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Top 10 Fashion Dropshipping Suppliers in 2021

top 10 fashion droshipping supplier
top 10 fashion droshipping supplier

Dropshipping is said to be the new best business for starters. It allows starter entrepreneurs to begin a selling business where they don’t literally need to be hands-on. The suppliers will do all the work for them – the packing, preparing to ship. Basically, as a Dropshipper, you become a profitable branch of a supplier business and become the bridge to make your supplier acknowledged with customers.

Fashion and jewelry are by far the best dropshipping products that have turned into a niche for online shoppers. So, if you are interested in starting a new business, then dropshipping could be fitting for your interest. In this article, we will guide you in choosing the best men’s and women’s fashion dropshipping suppliers and their qualities that you may like.

Top 10 Fashion Dropshipping Suppliers

They say that finding the best dropshipping suppliers is the first and the most critical part of a successful business. You’d have to find a partner that has authentic and high-quality products for you to earn the trust of customers.

Finding the right partner could be the hardest in the process. That’s why we have nitpicked the ten suppliers for you to choose from.

1. Nihaojewelry 

nihaojewelry home page
nihaojewelry home page

If you are looking for a cheaper women’s fashion dropshipping supplier, Nihaojewelry it is. This supplier offers direct selling prices that can grant you the original and equal quality for up to 40% lower cost than usual. Moreover, FashionTIY has bunches of collections of products. You can browse all their tops, bottoms, jewelry dropshipping, and other fashion accessories that your customers will surely love. Their product line is also expanding to other categories such as household products.

Nihaojewelry dropshipping
Nihaojewelry dropshipping

Nihaojewelry is a great wholesale dropshipper because they want to put you in the spotlight. Unlike other dropshippers, Nihaojewelry provides a free dropshipping website builder to help you build your own e-commerce website, and import products directly from Nihaojewelry to sell. There are no additional fees and membership fees. The products they provide are all white-label products.

2. Yournewstyle

Yournewstyle is one of the best in clothing dropshipping supplies. They mainly focus on female and male articles of clothing that customers will surely love. Some clothing products offered by Yournewstyle include trousers, t-shirts, sweatsuits, pants, jackets, dresses, and skirts. Though they are based in suppliers based in Poland, you will have no problem ordering from miles away because of shipping power.

This supplier has fashion dropshipping suppliers for online stores published at Magento, Shopify, PrestaShop, and many more.

3. Clothes2Order 

When you want to highlight personalized shirts, Clothes2Order got it best for you. They got overwhelming support from customers for their high-quality products at a lower price. They have available brands at hands such as Unueek, Gildan, Fruit of the Loom, Russel Authentic, and B&C Collections for your dropshipping. Furthermore, they have specialized and advanced software for your dropshipping processes to be easier and faster.

4. AnnLoren


For kids within three (3) months up to fourteen (14) years old, AnnLoren prepared modern clothes designs to keep them on-trend. They have a collection of suitable dresses, shirts, rompers, shorts, and other clothing sets that are best for kids on every occasion. If your target customers are mothers and kids, AnnLoren got your back because they are always ready for partnerships.

5. CCWholesaleClothing 


From all the way to Los Angeles, CCWholesaleClothing offers a vast range of clothing such as jumpsuits, bottoms, sets, and tops that anyone will be sure to like. They even have frayed and hem denim shorts, stretchy leggings, plus jewelry dropshipping for your jewel-loving customers. With CCWholsaleClothing, you are guaranteed high-quality products from abroad which can be shipped globally through your dropshipping.

6. Coco-Fashion

Coco-Fashion is your partner with womens fashion dropshipping. They are known for their uncommon and original sense of fashion, which will be famous for clothing and style explorations. Every lady dreams of their authentic dresses collections that are stylish, vintage, modern, and rare. Some of Coco-Fashion’s special items of clothing include party dresses, jackets, belted dresses, office wear, and shirts for every occasion. CocoFashion is also open for dropshipping globally.

7. Airy Mary 

Airy Mary is based in London and exclusively focuses on authentic beach wares, beach accessories. They even have collaborations with other brands such as Pour Moi, Lice Charmel Antigel, Panache, and Bandeau. So, if you are into drop shipping summer wear, Airy Mary can give it to you. That’s because they offer great deals when it comes to providing high-quality beachwear that your customers will instantly fall in love with.

8. Katydid Wholesale 

For cute items of clothing and apparel, Katydid Wholesale has been making a name. They offer accessories from graphic tees containing flairs to trucker hats. So, if your target customers are adventurers, fun and jolly, they will indeed support you in dropshipping Katydid Wholesale. Though their shipping could be a little slower than usual, it is still worth it. Please take note that their specialty is for leisure and everyday items of clothing of women.

9. Gertex 


Gertex is a great partner in dropshipping supplies. They are most commonly known for producing branded headwear, hosiery, baby apparel, and fashion accessories that are attractive. A private label is an excellent option for drop shippers. Meaning, you can quickly start a partnership with them without any complications. It is perfect for starters and entrepreneurs who want to invest in supplying these kinds of products.

10. Buy2Bee 


Buy2Bee is a known dropshipping company from the US that offers different gender apparel such as women’s wear, men’s wear, and teen’s wear. Most significantly, they are offering a wide range of bag and shoe collections from different renowned brands such as Michael Kors, Luxury Handbags, Natalia Shoes, Salvatore Ferragamo, Stuart Weitzman, Premiata, and many more.

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We only concluded 10 out of a hundred suitable suppliers so that you will have a higher and better judgment as to choose one partner. These ten dropshipping suppliers are meticulously picked, so you can rest assured that you will select from the best ones with the best reviews and best products.

When it comes to online shopping, women, men, and jewelry dropshipping, everyone wants to have the highest quality possible even though they are unsure about it. Indeed, seeing a product through a picture can be doubting and unreliable. However, once you gain good feedbacks from your customers, that’s the start of something unique. That is the start of success for your business aspirations.

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