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Wholesale Tips While Buying in Bulk From China 2020


The ending pages of 2020 are turned onto and how the recovery is from the pandemic. Within globalization, everything is connected tightly and relatedly, and apparently, the industries and businesses are the 2 basic impacted spheres.

Since the pandemic, online retails are becoming even more popular than ever. According to, as of the August of this year, the rate of online and other non-store has risen to 20.1% from the rate of 7% in January by total retail sales in the United States.

All these matters have blown the sirens, and please make changes to adjust to the new world.


Simultaneously, the wholesale business is not dependent on the face-to-face trade fairs as it was before since the widespread of covid-19 and the cancellations and postponements of trade fairs.

The next wave of a pandemic is ready in some regions, thus, the trends of online shopping and online buying wholesale goods are heating rapidly than ever.

Buying online is now a kind of lifestyle for the growth of the Internet and the methods of transportation. The resident enjoys convenient shopping from the globe. In the meanwhile, the sellers sell products to the globe as well.

From the beginning of this century, China has become well known for its productions of commodities.

Nearly, the whole world is using Made-in-China and buys in bulk wholesale goods from China.

What would the life of an American family be without any products Made in China? Who can imagine it?

The reasons for buying wholesale goods from China

The global retail industry growth rate sources form, from Oberlo
The total retail sales in China and the US from 2017 to 2022

As of 2019, China’s retail market was estimated to be 21% of the global retail market, making it the second-largest market after the USA.

The retail market is also projected to increase over time, with China becoming the world’s largest retail market.

One of the reasons for the retail market increased by that rate is the flourishing trends of the wholesale market, which is also leading to a growing number of countries buying wholesale goods from China.

The other reasons for buying wholesale goods from China may include:

High-Quality Products

Contrary to popular belief, Chinese products are of really high quality. You have probably heard or maybe even believe that Chinese products are of poor quality.

Well, this is not true.

An iPhone says it was final assembled in China.

Have you ever asked yourself why Apple manufactures its products in China?

It surely can’t be because Chinese products are of low quality. Apple saw something special in the Chinese manufacturing industry that is why they switched to manufacturing in China.

China has the infrastructure to efficiently produce high-quality products.

Mass Production

This is one of the reasons why most people opt to import goods from China across the globe. The fact that the Chinese manufacture goods in large quantities make the goods a lot cheaper. This is perfect for businesses since it makes the acquisition of products very cheap and the profits quite high.

Masters Of Design

A product’s design and packaging is usually the very first thing a customer sees about a particular product. It is no wonder consumers make purchasing decisions based on product design. If you want your products to stand out from the rest of the competition, then you have to invest in product design. Another reason why most people opt to import their products from China is because of their expertise in matters of design. Some company engineers in China can even design a product for you based on your specifications.

Accessible Materials

Manufacturing materials are easily accessible in China and at a low cost. This makes manufacturing costs low therefore minimizing the cost of products. For this reason, China becomes the best place to import products. They have state of the art technology and machines to manufacture the best quality products.

Cheap Products

Statistics show that Chinese factory workers get paid considerably less than other workers in countries like the United States. Labor is cheap in China and this translates to low manufacturing costs.

Product diversity

The Chinese market allows you to get any and everything in wholesale should you wish. Since there are many manufacturers, there will also be various products produced, which means that the Chinese wholesale market is a one-stop-shop for all of your business needs.

Direct sourcing of products

The Chinese wholesale market is easy to maneuver, and this eliminates the need for intermediaries. You can quickly contact a manufacturer and have them provide you with a product without going through the complicated steps of using someone as an intermediary between you and the manufacturer.

Easy to negotiate terms

Since you will be sourcing the products directly, it is easy for you to negotiate the various terms of payment and product delivery. Negotiations may also be in terms of the product quality and quantity as you can choose to customize and brand the product based on your preferences.

Importing products from China is a booming business in today’s economy for the reasons stated above. The good news is that importing from China is pretty simple. You do not even require to travel to China or to have knowledge of the Chinese language in order to carry out this lucrative business. There are a number of Chinese online wholesale websites for you to pick up.

Tips on buying wholesale products from China

Since you decide to buy wholesale products from China, and for the starters, here are some tips.

However, in this topic, the size of the business shall be considered to cause adequate methods to fit the right size.

For these retailers/storekeepers/influencers who operate the small size of the business, here are tips:

  • Save time and keep away from is famous as a dictionary of Chinese vendors, but why it is unavailable. Most vendors on require the amount for orders that increases the risk of inventory for the small size of business.

Thus, save time and quit that dictionary. Apart from Alibaba, you will meet a great number of vendors without requiring MOQ.

  • Honest to vendors on what you are

It is important to measure what your business model is, therefore, there will be different strategies for you to choose from.

For example, if you operated a drop-ship business at your shop or on social media, long-term cooperation with one and the only vendor would be wisest.

All Chinese websites or vendors emphasize customer experience for inner management.

So the first time you contact the vendor, you probably tell them what you do as possible as you can, and honestly, they really want you to shop over time.

Since then, your business is important for them.

And you will get probable service for your business.

  • Customer service

You are not like the large demands buyers, but you really shall be knee on the customer service as well. Some vendors build a whole set of customer service system, like, you will get you own exclusive support staff once you sign up on for the wholesale jewelry business.

Customer service allows and convinces you to get a key to the success of your business.

  • The wholesale prices control

Pay attention to the wholesaler’s price, but please also pay attention to the wholesaler’s product quantity, product category, and product reputation. If you are in an industry where the wholesaler’s products are basically covered, then he is likely to be a high-quality wholesaler.

  • Samples

Get a quote and samples from your supplier. When your samples get shipped, ensure you try them out. Do not sell items that you have not tried out yourself.

  • Comparisons
some tools are advised to use while comparing, such as the slidesalad

Every industry does have optional choices since China gains the largest number of popularity, and what confused you a lot is that you have more than 2 choices and it will be hard on this question.

Try to analyze and take down the pros and cons of each choice and make a list of them.

Compare them thoroughly before you place the trial order. Another key to the success of a business is to reduce the risks. Do research thoroughly and firstly!

  • Think about your delivery process

If it’s a cross-border business there will be various tariffs and international rules that may affect the price of product and shipment duration.

Therefore a businessman must hold the knowledge of the import-export rules of the country. Also, the mode of shipment and the duration involved also plays a vital role in product overall cost.

  • Quality check

Many-a-times there is a difference between what is received and what had been shown in the sample. Try to have a lookout for the best of the products in the market. In case of any Quality issue, an inspection can be sought for the same.

While, sometimes, the quality check might be a little farther away from the ideal, and please contact your vendor, to see what the dealing way your vendor is going to conduct. Feedback to a vendor helps you to estimate it.

  • The Trial operation

Before an operation, conduct the trial one as you could.

Import your first batch of products and sell for profit. Once you are done selling the first batch, you can reorder another batch and negotiate for a better price and a lower MOQ. Always negotiate because the more you carry out business with them, the more discounts you get with time. Build a relationship with your suppliers.

For these who run businesses with a certain scale, here are the tips:

The question is: how the huge retailer buys wholesale products.
  • Rely on gets the whole categories of goods and vendors, manufacturers. Enter the name of the product you want to wholesale on the official website of Alibaba, and then match the manufacturer according to your purchasing ability, and then discuss the price, production time, and transportation method with vendors.

and you are their important clients, do request for the detailed information within every process.

  • Do not rely on

Why? Why did I recommend Alibaba in the first place, but now I say not to rely on this website?

The reason is simple. In addition to those suppliers on Alibaba, there are also many capable and excellent suppliers. They will run their own independent websites across the entire network. Because in recent years, some wholesalers in Alibaba have a bad reputation and poor service. To a large extent, the services that some high-quality suppliers can provide are also limited by Alibaba.

Such, they are the most professional and largest jewelry wholesaler in China. Their website provides more than 300,000 styles of fashion jewelry and accessories. Basically, new products are released every day. For them, Alibaba can’t display their rich products well, and they need an independent site to operate on their own. Of course, they also provide OEM and ODM services. The same is true for many outstanding industry wholesalers in China.

  • Strictly follow the plan

When doing business, you must list your business plan as detailed as possible, and then implement it as much as possible. The business plan should be predictable. If the business encounters an emergency, how to deal with it, and what is the solution.

Where to find wholesale vendors from China?

As one of the market leaders, China not only has a strong influence on the domestic market but also is a hot spot for global wholesale supply. For wholesale orders from China, you are destined to find plenty of opportunities at a very competitive price.

As a businessman, you must look forward to the opportunity to maximize profits. There are many ways to do this, the best way is to contact a professional Chinese wholesale supplier and reach the right deal for your business.

Here is a quick list of How to reach them:

#1: The live trade show

A vector illustration of people looking at exhibition booths


At the moment of the pandemic, online trade will be safe.

When you get to know your supplier, face-to-face communication is the best way to build trust. On-site transaction display is an event in a large space, you can reach multiple suppliers for your products. These exhibitions are also exhibition platforms for new products and exclusive products. You can also meet your suppliers and manufacturers directly in these programs.


Suppliers without an online presence are difficult to track down in the future. Since the vendors of these display booths are very proficient in their international business, negotiating a deal at the right price is a challenging task.

#2:Online Directories – Alibaba and Global Sources


Online trading saves a lot of time and mentality, both for traders and customers. Instead of visiting wholesale suppliers in person and dealing with all the negotiating frustrations, finding options, and delivering services; online solutions are useful.

With just a few clicks, you can get a list of all wholesale suppliers and all the necessary details of the product in one place.

Alibaba and Global Source are one of the largest wholesale suppliers, operating B2B businesses. The site co-hosts suppliers across China and helps them transact online without actually meeting their customers. They are also responsible for all delivery, packaging, and documentation to reduce the pressure on suppliers and customers.


Just looking at a photo, one cannot believe the product. It is difficult to get samples or physical demonstrations of products below the minimum order.

Replacing or returning products is also a challenging task, especially in foreign operations.

#3: The wholesale websites


Wholesale websites are another option instead of accessing online catalogs. These sites provide extensive inventory in various fields. These websites are a way to do business directly with customers and reduce the cost of middlemen.


In this case, the trust and loyalty of some customers and suppliers are questionable. As the website disappears, customers may find it difficult to reach its suppliers in China.

Top 5 vendors recommended

Sources from Google Images


the homepage of Nihaojewelry and the Christmas special sales page is on!

If you may be sourcing for fashion jewelry and accessories, Nihaojewelry is the top production fashion jewelry piece at a very affordable price. In addition to jewelry, the company also offers other products such as women’s clothing, shoes, and handbags. There is no minimum order quantity, you can purchase any number of products you may need and have them shipped to your store or residence.


Aliexpress is an e-commerce platform with a large number of suppliers in the Chinese market. The platform offers variety and affordability, as each supplier will try to set their prices to attract customers to their stores. The platform facilitates payment, customer inquiries, and delivery, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.


Chinabrands is an eCommerce platform that includes various suppliers who offer a wide range of products at affordable prices. The platform provides dropshipping and product distribution to ensure that you can comfortably purchase products from anywhere in the world.

Light in the box

The company is an online retail service that provides products ranging from apparel, gadgets, and home and garden appliances. The service offers over 22,000 product listings at affordable prices to enable you to run your wholesale business efficiently.


Chinavasion is a website that offers electronic goods at affordable prices. The products are of high quality, and the supply of products is constant to ensure that you have products readily available to run a business.


China’s manufacturing and retail industries have been advancing with the times.

In fact, this has not only promoted China’s domestic economic development and prosperity.

As a member of a global economy, more and more transnational wholesale businesses have also contributed to the prosperity of the world economy.

Faced with more and more choices, whether it is the choice of international buyers, what international buyers are actually worried about is exactly the direction that Chinese wholesalers should correct and work hard.

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