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Permanent jewelry conveys the idea of eternity and is often used to commemorate special occasions. A beautiful piece of jewelry also represents a powerful emotional connection.

While jewelry can be worn every day with an outfit to go with it, permanent jewelry can be low maintenance yet look luxurious. Why is permanent jewelry so popular? In this article, we’ll delve into this trend.

What is permanent jewelry?

If you want to wear fashionable jewelry but don’t want to spend time every day making a match, then invest in the ultimate accessory – permanent jewelry can save you a lot of trouble.

Permanent jewelry will last as long as you want it to. Most styles are solid 14k gold and are available in bracelets, necklaces, anklets, and rings.

They are non-magnetic and are durable and resistant to harsh environments, withstanding everyday activities from showering to swimming. So you don’t have to worry about damage or having to remove them in any given situation.

Permanent jewelry is also often used as a sign of commitment. Match a permanent bracelet between best friends as a symbol of friendship, or match it with your significant other to express your everlasting love.

Types of permanent jewelry near me

You can find exquisite permanent jewelry at jewelry stores, including bracelets, necklaces, rings and anklets.

Bracelets are the most popular permanent jewelry accessory. Create your Love Weld story with a permanently welded bracelet customized just for you. Check out our permanent bracelet selection for the best in uniqueness or custom.

Simple Style Geometric Alloy Plating 14K Gold Plated Women's Bracelets
Simple Style Geometric Alloy Plating 14K Gold Plated Women’s Bracelets
Simple Style Solid Color Sterling Silver Plating Inlay Zircon 14K Gold Plated Bracelets

Simple Style Solid Color Sterling Silver Plating Inlay Zircon 14K Gold Plated Bracelets

How to Choose Permanent Jewelry (Pros and Cons)

  • Permanent jewelry can’t be easily removed (unless you choose to cut it off), so buying jewelry that fits your everyday wear is crucial.
  • Investing in quality carats and metals that have stood the test of time, such as 14k white or yellow gold, will help ensure that your jewelry won’t tarnish and will be well tolerated by all skin types.

Where can we get the permanent jewelry?

Since permanent jewelry seems to be worth its weight in gold, it is important to choose a reliable boutique. Here are a few trustworthy stores for you:

  • Astrid & Miyu. More than just a jewelry brand, we are a movement on a mission to revolutionize the jewelry experience.
  • Catbirdnyc. Catbird makes beautiful, ethically sourced jewelry & is home of the Forever Bracelet™. 
  • Love Weld. Love Weld Permanent Jewelry offers 14k gold fine jewelry that is seamless and beautiful.

Jewelry is more than just a wearable piece of art. It can be a symbol of any message you want to keep. Investing in quality pieces that can follow you for years can be especially valuable for some who are used to simple jewelry or want to buy matching bracelets with friends.

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