Nihaojewelry Builds A Local Warehouse In Mexico To Speed Up Order Fulfillment

Chinese wholesale supplier Nihaojewelry has officially launched a local warehouse in Mexico in September 2022. Prior to that, Nihao already had a showroom in Mexico to help make it possible to better understand the products and verify quality.

Nihaojewelry mexican showroom

Nihaojewelry keeps best-selling jewelry, sunglasses, hair accessories, and other products in the warehouse to meet the needs of Mexican customers. Currently, the warehouse stores nearly 1,500+ items. And it cut product delivery time down to 48 hours.

Why choose the Mexico warehouse?

  1. Speed up order fulfillment. One of the biggest advantages of a local warehouse is that customers can get their orders more quickly. Typically, orders are shipped the next day after payment.
  2. Best purchasing experience. Shipping from overseas inevitably has some problems, such as shipping delays due to accidents. By shipping from a local warehouse in Mexico, Nihao is able to deliver to customers on time, as well as provide easier post-sale service, including returns and exchanges.
  3. Reduced shipping costs. Since products are already shipped overseas, entrepreneurs and businesses can expect lower shipping costs per item for products from local warehouses compared to previous shipping services.

How to buy from Nihao Mexico warehouse?

Nihao has created a page dedicated to the products currently in stock at the Mexico warehouse:

You can also access this page by clicking on Inventario en México from the Nihaojewelry homepage.

mexico inventory page entrance
mexico inventory page

The shopping process is simple:

1. Pick products on this page and add them to your cart

2. Select the Mexico warehouse on the shopping cart page and check out the products.

choose mexico warehouse on shopping cart

Get Nihaojewelry shopping guide here!

Things to be kept in mind:

1. There is a minimum order amount required for products purchased from local Mexican warehouses. Minimum order $2,000 pesos.

2. Separate payment is required for products from the Mexico warehouse and products from the China warehouse.

3. Mexican inventory is only available in Mexico.

In conclusion, Nihaojewelry tries to solve supply chain problems by providing a robust solution to increase efficiency and ensure product safety and buyer satisfaction. 

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