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How To Sell More On Mother’s Day?

how to sell more on mothers day header
how to sell more on mothers day header

Ah, Mother’s Day! The perfect time to thank mothers… and also to sell more… 

Mother’s Day offers an excellent opportunity to implement your marketing initiatives, increase your sales and maximize your profits. Did you know that, according to the Chamber of Commerce National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism in Mexico, this May 10 revenue is expected to reach 2,147 mdp, an increase of 301.3%, compared to the same date in 2021? 

So at Nihao Jewelry we want you to be part of those statistics. That is why we bring you some fantastic ideas that you can implement in your business during Mother’s Day, and get your sales burst.

15 Marketing Ideas for Mother’s Day

Celebrate Mothers’ Day with these creative ideas:

Use social media

You’ve heard it over and over: social media is a sales funnel that can turn onlookers into real customers. Mother’s Day is the ideal time of year to test your creativity on social media. Maybe you want to use social media to launch a new Mother’s Day promotion or just to share a video in which you congratulate all the mothers… Whether you want to promote a product or a service, doing it through social networks is practically an obligation.

Organize a contest

Both on social media and in person, contests are an interactive tool with which everyone can participate. You can organize a contest on social media by offering a product or service for free and that is very encouraging for your followers to invite their friends. For example, when one of your customers mentions other friends and comments what they like most about their mothers, you’ll get your audience to interact with your brand and at the same time you’ll be establishing a strong social media presence. Make sure you offer a good prize! 

On the other hand, an face-to-face event contest can consist of something as simple as encouraging your customers to leave their business cards in your store for a chance to win a free product or service. In return, you’ll have access to their emails to send them promotions in the future.


This advice is easy to implement and highly effective. You can offer the typical two-for-one: mothers receive a free product when another family member buys the same product or service. This is a popular promotion on this day because most celebrate Mother’s Day in the family. Precisely because your competitors are likely to offer such a promotion, try to make yours more original by combining it with other ideas on this list.

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Organize an event

Before Mother’s Day, organize an event that draws attention to your business. For example, you can organize a fashion show and make special discounts for attending mothers. You can collaborate with some other cross-selling business, for example a flower shop that offers a short workshop of floral arrangements and gives discount coupons to make them valid on mothers day.

Sells gift cards

If you don’t already have a gift card, consider it an option. Spouses and children like to buy gift cards because it makes their work easier when they don’t know what to buy or when they are shopping at the last minute. Just make sure you have that option in your business.

Prepare a gift guide

Traditional marketing based on quality content is always your first choice. Prepare a guide of the gifts you have available in your store, organized according to age, tastes and budget. But you can make something more original that encompasses more content and also directly benefits your business. You can do activities again collaborating with businesses in your area and do a rally type offering a guide of activities to do in your area (restaurants, flower shops, photo studios, etc.) and culminating with a promotion in your business.

Offers gift wrapping services

It may be one of the smartest promotions you can easily run. As a complement to each purchase, offer your customers a service of good quality and gift wrapping. Give them the option to include a note with a personalized message so they won’t have to make another stop to buy a gift card.

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Offer free shipping on Mother’s Day

Such an obvious idea will make your business much more attractive to those who buy gifts in your physical store or online. You will not lose money by offering free shipping and in return you will receive immediate benefits.

baby and mom on mother's day

Partner with local florists, spas and restaurants

The best marketing tactic on Mother’s Day is to use local resources. For example, you can partner with a hairdresser near your area and create a creative Mother’s Day gift package that can help both businesses, while also giving them the opportunity to make themselves known to new customers.

Create a striking showcase

All passersby appreciate a striking and beautiful showcase. A good showcase can get these people walking through your store. Before creating your showcase, think about what your potential customers might like. And even better if what they see in the showcase helps them solve a problem, is culturally relevant and worthy for Instagram. Also, make sure your business name and logo are visible.

Create an email campaign with a countdown

An email campaign is a great reminder especially for customers who haven’t visited your store for a while. You can organize an email campaign a few days before Mother’s Day with a different promotion each day.

Offer additional experiences on Mother’s Day

This is the ideal time to offer a complementary experience to mothers. For example, in your boutique or jewelry store, offer mothers a gift as a courtesy. Or include a red rose on each gift. You can also throw a party, offer moms drinks of mimosas while they do their shopping. If you can pay the extra cost, consider renting a photo booth or putting a background in your local area where mothers and daughters can take a photo and upload it on Instagram: it is a different and fun option.

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Create a Mother’s Day section on your website

If you have a company that receives orders online, create a specific Mother’s Day shopping page. Visitors will appreciate not having to browse the entire site and will also make their purchases faster.

Collaborate with influencers

Influencers in your area, those with a local audience and less than 10,000 followers, will surely agree to write social media posts about your business in exchange for your products or services. This exchange will benefit you because it will save you the extra investment in advertising and promote your services to a wider audience.

Offer customized products

Nothing says “mom” better than her own name! Offering a fully customized product doesn’t have to be complicated. You can get an engraving device online and do it yourself or ask the employee with better attention to detail to engrave the names on your product.

Time to celebrate!

It’s a fact: you can use any holiday to boost your sales. Creative ideas don’t have to be limited to Mother’s Day. In fact, you can increase your sales significantly during any holiday season. 

We hope you loved our article on How to sell more on Mother’s Day? How else can Nihao Jewelry help you grow your business?

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