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Top 25 Wholesale Products for Resale In 2022

For the last 20 years, we’ve been searching for the most profitable wholesale products to resell. We’ve explored everything from fashion to electronics and have found three areas that consistently offer high-margin, high-demand products. These are our top picks for wholesale products for resale in 2022.

1. Customized Sunglasses

Fashion Glasses
Fashion Glasses

The customization possibilities of sunglasses are endless, and so are the marketing possibilities! People will love personalized sunglasses at parties, concerts, and other events-and sunglasses make a great gift. Create designs that share your message or mascot to market to your target audience.

2. Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners are toys designed to help kids with ADHD focus better. They’re small enough to fit into a pocket or purse but can still be spun around with one hand, making them ideal for playing during school or work breaks. Fidget spinners can be found in various colors or designs and are made from plastic or metal materials.

3. Skin Care

Skincare products help consumers look younger and more attractive when used daily. Everyone wants smooth skin that glows, and these products help them achieve that look. Skincare products also have high-profit margins, so resellers see an immediate return on their investment when they purchase them wholesale and then resell them to customers.

4. Leather

Leather is everywhere, and it’s never going away. It’s Classy, sophisticated, and timeless. What’s more, leather is one of the few materials that can be used to make a wide range of products that are still on-trend in 2022. For example, leather jackets are all the rage with teens these days-and we don’t see them slowing down any time soon.

5. Portable Hammock

The portable hammock is a piece of equipment that allows you to relax and enjoy your free time outdoors without setting up a tent or putting together any other sort of furniture. It is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere, making it perfect for camping trips or trips out on the boat with friends and family members alike!

6. Customized Tumblers

Tumblers is one of the best wholesale products for resale in your  store because they are easy to customize and personalize. People love customizing their products, and they’ll definitely want to create a personalized tumbler with their name or initials. Tumblers are also fairly inexpensive, so you don’t need to sell them for a high price to make a profit, and you can easily offer them as a gift with purchase or as a promotional item.

7. Socks

Socks are another great wholesale product because they’re easy to customize and personalize, especially if you use sublimation technology on your socks. You can print any design onto the sock using sublimation technology and then use heat transfer vinyl (HTV) or embroidery techniques for embellishments such as text, logos, or even images of people’s faces! This means that you can create unique socks for each customer without worrying about ordering large quantities of one style in advance – making them perfect for resale stores.

korean dot printing tube long socks wholesale NHHYJ427279
korean dot printing tube long socks wholesale NHHYJ427279

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8. Superfoods

These foods have become increasingly popular since their introduction about 20 years ago. Their appeal comes from their fascinating backstories and their purported health benefits. They’re often described as having been used by people from a specific culture or background for thousands of years but only recently becoming popular among Americans. Some examples include kombucha and matcha (derived from Asian cultures), maca (Peruvian), and wheatgrass (grown out of Egyptian soil).

9. Rugged Smartphones

As technology advances, so too does its reliance on human intelligence. This has led to a dramatic increase in demand for rugged smartphones-mobile phones with extra-sturdy casings that can withstand being dropped from heights of up to two feet without breaking. Rugged phones are also water-resistant and can operate in temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius. While many companies have tried to create a rugged smartphone, none has come close to matching the durability and performance of [smartphone brand]. If you’re looking for a product that will give your customers peace of mind, this is it!

10. Handheld Printers

In 2022, printing at home is becoming more convenient than ever before, thanks to handheld printers. Various printer companies make various models to print documents, images, and even video clips directly onto the paper. They’re also extremely portable-so whether you’re traveling or just need to print something on the go (like photos of your pet), there’s no need to lug around a heavy printer anymore!

11. Adult Coloring Books

For the last few years, adult coloring books have seen steady sales growth among retailers and consumers alike-and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere anytime soon! These coloring books have become popular because they offer an escape from the stress of everyday life while also providing an opportunity to channel your creativity.

12. Beer Pong Tables

For many people, the memory of playing beer pong with friends is an important part of their college experience. Make these memories come alive for them with a custom table! You can create tables in any design that you can imagine, and clearly, the market is there for it. Beer pong tables can be sold online or in retail stores, and they make a great gift for college students who are about to head off to school.

13. CBD Products

In 2022, the CBD market is expected to reach $22 billion. The popularity of this all-natural and non-addictive medication has led to it being legalized in most states, making it easier than ever to sell online. When looking for CBD products to resell, look for manufacturers who use hemp oil rather than cannabis oil, as the cannabis oil can contain traces of THC.

14. Phone Cases

simple solid mobile phone case wholesale NHKAT420071
simple solid mobile phone case wholesale NHKAT420071

It’s a crowded market, but phone cases are still a great item to resell as long as you’re creative! Consider selling unique cases made from metal or wood for a more interesting look-or sell customizable phone cases that allow customers to design their cases.

15. Women’s Clothing

slant shoulder stitching sequins irregular dress NHYSF714858
slant shoulder stitching sequins irregular dress NHYSF714858

Women’s clothing is always in demand because women will want to look good and be stylish. You can make plenty of money by reselling wholesale women’s clothing and accessories online or in-person with your store or at flea markets, swap meets, and similar events.

16. Sports Equipment and Apparel

Many people play sports at various levels, and they all need equipment to play their sport. This includes everything from recreational leagues to professional sports venues. There will always be a high demand for sporting goods and apparel, so you should consider getting into this line of business as well if you are looking for an easy way to make money with products that sell well regardless of the economy.

17. Sneakers

We don’t have to explain why this is a great option since everyone knows they are more than acceptable office attire now, but we will anyway. Once upon a time, sneakers were only worn by athletes and school kids, but now they have become mainstream fashion items, thanks largely to athleisure trends. Dress them up or dress them down, but be sure to stock up on this evergreen item.

19. Jewelry

heart letter elastic titanium steel 18k bracelet NHXIY715473
heart letter elastic titanium steel 18k bracelet NHXIY715473

Jewelry can be a great wholesale product for resale because there are many options! You can buy wholesale fine jewelry that costs thousands of dollars per piece, or you can buy costume jewelry that’s affordable and fun!

Don’t know what jewelry to bulk buy? Take a look at The Most Popular Costume Jewelry Trends For 2022!

20. 3D Pens

3D pens are designed to help users create three-dimensional art, which can be displayed in their homes or given as gifts. These pens work by heating a plastic filament inside the pen to melt, allowing the user to draw with it while it cools. This creates beautiful designs, like a sculpture of an elephant or a landscape scene made out of plastic.

21. Smart Locks

Smart locks are great for people who want to lock their doors from anywhere in the world securely. These locks will automatically unlock when you approach them with your smartphone and lock themselves again after leaving the door open for a certain amount of time (usually about 15 seconds). They can also be programmed so that only certain people have access – this means only family members can enter your house without having keys!

 22. Pet Toys

cat toys plush toy wholesale NHSUJ452376
cat toys plush toy wholesale NHSUJ452376

These days, our pets are like our children. So it makes sense that we want to give them the best care and products possible. And in 2022, that means a variety of toys to keep them active, happy, and safe. We’re talking about chew, plush, and catnip-filled toys-the works. A huge opportunity for you is to stock up on these items and resell them to other pet owners looking for new ways to keep their pets engaged.

23. Water Bottles

plastic bottle wholesale with straw NHMAI460214
plastic bottle wholesale with straw NHMAI460214

Water bottles have been a perennial favorite among wholesale suppliers for years now. They’re easy to store, sell quickly, and are always in demand. In 2022, the trend is expected to continue with no signs of slowing down. Now might be the perfect time for you to buy water bottles in bulk at low prices to sell them later at a premium price when demand is highest. You can even customize your water bottles and resell them!

24. Solar Batteries

Solar batteries are a great choice because they offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional batteries. In addition to being a more sustainable option, solar batteries also have a much longer shelf life than normal batteries. While this does not necessarily mean that you can sell them at a higher price, it does mean that you will have fewer returns or refunds due to product damage.

25. Recycled Home Accessories

Recycled home accessories offer consumers an opportunity to support the environment while also purchasing items they need or want. Many people are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, and recycled home accessories give them just that opportunity. In addition, recycled goods tend to be cheaper than their brand new counterparts, which means you will be able to maximize your profits when reselling these items.

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Final Word

As 2022 approaches, several products can be expected to dominate wholesale and retail. The above-discussed products have become popular recently and are expected to remain so in 2022.

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