Nihao Jewelry Reviews: How to Dopshipping with NihaoJewelry [WITHOUT SPENDING Money] 2022

Do you want to start your own accessories business? NihaoJewelry is the perfect supplier if what you are looking for is accessories for women to be able to do your own business.

If you don’t know NihaoJewelry, you should know that NihaoJewelry is like the SHEIN of accessories. In this online store of Chinese origin that sells mostly accessories you will find a little of everything:

Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, key chains, bags, bandanas, scarves, hats, watches, glasses, socks, wigs, household items, even shoes and clothing.

dropshipping NihaoJewerlry

The most positive difference with SHEIN is that if you were willing to set up your store with NihaoJewelry, you will be able to, that is, they encourage people to resell their products.

Then you should not miss this article on how to sell NihaoJewelry because you are going to know very interesting things that I tell you now.

How to sell NihaoJewelry?

Selling NihaoJewelry is very simple but you must choose the way to resell NihaoJewelry that best suits your economic possibilities and a means to spread your brand.

Ways to sell NihaoJewelry

In NihaoJewelry you have three ways in which you can sell and earn money, therefore, you will not be left without possibilities to sell whatever the amount of money you have.

The ways to sell NihaoJewelry are the following:

Resale of NihaoJewelry

This is the only option where you will spend money to sell NihaoJewelry. NihaoJewelry offers spectacular discounts if you buy in bulk. Therefore, you can buy quantities of products wholesale in their online store and get a discount that is the greatest advantage of this option, in addition to having total control of whether the product reaches the customer safely.When the product reaches you, you will have to sell and package it for sale in addition to sending it.

Sale by dropshipping NihaoJewelry

In this option, you do not spend money to sell NihaoJewelry. Dropshipping is about making a purchase from NihaoJewelry when a customer makes a purchase from you online. At that time you will request it from your online store. You will place an order for each client by entering their reception address. The normal thing is that dropshipping is only done online, that is, through social networks, online stores or other platforms. In this case, you do not need to ship or package the products, since the product goes from NihaoJewelry directly to your client.

NihaoJewelry Catalog Sale

Catalog sales are very similar to dropshipping and therefore you do not spend money, but it is more traditional, you can sell in person to clients by showing them NihaoJewelry products in a catalog and then making large purchases online from the NihaoJewelry website. You can make large orders that will come to you, and then you will deliver it in person to your customers and charge it, although you can charge it prior to purchase as well.

Steps to sell NihaoJewelry

The steps to sell NihaoJewelry are simple but you must put effort into making this a profession or business:

Build an eCommerce store for free with Nihao Jewelry!

– First, you must look at the NihaoJewelry website and determine what type of products you want to sell.

– Choose a name for your business to open Instagram and Facebook.

– Now it will depend on the business model of NihaoJewelry you want to do, if you want to do catalog sales or dropshipping, simply upload the images to your social networks and start interacting with other users to ask you for purchases, if you want to make resale (you will have a discount for large quantities) you will have to buy the products and when they arrive, upload the photos and send your products.

dropshipping NihaoJewerlry

– Help yourself with discount coupons to make your purchases cheaper and get more profit.

– Help yourself with the ads on social networks to have more followers. You can also create a YouTube channel showing your product to capture the attention of customers.

I recommend that if you do dropshipping or reselling, never say that the product is from NihaoJewelry since these products will have your benefit and users will go to the web to buy them cheaper.

If you sell by catalog, you can make a PDF or save the images of the products so that the customer does not know where the products are from and they do not have the possibility of going to buy them themselves.

Faced with seeming a disrespectful activity, we must know that all businesses currently resell products, that is, they buy, sell and make a profit.

Advantages of selling NihaoJewelry

There are multiple advantages of selling NihaoJewelry among which you can find:

– Economic prices: NihaoJewelry’s prices are cheap and when we buy more quantities of product they reduce even more.

– Available images: NihaoJewelry allows us to download your images to upload them to our social networks or online store.

– Weekly renewals: every week many new items are added with which we will have great possibilities of being fashionable with everything we sell.

– Full permission: NihaoJewelry gives us permission for any type of sale of its accessories and garments always without using its brand name as our trademark name.

– Great variety: The number of products that exist within NihaoJewelry is staggering and every week new products are added to their listings in the “New Arrival” category.

– Shipping speed: NihaoJewelry’s processing and shipping time is around 10 or 12 days, therefore it is a fairly fast shipment considering that they are products of Chinese origin.

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What are the products that will make you the most money at NihaoJewelry?

Surely if you have chosen the option of droshipping with NihaoJewelry or that of reselling NihaoJewelry you will be interested to know what sells the most in NihaoJewelry.

To find it you just have to click on the “Best deal” section of NihaoJewelry, which are the best-selling items on the page, which, as you will see, is mostly fine jewelry, very fashionable currently.

dropshipping NihaoJewerlry

How to report NihaoJewelry earnings?

We entered swampy terrain! Especially if you are from Spain, since we enjoy a country with millions of regulations for legislation and thousands of taxes if you are self-employed.

Always, the taxes you pay, whether for reselling, selling by catalog or dropshipping, will depend on the country you are in.

What is clear to us is that when you buy any product at NihaoJewelry you are already paying VAT, the Value Added Tax that we pay every time we buy a product. This VAT must be paid by the end customer (not us sellers).

Then you must declare that VAT money quarterly to the state, this is done when you become self-employed, I recommend that you be billing (gross, that is, the money you get without removing taxes) that is not more than 300 euros so as not be in danger of fines with the Treasury.

Then this VAT that we have paid when buying at NihaoJewelry must be repaid to the customer, therefore that money is not discounted when it comes to selling it.

Finally, we will collect that VAT to save it in a bank account, and fill in the corresponding forms quarterly (your advice can do it, it is more recommended) to pay the VAT in the consumer’s country and have the Treasury deduct it from us quarterly.

This may be different in your country, for example, if you are in a country in Latin America or the United States that does not exist in VAT, but for the European Union, in summary, the mechanism would be the one explained above.

If you are afraid of all this, and you are in Spain, a good piece of advice on this subject that people who do dropshipping recommend, that is, that this agency is aware of new business models is Declare. You can search for it online and when the time comes that you are already making money with your business, sign up for this online advice.

I hope this article has been useful to you. You can read more interesting articles similar to this article to continue learning how to buy and sell in a simple way.

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