Top 11 Website Builder for Dropshipping

E-commerce has been dominating the online industry. With many entrepreneurs and business-minded people getting engaged in the advantages of dropshipping, e-commerce has flown to greater heights. Meanwhile, the demand to build websites for dropshipping has also risen surprisingly, as it tends to help the customers in shipping costs, store issues, and other challenges.

That is one of the main reasons why many drop shippers have taken the customer’s suggestions and created their website. Building a website is easier than expected. All you have to do is comply with the basic needs for a dropshipping website which includes an eCommerce payment gateway, product listings, contact information, high-quality imagery, handling, and shipping details.

In case you are interested in creating your website for dropshipping. Here are11 top dropshipping website builders that are recommended for you.

1. Spocket


if you want to build a dropshipping website that is applicable for suppliers from the UK, US and Europe, and many more, Spocket is the chosen one for you. This excellent dropshipping builder of websites effortlessly makes you a business from several clicks and buttons. Just take note that you should have researched your planned dropshipping business thoroughly so you’ll have faster and accurate website creation.

Another captivating feature of Spocket is that it enables you to search for your target products and automatically drop ship them to your shop’s customers without much upfront cost and effort.

2. Shopify


If you are looking for the best dropshipping website builder for dropshipping, Shopify could be it. By purchasing packages and plans for your store in Shopify, you can explore a wide range of creativity on your dropshipping website. That’s because Shopify has partnered with drop shippers and offers unlimited products, bandwidth, and over 100 professional themes where you can choose from.

Aside from that, Shopify has more features available in the paid version which includes gift cards, product reviews, social media, coupons, and discount codes. You can also modify your domain name, create numerous language supports, and other astonishing options only available on Shopify. So if you are interested in building your dropshipping website, Shopify is one of the best we can offer.

3. Oberlo

Oberlo is another top-notched dropshipping website creator because of its hassle-free services in business launching. It offers support in editing your product titles and even all your descriptions. Aside from that, Oberlo also helps to scale your business from your monthly orders on an unlimited basis.

It doesn’t end there. Oberlo has made quite an advantage when it comes to helping you with automated pricing, product customization, multiple user accounts, tracking sales, updating your product inventory, and more. So If you are looking for a dropshipping website that has compacted a lot of features altogether, Oberlo is your tea.

4. Zyro

If you want a minimalist kind of dropshipping website where your customers won’t feel overwhelmed and stuffed, Zyro could be the one you’re looking for. Zyro offers you exclusive features where you can make your business customization easily and comfortably. It has lots of free website templates that are made by professional designers and has great functionality when it comes to drag & drop functionally high-quality images, and tools to edit your images.

Moreover, Zyro is a great dropshipping website builder because of its writing tool which is AI-driven. Meaning, you can make your personalized website look the way you want it. That’s because Zyro has a free image library, built-in tools for SEO, mobile comparability, AI-driven brand logo and slogan creator, SSL certificate, and also offers support for email and live chat.

5. Selz


If you are the type who just simply likes to have solutions in your tough management of orders, payment receiving, and building engagement connections to your customers. While it has a free trial version, you can only have all the available features of Selz upon purchasing a plan.

6. Zendrop

Zendrop is a convenient dropshipping website builder which offers everyone a free version with loaded features such as dashboard, tracking of shipment, bulk ordering, managing numerous users, access to overseas suppliers from the US, unlimited importations, and email support anytime.

Upon purchasing a plan, you will be unleashed with inclusive features from Zendrop such as product sourcing, fulfilling of orders, live chatting, dispute management, express shipping, and more features that are included in the free version.

7. Doba

If you don’t want to edit your dropshipping website in multiple editors, Doba has provided a complete package which is essential in making your eCommerce dropshipping website. Aside from its free trial consisting of 30 days, you can purchase it and get your one-year payment of 16% off.

After purchasing, you’re also unlocked to its complete features regarding your business such as support in email, access to more than a million products globally. You can also build more connections with your customers through Doba.

8. Alidropship


In making a dropshipping website, Alidropship offers you an all-in-one solution for your probable hassle and issues. Aside from automated fulfillment of orders, it also has a dashboard, live statistics reports, search, import, and discount coupons available for you. With that, you can keep track of your sales, customer experience, reviews, and feedback that are important for your data.

9. uDroppy


Speedy shipping, automatic help desk, email support, online ordering, and bulk quotations, and invoicing are just some of the features available at the free version of uDroppy – your website builder partner. It is one of the most easy-to-use website builders because it gives a starting plan to customers for free. Yes. You heard it right. So hurry up and try this lovely builder.

10. Salehoo

For our top 10 – Salehoo, is a great dropshipping website builder recommended for you if you want a directory of your every dropshipping supply available. That’s because it exerts the effort to assure everyone that the product and supplies they are getting are all authentic. Salehoo is the last but not least recommended for your business and website journey.

11. Nihaojewelry dropshipping

Nihaojewelry dropshipping
Nihaojewelry dropshipping

What is Nihaojewelry shop? Nihaojewelry dropshipping offers a totally free website builder for dropshipping. Different from the above website builders, it integrates products and services into one. You are able to select and import products from with a single click.

There are so many fashion products for women and kids are available on Nihaojewelry. You don’t even spend time on finding a reliable dropship supplier. Yet it brings limitations because its product library is not as larger as Aliexpress.

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Things to Remember

Please take note that you will have to do a deep research regarding your business first before finding the right website. That’s because different website builders offer different features which can lead you to misconceptions. Allot a time to grow in your business while your website is growing for you.

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