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How do I track my order on Nihaojewelry?

As a Chinese fashion jewelry wholesale website, Nihao Jewelry is loved by customers from all over the world. Many customers will closely track their order status after placing an order at Nihaojewelry. If you have doubts about tracking orders, please read this guide.

In fact, you can directly query the real-time information of your order tracking on our website. Tracking your order on the Nihao Jewelry official website will be more convenient than checking the order tracking status through customer service.

How to track my order on Nihaojewelry?

order tracking on nihaojewelry
order tracking on nihaojewelry

Track order on Nihaojewelry desktop website

The desktop website of Nihaojewelry has two entries for you to check the status of your shipment.

Method 1: Check the order status on the account page.

1. Log in to the Nihaojewelry account and enter the account page.

2. Find the order you want to query in My Orders, and check the order status.

my order page pc

If the order status is “process”, the order is still being processed. You can see the estimated delivery time in the tracking number.

If the order status is “shipped”, you will find the shipping method you selected and the corresponding tracking number in the “tracking number” column.

3. Clicking on the tracking number will redirect you to the order tracking page. You will see real-time logistics information on this page.

detailed tracking info pc

Method 2: Check the order status on Nihaojewelry order tracking page.

There is two order tracking entries on the top and side of Nihaojewelry desktop website for you to check relevant information.

tracking entrace pc

1. Click any “order tracking” entry to enter the tracking page.

2. Enter your registered email address at Nihaojewelry (the email address for placing the order) and the order number (look up in the confirmation email and your account).

order tracking page on pc

3. Click “track” to go to the order tracking page. You will see real-time tracking information.


This method can only find the tracking information of the shipped orders. If the order is still being processed, you may see “No order found”.
In some countries/regions, some shipping methods do not have tracking options, or the tracking information will only be displayed when the order reaches the destination country/region.

Track order on Nihao mobile website

1. Log in to Nihaojewelry account

2. Click “Account” to enter your account page

account entrance mobile

You will find your order information here.

Pending – Your order is pending. Our warehouse staff will check for you whether the items in the order are available and whether the delivery information is correct. If there is a shortage, we will refund the difference to your account by credit according to your choice when placing the order. The credit is allowed to be used in subsequent orders.

Confirmed – Your order has been confirmed.

Processing – The item you ordered is being processed and stocked.

Check the status of the order you want to track. If your order is still in these three states, you will not be able to query the logistics information.

my order mobile

3. If your order status is shipped, click “track” to find the status of the shipment.

track on mobile site

Our order tracking is synchronized with the query information obtained from the official logistics website.

tracking info mobile site


In some countries/regions, some shipping methods do not have tracking options, or the tracking information will only be displayed when the order reaches the destination country/region.

If you are looking for the latest shipped order, a more convenient way is to click the order number in the last ship status column, and you can also find the tracking information of the order. You will easily see the current package status on the right side of the order number.

track status on mobile site

Track order on Nihaojewelry Application

If you track the order status on the Nihaojewelry application, the operation is similar to that on the Nihaojewelry mobile website, with a slight difference.

1. Log in to your account

2. Click “Account” to enter the account page

account entrance on nihao app

3. In “My order”, select the corresponding order according to the order number or order status, and click “VIEW ORDER”. (Note that only orders in the “Shipped” status can be found for detailed tracking information of the shipment.)

view order on Nihao app

4. Select and click “VIEW LOGISTIC” at the bottom of the order page. You will see the order number, tracking number, and real-time detailed tracking information on this page.

view logistic on Nihao app

Check the status of the shipment through the logistics company

For every shipped order, we will provide a tracking number. You can find the tracking number in the order and check it on the corresponding logistics website.

Here we provide some contact information:

LogisticsWebsiteTel(For USA)
USPS 800-222-1811

Why can’t I track my order of Nihaojewelry?

The order is being processed. If the order status is “pending”, “confirmed” or “process”, it means that the order has not been shipped yet.

The received information is incorrect. Incorrect or missing zip codes, telephone numbers, inconsistencies in city postal codes, and other issues will affect order processing. If these problems occur, our customer service will get in touch with you as soon as possible to ensure that the information is correct and deliver the goods for you.

The order has been sent from the warehouse but has not reached the logistics company. The order tracking number is provided by the logistics company, so you cannot find the tracking information before it reaches the logistics company.

The logistics company did not deliver. Due to COVID-19, online shopping orders have increased greatly, and your shipment may be delayed. Delivery time delays can be due to e.g. weather incidents, customs or backlogs. If the shipping website says that it cannot find your tracking number, please try again in a few hours. Some shippers may take up to 24 hours to add your tracking information.
In case your shipment has not arrived within 10 days after the expected delivery time, please contact us.

If you choose some special shipping options, the tracking information will not be displayed until it reaches the destination country or region.

If you still have problems with Nihaojewelry tracking service on your order, please contact our customer service.

Nihaojewelry customer care contact

Nihaojewelry website: (English)

https :// (Spanish)

https :// (German)

https :// (French)

Nihaojewelery’s contact number and Whatsapp:

 +86 132 8581 9261 (English)

+86 132 2102 1630 (Spanish)

Nihaojewelry email:

Live Chat:

live chat on Nihaojewelry

Contact page:

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Follow the instructions above to track your order conveniently and quickly on the Nihaojewelry official website. If you encounter any problems during shopping, please contact customer service for help. Feel free to leave your comment here. Like this blog, please share with your friends.

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