strange angle. The stylized outfits on the floor can make excellent photos as long as they are bright, fully stylized and the arrangement is neat.

Style to perfection

2. Human elements

Photos of real models are the key to helping shoppers measure fit, length and understand size options if they know what size the model uses and how colors look in various skin and hair tones. We love the shots of models that are bright, stylish, crisp, clear, and with complementary backgrounds. We will always recommend that you make your own photos, as they better influence buyers in their purchase decision.

Human elements for photography

3. Don’t forget the cherry on the cake

Add a little texture. We love the details added to the product photos: customers can notice the lifestyle elements in each photo that are not necessarily part of the sale, but help tell the story. The details and lifestyle elements added to the image tell a story and create a vibe that the viewer cannot refuse.

Add a little texture

4. Bright and cheerful colors

They have a significant impact on our mood and urges to buy according to the season. Intense colors make us feel cheerful and inspired by the style of spring/summer.

Bright and cheerful colors

5. Clear + Clean = White

I have an Instagram crush on so many bloggers, online stores and boutiques that make white backgrounds very well. The shots of products with white backgrounds make the product itself stand out while still creating a clean and aesthetically pleasing shot.

Clear Clean White Background

6. Selfie stars

Selfies in the mirror are a great way to showcase products with human scale, while adding a “lifestyle” element that tells a story. Make sure you lean towards where the best lighting is!

Selfie stars

7. Personal approach

Instagram has inspired us to look through the lens differently. Close-up art photos that show colors, textures and details are fan favorites and are great ways to showcase products without having to write “Buy This”.

Personal approach

You’re not a photographer or you think you can’t afford one? Many photographers are also small businesses and are open to working on a variety of payment or exchange options. The answer is always no unless you ask, right? Plus, a good quality phone camera works great too!

We hope you liked our article “7 Tips To Help Small Businesses Get Product Photography” 

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