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We are once again approaching the exciting annual holiday of Halloween. People tend to favor Halloween and are willing to spend more money to make their night memorable. As a retailer, this is a great opportunity to increase sales and make a good profit – have you thought about what you’ll be selling this Halloween? Come see what we have in store for you in terms of popular and lucrative products for Halloween.

Halloween Toys

Halloween may not be a traditional holiday for gift-giving, but there are plenty of toys you can “gift” your kids with as Halloween approaches. Immerse them in the spooky atmosphere and create some family fun. Browse our favorite Halloween toys now to find some that will have the kids saying, “Trick or treat, trick or treat!” The toys.

Wholesale Toys

Halloween Sweatshirt Clothes

To make the Halloween atmosphere more authentic, people not only decorate their houses with various decorations but also wear atmospheric costumes.

Nihaojewelry helps you find all kinds of Halloween sweatshirt clothes and get them at affordable prices. We have no minimum order quantity, and all are fully in stock. One-stop order wholesale Halloween sweatshirt clothing and enjoy the best customer service.

Halloween Sweatshirt Clothes

Halloween Bags

Pumpkins and ghosts are the symbols of Halloween, so items with these symbolic elements are in great demand during this holiday, including bags. Especially buy trick-or-treating bags for all the candy, such as children’s trick-or-treating bags, small Halloween bags with handles, Halloween bags made of non-woven…

halloween bags

Fall & Winter Jewelry Trends

In addition to holiday items, this time of year it’s also important to have some seasonal items on hand – fall and winter jewelry – with our collection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more. Choose from our latest fall and winter jewelry collection for your comfort and pleasure!

Wholesale Fall & Winter Jewelry

Piercing Jewelry

Nihaojewelry is a professional body piercing jewelry wholesale supplier from China. We strive to provide inexpensive body piercing jewelry anywhere in the world, from stud nose piercing jewelry, and nipple piercing jewelry to various shapes of butterfly, heart, round, and sunflower. Click here for more styles.

Wholesale Body Piercing Jewelry

Bracelets & Bangles

In general, bracelets and bangles are elegant decorations for women. Its meaning is like the man wearing the watch, maybe it’s a representation of status and identity. In Nihaojewelry, you will find wholesale bracelets & bangles that are popular with quality and reasonably cheap prices.

Wholesale Bracelets & Bangles


A belt is still a classic accessory, and no matter what your look, a fashion belt can be a great addition to your look, highlighting your figure and embellishment.

We update new fashion belts every week, including leather belts, rhinestone belts, chain belts, waist belts for dresses, and more. Wholesale belts for women now from $1.

Wholesale Belts


Silk scarves are loved by women for their comfort and breathability. They are characterized by their elegant movement and excellent drape. Winter scarves are in great demand in winter because of their warmth.

As a wholesaler of scarves, Neo Accessories offers a wide range of sun shades, fashionable silk scarves, and stylish winter scarves. They can be worn around the neck or used as a scarf, practical and beautiful for intimate gatherings or going to work.

Wholesale Winter Scarves

Home Decor

As living standards rise, people embellish their spaces with home decor. At NIHAO, we are proud to offer a wide selection of high-quality, modern home furnishings, and you can purchase home décor you will love at especially low prices.

Wholesale Home Decor

Pet Supplies

Please note that Nihaojewelry offers you a new category – Wholesale Pet Supplies. Here you will have the opportunity to find a variety of pet toys, pet training supplies, collars, and more for dogs and cats. We will also keep adding and updating more pet supplies for you to choose from! Make your pet healthier and happier.

Wholesale Pet Supplies

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