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USA Shipping Options of Nihao Jewelry

nihaojewelry shipping
nihaojewelry shipping

Almost every customer who places an order with Nihao Jewelry for the first time will be troubled by how to choose Nihao Jewelry’s shipping method. DHL HK, DHL Speed up, UPS- Duty Free… Too many options appear on your check out page.

Let us take a close look at these main Nihao Jewelry shipping methods first. Nihao currently has two main different logistics methods: express delivery and dedicated line logistics. Express delivery includes DHL, FedEx, UPS (Economics and first). The main advantages of express delivery are short time, stable freight and timeliness, and perfect after-sales service. The dedicated line logistics refers to a special line delivery method from China to a specific country by air or sea. International dedicated line logistics will concentrate a large number of goods to the destination, reducing costs through economies of scale. Nihao’s US dedicated line logistics are UPS duty-free, USPS (ship by air), Ship by sea. The advantage of this mode of transportation is low freight.

This article will introduce in detail the different logistics of Nihao Jewelry to the United States, help you choose the best shipping method and answer some common questions.

This article will introduce in detail the different logistics of Nihao Jewelry to the United States, help you choose the best shipping options and also answer some common questions about shipping.

Shipping methodsShipping optionsShipping time (US as an example)ProsConsItems with built-in batteries
Express deliveryDHL HK6-9 Business Daysordinary items and items with built-in batteries are all availableShipping time is longer than other DHL methods(KS and Speed up)YES
Express delivery DHL KS4-6 Business DaysFast shipping of heavy itemsShipping items above 21kgNO
Express delivery DHL Speed up4-7 Business DaysShort shipping  time, faster than DHL HK and DHL SHThe weight of the package is less than 20kg, and the price is highNO
Express delivery DHL SH7-9 Business DaysStable transportation time; allow to ship goods over 21kgHigh priceNO
Express delivery UPS Economics8-10 Business DaysRelatively low costThe order number may be changed, resulting in package tracking information may not be timelyNO
Express delivery UPS first5-7 Business DaysShort shipping  time, faster than UPS EconomicsHigh priceNO
Express delivery Fedex IP6-9 Business DaysPriority deliveryHigh priceNO
Express delivery HK Fedex IE10-15 Business DaysLow price; items with built-in batteries are availableDelivery time is longer than Fedex IPYES
Express delivery SH FedEx10-15 Business Days/The order number may be changed, resulting in package tracking information may not be timelyNO
Dedicated line logisticsUPS- Duty Free10-18 Business DaysNo duties or taxes are collectedPackage tracking information may not be timelyNO
Dedicated line logistics UPS-Canada transit Express7-9 Business DaysLow parcel loss rate and stable timeliness; Faster than UPS-Duty FreeThe price is higher than UPS-Duty FreeNO
Dedicated line logistics USPS20-35 Business DaysSmall parcels below 2KG are allowed to be transported at a low priceLong shipping time; there is a certain chance that the package will be lostNO
Dedicated line logistics USPS Battery Available15-25 Business Daysordinary items and items with built-in batteries are all availableLong shipping timeYES
Dedicated line logistics Ship by sea25-35 Business DaysLow priceLong shipping time; Package tracking information may not be timelyNO


  1. The shipping time does not include the Nihao stocking time, and it is not calculated from the time of payment of your order. It is an estimated reference time, and the actual time may vary according to different regions and special circumstances.
  2. You may not actually see so many options, because our shipping options will automatically select the delivery method according to your destination and order weight.

Express delivery of Nihaojewelry


DHL International Express is a subsidiary of Deutsche Post DHL, a world-renowned postal and logistics group. DHL’s business covers 220 countries and regions around the world, and it is the world’s most internationalized company. The following video will give you a clearer understanding of DHL’s express delivery work.

DHL shipment

Nihaojewelry has 4 different DHL shipping methods, DHL HK, DHL KS, DHL Speed up, DHL SH.

DHL HK refers to DHL Hong Kong. The goods are received by DHL Hong Kong company, and transited in Hong Kong, arrange flights from Hong Kong to the destination country. DHL Hong Kong international express service covers 220 countries and regions. The shipping time from Hong Kong to the United States is generally 6-9 Business Days. The advantage of this express delivery method is the wide range of services. Liquids, built-in batteries and general items can all be transported. If you have purchased a product with a built-in battery on the official website of Nihao Jewelry and want to ship it by DHL, you can choose this method.

DHL KS mainly serves large packages weighing more than 21kg. Fast delivery.

DHL Speed up is a express solution for faster shipping. The package weight is restricted to 20kg or less. The time limit for shipping it to the United States is generally 4-7 Business Day. If you want to receive the ordered goods more quickly, DHL Speed up is a good option. But fast delivery costs more money.

DHL SH delivery time is 7-9 Business Days, and the weight limit is less than 10KG.


ups shipping
ups shipping

UPS or United Parcel Service Inc. is an American parcel delivery company and one of the world’s leading providers of professional transportation and logistics services to more than 200 countries and regions around the world. UPS uses service optimization and technological innovation to launch a series of products and solutions such as UPS My Choice® and UPS Access Point to provide convenient and flexible logistics services. UPS offers many delivery options, so you can choose the delivery speed.

Nihao Jewelry provides 3 UPS shipping options, UPS- Duty Free (dedicated line logistic), UPS Economics, UPS first.

UPS Economics is a more economical way of logistics transportation. Economical shipping is a cheap way to mail packages. It provides an excellent delivery solution while reducing transportation costs. The weight limit is less than 20KG. Delivery time is 8-10 Business Days. This method may cause the order number to be replaced, resulting in the tracking information not being displayed when inquiring.

UPS first is a fast shipping way. You will receive your package within 5-7 Business Days. The disadvantage is that the price is higher than UPS Economics.


Fedex shipping
Fedex shipping

FedEx Corporation is an American multinational delivery service company that provides fast and reliable express and air freight services to more than 220 countries and regions around the world. The express service in the United States is very similar to UPS, with delivery on the same day, the next day, 2-3 days, and Ground 1-7 days. In terms of international express delivery, FedEx has one more FedEx International MailService than UPS, which is suitable for small pieces of clothing, books and audio-visual products. It can be delivered in 4-7 days or 7-11 days, and the price is relatively cheap.

Nihaojewelry shipping includes SH FedEx, Fedex IP and HK Fedex IE.

SH FedEx has a weight limit of 21KG or more. Delivery time is approximately 10-15 Business Days.

Fedex IP (FedEx International Priority) ships to most addresses in the United States. Delivery within 6-9 Business Days. FedEx IP Service has the right to give priority to delivery. In the case of simultaneous loading of IP and IE flights, IP cargo will have priority loading rights, which means that IP cargo will be loaded first. The price is relatively higher than FedEx International Economy.

HK Fedex IE is an international shipping method through FedEx Hong Kong company. If you use this method to ship international packages, the delivery time is relatively long, which is 10-15 Business Days. But the advantage is that the cost is low, and it allows the distribution of built-in battery items.

Dedicated line logistics of Nihaojewelry


UPS-Duty Free is a special tax exemption provided by us. Nihaojewelry will pay the tariff for you. The shipping time for this option will be longer, 10-18 Business Days, and the tracking information will only be updated when your package arrives in the United States.

UPS-Canada transit Express is a fast American dedicated line logistics method provided by Nihaojewelry. This shipping option was issued by China, transited through Canada, and finally delivered to the United States. This method has a low parcel loss rate and stable timeliness. However, the price is higher than that of the UPS-Duty Free shipping method.


usps shipping
usps shipping

USPS is the United States Postal Service, an independent agency of the United States Federal Government. Responsible for postal services throughout the United States, its business scope includes mail delivery, parcel delivery, cargo transportation, postal services and other online services. Their international express can deliver to about 190 countries. The entire delivery process is tracked online, and you can check it on the USPS website.

If you choose the USPS delivery method at Nihaojewelry, your package will be received in approximately 20-35 Business Days. Since USPS is billed by g, choosing USPS for small packages below 2KG will have a price advantage.

USPS Battery Available is a cargo transportation method that allows built-in batteries. Shipping time is approximately 15-25 Business Days.

Ship by sea

This method is mainly for distribution services by sea, and is one of the US dedicated line logistics provided by Nihao. It charges lower fees than express delivery, but the delivery time is longer, 25-35 Business Days. Cargo tracking information will be updated after the package arrives at the US port.

How to choose different Nihaojewelry shipping options?

Different modes of transportation have their own advantages and disadvantages. Not sure which service to use? Consider whether you are more seeking speed or price. Nihao’s express transportation will be more expensive than dedicated line logistics transportation, and delivery is faster. Generally speaking, the faster the delivery, the better the service and the higher the price; the slower the delivery, the lower the price.

If you can accept a slightly more expensive shipping fee, we recommend that you choose DHL. According to our experience, DHL is not only fast, but also able to track information in a timely manner. Compared with other express delivery, it is safer and more reliable, and the service is more complete and high-quality. The only drawback is that it is expensive.

In pursuit of speed

DHL Speed up (below 20KG)

DHL KS (above 21kg)

UPS first (below 20KG)

Fedex IP (below 20KG)

Pursue value for money

DHL HK (below 20KG)

DHL SH (below 10kg)

UPS Economics (below 20KG)

USPS (dedicated line, long shipping time)

Ship by sea (dedicated line, long shipping time )

Products with built-in battery in the package


HK Fedex IE

USPS Battery Available (dedicated line, long shipping time)

Duty free

UPS- Duty Free (depending on your region, may change at different times)

We will provide the cost-effective transportation method to your destination, the corresponding delivery time and price on the Check out page. Choose the appropriate mode of transportation according to your different requirements.

Common questions about Nihao Shipping

What is the delivery scope of Nihao Jewelry?

We deliver to most countries and regions around the world, except for some countries affected by war, affiliated island countries or other remote areas.

Why is the shipping cost of Nihaojewelry a bit expensive?

  1. International cross-border logistics is different from domestic logistics. The transportation of products is long and long, and the transportation process involves related issues such as customs clearance in the target country. In order to ensure the timeliness, safety, and traceability of packages, Nihaojewelry chooses to cooperate with logistics companies that are internationally renowned brands with high credibility and praise.
  2. According to the charging standards of international express, the weight of international express parcels is divided into actual weight and volume weight. The express company will charge based on the larger of the two weights. Therefore, the weight and volume of products and packaging may be used in freight calculations.

More detailed reasons can be found here: Why is the Shipping Cost on Nihaojewelry a Bit Expensive?

You can also refer to the 4 tips we provide to save shipping costs.

Why hasn’t my tracking information been updated for a long time?

shipping mode
shipping mode

First understand our mode of transportation. Most of the express transportation is packaged by Nihaojewelry from the warehouse and delivered to the forwarding agent company. Then freight forwarder will deliver the parcel to the express company of your choice. Finally, the express company will deliver the goods to your destination.

If you choose dedicated line logistics transportation, your package will be delivered by Nihaojewelry to the freight forwarding company from China. It is transported by plane/ship, transit to (for customs clearance) or direct destination country, and delivered to your destination by the local postal service or domestic carrier.

If you do not find any information from our logistics tracking page, there may be the following situations:

  • The warehouse is still stocking up. Our Delivery Time = Processing Time + Shipping Time. There is no tracking information within 1-2 working days after you place the order because we are preparing the goods.

You can see the corresponding order processing status and estimated delivery time in your order details.

order processing
order processing
  • The warehouse has been shipped, but has not arrived at the express company. The tracking information is provided by the courier company, so you will not be able to find any tracking information from the time the warehouse is shipped to the courier company’s receipt. However, we have actually shipped the goods. Your package will be displayed in the order status as it has been shipped, and “leave warehouse”.
order leave warehouse
order leave warehouse

After the express company receives the goods, you will see the actual tracking number in the tracking number. If you cannot track any logistics information at this time, you can contact the corresponding courier company.

order shipped
order shipped
  • The order number is replaced. There are some logistics channels that may cause the order number to be changed and the update is not reported to Nihaojewelry in time, so you will not be able to find the tracking information according to the previous order number. Actually we have already shipped it.
  • For dedicated line transportation, the logistics information will be provided by the local post or domestic transporter, and you will not be able to find the logistics information before this. As a result, the package tracking information will not be timely, such as UPS- Duty Free, USPS, Ship by sea. Tracking information will only be updated when the item arrives in the United States.

If you find that the tracking information status has not been updated for a long time, please wait patiently. Look up the tracking information on the homepage of the corresponding logistics company’s official website (you can find the corresponding contact information below), or consult our customer service.

Why has my chosen delivery method been changed?

Some customers may encounter the situation that the delivery method is changed, which may be due to the following reasons:

  1. The weight does not match. For some delivery methods, we have weight restrictions, for example, DHL-KS is restricted to 21kg or more, and DHL speed up is restricted to 20kg or less. If your package does not match the weight due to the shortage of Nihao warehouse, we may modify your shipping method.
  2. Region. If the delivery method you choose does not support delivery to your destination, the shipping method may also be changed.
  3. The city and zip code do not match. If the delivery method you choose does not actually support delivery to your destination due to the inconsistency of the city and zip code, the delivery method may also be changed.
  4. Built-in battery or other special products. If your package has built-in batteries or other special products, we will modify your delivery method to DHL HK, HK Fedex IE or USPS Battery Available.

What if the order status shows that the order has been delivered but the goods are not actually received?

When you are inquiring about logistics tracking information, if the package shows that it has been signed for, but you have not actually received the goods, please contact your local logistics company in time. Due to COVID-19, some express delivery adopts contact-free delivery, and the order be left at your door, in your lobby, or another place at the delivery location.

If you encounter this problem, please contact our customer service and local express delivery company in time. You can find the corresponding contact information below. If there is indeed a problem of parcel loss, please contact our customer service staff in time and cooperate with us in making a claim.

What should I do if I encounter customs problems during transportation?

Under normal circumstances, the probability of encountering customs problems in the United States is low. If you encounter this problem, please contact our customer service in time and cooperate with us to solve it.

If your package is intercepted by customs and cannot be delivered to your destination, we do not recommend that you return the package. We have reached deep business partnerships with various courier companies, so the shipping cost of each order you place on Nihaojewelry is much lower than the shipping cost of customs returned packages, about 1/3. If you choose to return the goods from customs, the return shipping cost will be higher than the price of your order.

What should you do if you need to return a signed package?

You need to pay the return shipping cost yourself. You can choose USPS (United States) or DHL to return the package to Nihao. Due to our business cooperation with DHL, you can contact our customer service staff to help you place an order to reduce shipping costs.

Common logistics contacts:



Hope this article can be helpful to your shopping on Nihaojewelry. If you have any questions about this article or have more questions about Nihao shipping, please leave a message in the comment section.

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