Jewelry Packaging Ideas: How to Package Jewelry for Small Business

jewelry packaging ideas
jewelry packaging ideas

Jewelry can be an excellent gift choice because it’s both personal and tangible, and it’s also something that almost everyone wears. Jewelry comes in many different styles, sizes, and materials, though, which means there are also different ways to package jewelry in order to show off its beauty as well as to protect it during shipping. Here are 7 jewelry packaging ideas for small business that you might want to consider when choosing the packaging for your own small business’ items.

1. Use Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrap packaging helps customers to see what they are buying at a glance. This allows them to easily compare products, as well as allows your business to display a full range of different designs in one place. So if you’re new jewelry business doesn’t have much inventory, shrink-wrapping can really help! There are many different kinds of shrink-wrap machines on the market, so it may be worth having a chat with your local stationery store about which option would work best for you. Some machines heat up and shrink plastic over an object, while others cut and seal the plastic around an object.

 If you’re selling high-end or unique pieces that need to be protected from damage during shipping, then these types of machines might be right for you. You could also consider using bubble wrap or foam packing peanuts instead-these protect items without changing their shape like some other types of packaging do. Whatever method you choose, make sure that any customers receive their purchases in good condition. The last thing you want is a customer returning something because it was damaged during shipping!

2. Ship in Gift Boxes

One of the reasons why gift boxes are great for businesses is that they give your company a more professional feel. Plus, they’re available to buy on the internet. You might also want to consider having multiple gift boxes-you want to show that you care about how you package jewelry products!

 It’s always a good idea to give people plenty of options when shipping gifts, such as including lots of different color and design options in a product. You might also want to include a thank-you note in each box. That will make customers feel special and help to generate goodwill among them.

PU storage jewelry box NH801700
PU storage jewelry box NH801700

3. Ship with Beading Wire

While it may seem like a hassle, bead wire is actually easy to use and cheaper than gift boxes or pouches. In addition to this jewelry packaging ideas, it can also be used to wrap other small goods. As an added bonus, beads and other embellishments can also be hung on a strand of wire while they’re being packaged. This gives shoppers a sneak peek of your product, making them more likely to buy right away! You might want to keep some in stock if you’re known for selling new items.

There’s nothing worse than getting excited about buying something new and then realizing there are no little bags or pouches left! And remember that even though it isn’t particularly pretty, ribbon can also be used as a quick and effective way to package jewelry products when you don’t have any wire handy. It’s always good to have some around!

4. Prepare a Bracelet Kit

A bracelet kit should include a piece of jewelry with little to no instructions. The best way to learn how to design a product is by looking at samples, but you can also look at different sources (and even consider buying) similar items that are already on sale in your target market and get an idea of what has and hasn’t worked.

Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for, find out what materials would be required for manufacturing. For example, if you need something produced in gold, order a sample kit from one of your suppliers so that you can see exactly how it will look when it’s made. If there is something missing or wrong, let them know immediately so they can make adjustments before starting production.

5. Attach Tags

Tags are one of those things that doesn’t seem like it will impact your business in a big way, but in reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you want people to know about your business and want to sell more jewelry, it’s important that you put some thought into how you display it at trade shows or hand them out when you meet with potential clients. Since these tags cost less than $0.50 each (and you can buy in bulk), there’s no reason not to make sure yours stands out among all of your competitors.

attach tags for jewelry packaging

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6. Use Envelopes or Canvas Bags

Envelopes or canvas bags can be a good way to package jewelry. If you choose to use an envelope, seal it with packing tape to keep dust and moisture out of your product. Use stickers that read fragile or handle with care so that customers know to take care when opening. When using a canvas bag, put a sticker on top of each item of jewelry to mark it as fragile if you are shipping it overseas.

These small touches will help protect your product while also creating an elegant package. Keep in mind that these packages aren’t ideal for displaying large pieces of jewelry, but they work well for bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

They also work well for those who want to include gift cards or other information about their products inside their packaging. While envelopes are less expensive than boxes, they can get damaged easily during shipping and storage. Using boxes instead is a better option if you have time to spare between making your items and shipping them out; however, many sellers prefer envelopes because they’re easy to package jewelry quickly before getting shipped off in bulk shipments.

7. Satin Pouches, Organza Bags, or Gift Bags

Organza bags, satin pouches, and gift bags are all wonderful packaging ideas to consider when it comes to storing and displaying your jewelry. Satin pouches provide a soft but professional option for displaying fine jewelry. Satin pouches are sold in many retail stores or online so that you can display your jewelry without investing in a large amount of packaging to start with.

 Organza bags or gift bags can be another good choice as well; they offer a larger selection than satin pouches as well as come in brighter colors and patterns. Plus, using organza baggies is an easy way to offer more protection while showing off items at trade shows or other events when people may be feeling free with their fingernails!

flannel jewelry bags for packaging nhlnx675022
flannel jewelry bags for packaging nhlnx675022

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Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking to grow a startup or expand your business, there are many marketing options available to small businesses. You may feel overwhelmed by all of your options, but remember that it’s important to start where you are and do what you can. I hope these ideas will help you come up with some marketing strategy ideas that works best for your small business.

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