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Buying wholesale products for resale has become popular because retailers can profit this way. They can buy bulk goods from suppliers at 100% factory price and then resell them to customers at retail price.

Finding the right way to buy wholesale can help you grow your business. However, the vast array of wholesale businesses available these days can be overwhelming, so how do you start buying wholesale products for resale?

How to start

Laws and requirements vary from region to region, but you need a license to resell merchandise purchased from a wholesaler. Here is Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Wholesale License.

How to do

Before you start wholesaling, determine your niche market and wholesale range, and refer to the following points:

  • Register for the online wholesale marketplace

For retailers, online wholesale platforms are perfect for buying products wholesale for resale. You can search by product category, price and other filters and see customers’ reviews.

NihaoJewelry provides many product sources for physical stores, boutiques, supermarkets, e-commerce, wholesalers and brand owners. 100% factory price, no minimum order quantity requirement. The Beginner Guide for you.

  • Participate in some trade shows

At trade shows, you can communicate with suppliers face to face and directly see the quality of goods. Nihaojewelry has a Showroom in Monterrey, Mexico, and there are also exhibitions from time to time.

  • Keep up with the latest trends.

Regardless of your wholesale field, there is a corresponding forum or publication where you can learn about the latest trends.

Which categories for wholesale resale

After identifying a niche market, knowing the latest trends in the field is important. At Nihao, we stay on top of fashion trends with 500 new products updated every day on top of 500,000 products.

  • Fashion Jewelry

Is fashion jewelry a profitable product to sell online? Due to its rich styles and low prices, wholesale fashion jewelry for resale is a great online business idea. Piercing, pearl, and gold-plated jewelry are great niches to try.

  • Jewelry Making

If you’re considering turning your hobby into a business, jewelry making could be just for you. Because of the wide variety of processes, a wide range of jewelry can be made.

  • Women’s Clothing

2024 Launching an online clothing business is a viable business idea. Whether you already own a clothing boutique or have always wanted to open one, buying wholesale women’s clothing can offer many benefits.

  • Office & School Supplies

Cute and Kawaii Office & School Supplies receive great love from girls. They are both stylish and practical and one of the most popular gifts for women.

  • Wholesale Bags

Purchase trendy wholesale bags in bulk at the Wholesale Accessory Market. The wide selection of wholesale bags and totes makes it easy to cover every season.

Depending on the function, nihao divide our wholesale bags into the following categories: shoulder bags, backpacks, handbags...

Considerations for Wholesale

  • Consider the minimum order quantity. Many websites will require a MOQ. If you’re starting with a more limited budget, you want to play it safe by looking for vendors like Nihaojewelry that don’t have a minimum order quantity requirement.
  • Ask for samples. Although the wholesale price is more favorable, before placing a large order, you still need to ensure that the goods’ quality meets your requirements.
  • Understand the delivery time and transportation method. Make sure you get your products in the shortest time.
  • Buying bulk items from experienced suppliers. Nihaojewlery was established in 2013 with many years of wholesale jewelry experience and is your reliable supplier.

In conclusion

Before starting a wholesale business, taking some time to learn about it is a must. With so many wholesale markets promising to offer cheap products, the prosperity of your BUSINESS is just around the corner only if you find a reliable wholesale supplier and master the skills of the wholesale process.

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