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Prints make every outfit stand out! From FLORAL to ANIMAL to CHEQUERED… Any pattern is a great way to add color to your closet! Animal prints are one of the most timeless patterns on the market and will always be the focal point of any outfit. While animal furs have always been a symbol of the aristocracy, it wasn’t until the 1930s that animal prints became mainstream. With a wholesale collection of Animal Prints for your store, you won’t be left high and dry as a retailer.

Wholesale Animal Prints Collection

Niahojewelry, as an experienced supplier, has a wide range of leopard print fashion items. We have selected some of the best-selling categories, including apparel, shoes, and bags. We have no minimum order limit, you can choose the right quantity and style according to your needs. Scroll down to get a first overview.

  • Women’s Animal Prints
Breasted Coat Woolen Coat
Women’s Casual Zebra Double Breasted Coat Woolen Coat

Animal prints will always be a timeless addition to any outfit. You can wear a variety of leopard print dresses, t-shirts, or jackets, whether for everyday wear or for a party night, having a leopard print garment as a decoration will surely make your life more fun!

Leopard print outfits are suitable for everyone, no matter what kind of body shape you are as a lady, you can choose your favorite animal print outfits, and leopard print tops are very easy to match, you don’t have to spend too much time on wearing them.

  • Latest Fashion Bags

The trend for bags with animal motifs is unbroken. Give your look that certain something with women’s bags with leopard, zebra, cheetah, snake, and crocodile motifs.

Our bags are durable and feature plenty of pockets and compartments to keep you organized. Check out our selection of animal print bags.

  • Animal Prints Shoes

Leopard is a timeless fashion print that lasts forever. From classic tailored clothing to shoes, leopard print fabrics are used year after year. Add a bold touch to your look with women’s leopard print shoes.

Check out our collection of leopard print shoes at NIHAO, where you’ll find a range of animal print flats and high tops. With our collection of animal print shoes, you’ll be on the safe side.

In short, the Animal Prints Collection is a timeless classic, and as a retailer, you can’t go wrong no matter when you start wholesaling the Animal Prints Collection, but be sure to look for a reliable, experienced supplier like Nihaojewelry. We can help you buy all of your merchandise at once without having to buy from multiple suppliers in batches.

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