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Beaded Jewelry Trends To Follow For Summer 2022

Nostalgia is sticking around in 2022, and the colorful beaded jewelry popping up everywhere tells us that fashionistas’ love of 90s style now extends to plastic beads. Clearly, beaded jewelry is another Y2K-inspired jewelry trend for 2022.

In the post-epidemic era, vibrant colors are taking over. Jewelry designers are combining handcrafted beads in jewelry designs to meet the needs of the young market for hedonistic design and personalized dressing.

These trendy beaded jewelry pieces will ensure a fun and personalized look this summer. Ahead, see which beaded jewelry trends will be popular in summer 2022.

Beaded Jewelry Trends – Fruit Beads

When you look at the spring/summer fashion shows, you will see that designers always draw inspiration from food, where fresh fruit adds some seasonal charm to jewelry. It’s fair to say that fruit jewelry is one of the sweetest jewelry trends for summer. Use seasonal summer fruit beads like cherries, strawberries, and watermelon in earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and even anklets to make fun beaded jewelry that adds a playful vibe to a minimalist look.

Beaded Jewelry Trends – Flower Beads

Spring and summer are the seasons when flowers are in full bloom. Floral motifs have always been an integral part of jewelry design as well. As a must-have element for summer jewelry, flowers are combined with beadwork to create fun, playful, and colorful floral beaded jewelry. These small and delicate simple beaded small flowers show a fresh and sweet vibe.

Beaded Jewelry Trends – Pearl

Pearl jewelry has always been a classic, but it is not set in stone. The latest iteration includes a shift toward inclusivity and a more casual sensibility. One of the most notable changes is mixed media, pairing pearls with a variety of other stones and beads to provide a modern take on the classic.

One of the beaded jewelry trends for Summer 2022 is a mix of lighter materials like acrylic and resin with pearls in a half pearl, half beaded look. Some designers have even gone to create a casual look with irregular baroque pearls. The single creamy white hue of the pearls and the colorful beads form a strong color contrast, bringing the ultimate Y2K vibe but elevated.

Colorful and Mixed

The Summer beaded necklaces focus on rich colors to create a playful retro trend from the 1990s to the millennium. It uses color to express a positive and optimistic outlook on life and to map a glamorous summer. One of the trends in beaded jewelry is the mixing of recycled jewelry materials such as acrylic, resin, and lucite with pearls and metals, giving designers and wearers the opportunity to show their creativity for a personalized touch.

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