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Best 7 Jewelry Vendors for Boutiques

Best 7 Jewelry Vendors for Boutiques
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The jewelry industry may be grouped among the fastest rising industries globally since the change of the fashion scene and the change in perception towards how and when jewelry should be worn.

Before, jewelry could only be worn by a specific class of people or on significant occasions.

Still, recently, the concept of fashion jewelry has resulted in a shift in how jewelry is worn as more people will now incorporate jewelry into their everyday fashion choices.

The wearing of jewelry is not only limited to women as before since now; more men are embracing jewelry as well.

How to start a jewelry boutique

Attractive young couple looking at fine jewelry at a boutique
Attractive young couple looking at fine jewelry at a boutique

The jewelry industry has, in recent years, been gaining popularity across the world.

The increase in demand for jewelry can be attributed to the increase in disposable incomes among the millennials, especially those who are more likely to buy into trends and celebrity influences who borrow from various runways, which now incorporate jewelry as part of fashion.

The fashion industry has also transformed, and now jewelry is part of fast fashion, with a majority of jewelry manufacturers producing pieces that are functional for everyday wear.

The retail industries have also combined apparel sales with jewelry. It is common to find a clothes retailer selling fashion jewelry pieces as part of a look or as individual pieces.

Since the demand for jewelry has increased, more people are looking to get into the business of selling jewelry, and therefore we shall look into various ways in which you can start a successful jewelry business;

Research on the trends

Since the jewelry industry is fast-changing, you will always need to be updated on the new trends that are on demand. Ensure that you research what is on-demand and form a business that will satisfy the market demand.

Establish a brand

Since the current generation is more inclined to buy into brands, you may need to establish a brand that they can easily buy into. Ensure that your brand stands out from the vast available market by providing unique and quality products.

Come up with a business plan

A business plan is meant to give you direction regarding how you may want to operate and the end goals for your business. The business plan you come up with should be flexible to ensure that changes can be made along the way, especially since the jewelry industry is also fast-changing.

Obtain the necessary licenses

Before starting your business, you may need to obtain all the necessary licenses and documentation as required. Having necessary licenses and documentation will enable you to run your business according to the requirements of the laws of the region where you decide to set up the boutique.

Find a store

Since you will be mostly running a physical store for your boutique, you will need to find a convenient space to set up your business. Ensure that the location you will choose is easily accessible and safe. To appeal to more customers, you may need to find creative ways to decorate your store as most buyers are visual and attracted by what they see.

Find a supplier

Without a supplier, you will not have any product to sell, and this, therefore, the supplier is the most important party in a successful business. You can use many ways to find a supplier, but you need to ensure that you have done thorough research before settling on a supplier to avoid any disappointments.

Set up an online store

Ecommerce is currently the most preferred method of doing business, and therefore, you will need to establish an online presence to stay relevant in the current market. Setting up an online store will widen your scope regarding the number of customers you may have, so to run a successful business, you may need to ensure that you have an efficient online store.

Market your business

Marketing is the only way you can get customers, and it should be a significant part of your business. Come up with marketing strategies that will allow you to reach more people at a given time. There are different ways to market your business successfully, and these depend on your goals and budget. If you want to run a cheap marketing campaign, you may use social media platforms free to join and operate.

What to look for in a supplier

some new  jewelry sets on nihaojewelry

We have established that a supplier is an integral part of any business as, without them, you will not have any products to sell.

When looking for suppliers, you will need to research widely to avoid running a business that will potentially fail.

Some of the criteria you can use to select a supplier include:

Product quality and quantity

Before working with a supplier, you will need to try out samples of the products they are selling to determine if they are of good quality. After getting the product you need, you also need to ensure that the supplier you choose will provide the required products.


When running a business, you need to ensure that the amount of capital you use does not exceed the profits you expect from your business. Find a supplier who will provide you with quality products at affordable prices to make profits from the sales you make. Since most people will shop for jewelry pieces regularly, some may opt to use less money on a piece of jewelry on many occasions than to splurge once and not be able to buy jewelry for a long time.


The supplier you choose should deliver the products on the time that has been agreed and in good condition. When you are running a store, you need to ensure that you have products in the store at all times, and this may require that you source products much earlier. Running an online store will need you to be very precise about product delivery. This is one way you can either gain or lose clients, and if you are working directly with the supplier in a business-like dropshipping, delivery is very critical.


As we have noted, the jewelry industry is fast-changing, and most of the time, it is based on the current market trends. The supplier you choose should offer flexibility in their service and products and be keen on the trends to provide you with products that can sell quickly.

Technical capabilities

Having a supplier who has efficient technical capabilities will lessen some of the challenges you may experience, especially during product delivery. Your supplier should have excellent technical support to ensure that the business flows seamlessly and the operations are working efficiently.

Best 7 Jewelry Vendors for Boutiques


Nihaojewelry is a top manufacturer of jewelry across the world.

Nihaojewelry homepage
Nihaojewelry homepage

At Nihaojewelry, you will be able to get top quality and trendy jewelry at affordable prices.

With the option of customization that is available, you will brand your jewelry to your preferred requirements.

Since the company manufactures its pieces, it is highly adaptable to the market changes, with the current favorites being uploaded on their website regularly.


The company produces quality and trendy jewelry pieces with some of the best designs available in the market.  

Veryselection offers a wide range of jewelry at affordable prices and ships to over 200 countries with fast and reliable shipping, which will enable you to run a successful business.


Jewelryworld is a UK based jewelry supplier that is trusted to provide quality jewelry at affordable prices. With more than 20 years of experience in the jewelry supply business, the company can provide the latest trends in jewelry and efficient delivery and customer care services to help you purchase products easily.

SOQ jewelry

SOQ jewelry is a jewelry manufacturer based in China that manufactures high quality and affordable jewelry pieces designed to fulfill the customers’ tastes and preferences. The company also efficient shipping and delivery services to enable you to run your business hassle-free.

Ruby imports

the homepage of ruby imports
the homepage of ruby imports

Ruby imports is a jewelry wholesaler based in the US that supplies various fashion jewelry products and accessories. The company’s primary goal is to ensure that the products sold are of good quality and that buying and shipping are efficient to give the customer a smooth shopping experience.


Jewelrymax is also a wholesale jewelry distributor in the US that sources the highest quality and trendy jewelry pieces sold at affordable with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


Stuller is a jewelry manufacturer based that offers customization options for various jewelry products, including necklaces and wedding rings, which will enable you to create pieces that can sell quickly. At Stuller, you will be assured of quality and unique pieces of jewelry at affordable prices.


Running a successful jewelry boutique can be a simple affair. Still, you may need to put in the work and the time to ensure that you succeed.

Before starting your business, ensure you are aware of the various steps you may need to take beforehand by thoroughly researching how the business operates.

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