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How to Find Clothing Vendors for my Boutique?


The fashion industry has been in operation for the longest time, and the chances are that the industry may never slow down as long as people are around.

Whether you are looking to supplement an income with a side hustle or branch out as an entrepreneur, the retail industry is one of the best ways to start.

The fashion industry business consists of boutique owners who may run a chain of stores or maybe a single store or online shop; however, you may choose to run your business.

The fashion business can be very lucrative if you put in the work.

How to start a clothing boutique


Starting any business can be a very consuming process and, no one has it all figured out.

So the best anyone can learn from people who have done business before, which may require research and consultations to find out how to run a successful business and how to deal with the challenges that may occur.

The clothing business is among the most common businesses that people get into; therefore, there is a lot of information on running a successful boutique.

Let us look at some of the points you may need to consider when starting and running a boutique.

Decide on a niche

One of the most crowded and sought after industries is the apparel industry. Therefore, there will be many players competing in the market, and the options available in the industry are also plenty. Deciding on a niche will help you identify a specific route you would wish to take, which will help you run your business smoothly. Find something you will be passionate about since most of your work as a business owner will be convincing customers to buy your product.

Create a business plan

A business plan is a roadmap to your business, and it is used to give you direction based on the goals you have set for yourself and the business. Your business plan should be precise and well researched, but it should also leave room for changes since, like any industry, the fashion industry may change from time to time.

Find a store

When looking for a store, you need to choose a highly accessible location and within a safe area since you will be dealing with physical products. Your store should also be well designed and with promotional items such as dummies to enable you to showcase the different styles you are offering.

Find a supplier

After making sure that you have a store, you can look for suppliers who will provide you with the clothes. There are numerous manufacturers available all over the world, and you might get confused when trying to select one; this means that you need to research thoroughly online to find the best suppliers in the business by checking out various reviews or recommendations online, or if possible you can check out various exhibitions to find suppliers.

Market your business

Marketing is the only way to get customers, and since there are different marketing strategies available, you need to find the best that you can use to run a successful boutique. You may decide to use paid advertisements, flyers, or even social media to promote your business; find whatever works best for you and your business.

Set up a website

Ecommerce is all the rave nowadays, and for your boutique to run successfully, your online and offline presence should be felt equally. Since most people now opt to shop online instead of going to the store physically, ensure that you have that option to enable you to tap into a wider pool of customers.

How to find suppliers for a boutique

For a business to run successfully, you need a supplier who will provide you with products; this, therefore, means that you will have to conduct thorough research to find the best suppliers who can offer quality clothes and at the quantity you require.

Since the fashion industry is also dependent on various trends, you will need a supplier who will be flexible enough to provide the latest fashion trends. Some of the established ways you can find suppliers include;

Online directories

This is one of the best and most convenient ways to find suppliers.

The online directories provide lists of suppliers across all sectors, with most directories having direct links to the various websites, making it easy for you to search for products.

Some of the most common directories include Alibaba, Salehoo, and Maker’s row, among others.

Trade shows

Various industries organize various trade shows and industries meet-ups throughout the world to help manufacturers showcase their products.

Meeting up with manufacturers and suppliers face to face beats virtual meetings since you will clearly express your interest and build a rapport with the suppliers, which enhances trust and helps to establish a more personal relationship.

Online marketplaces

Various social media platforms have networks that connect customers to suppliers through online marketplaces where a business can advertise and sell products; an example is the Facebook marketplace or various social media channels such as Instagram, where sellers can directly sell products.

Search Engines

Google search engine could help ensure the niche

When you google search  “wholesale cloth vendors,” you will be directed to a vast list of suppliers from all over the world, and the supplier you may need can be buried deep in the online list of suppliers, which will require you to search through an extensive selection of choices.

When searching online, you will have to be very specific on your requirements to the time you may waste sifting through unnecessary options.

Word of mouth

If you do not find any options among the other channels available, you can ask around and get referrals from people who have been in the business for a long time.

The only problem with referrals is that different businesses have different structures.

What you need may not be what another person prefers, and this, therefore, needs you to look into the options you have and find the best for your business.

Requirements when looking for a supplier

Minimum order quantity

The minimum order quantity is different for every supplier. Finding out about the minimum order requirement or MOQ helps you know the minimum amount of product you can get and if you can afford their minimum.

Request for Quotation

Before purchasing products, you need to request a quotation based on the products you are purchasing. The quotation will enable you to know the price of individual units, which will help you make comparisons between suppliers before settling on a supplier whose prices you can afford.

Shipping times

Since most of the products require shipping, you need to establish the shipping times of the company you choose to work with so that you may be able to establish a routine in your business; knowing the shipping times will also help you track your orders and to know when to expect your products.

Sample items

Purchasing products in bulk is a considerable risk. So you need to take the necessary precautions to avoid any losses, which may mean requesting samples of the products you intend to buy so that you may check on the quality and see if they are a good fit for your business.

Top 6 clothing vendors for your boutique


Nihaojewelry homepage – The shipping discount campaign is on

For a long time, Nihaojewlery has been among the world’s leading supplier of fashion jewelry and accessories, the company has diversified to include women’s clothes, fashion accessories, swimwear, and shoes among a variety of other products.

Nihaojewelry provides top quality and latest fashion trends at the most affordable prices to ensure that you make profits.

The services offered at Nihaojewelry will enable you to have a smooth shopping experience from the top quality customer care services to an easy to use website.

At Nihaojewelry, you will have the confidence of fast shipping and additional drop shipping services should you wish.


Wholesale7 is a clothes supplier that offers affordable options for quality and trendy clothing.

The company deals in men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing and customization options to enable you to brand your designs with preferred logos.

With various payment options available on the website, you can purchase products from all over and have them shipped directly to your location.


Zaful is a famous clothes website that offers trendy clothes at very affordable prices.

Being a fan favorite shopping website, zaful offers quality clothes and easy shopping and a broad category of options, and reliable shipping and payment options.


Parisian is a UK based site that consists of celebrity inspired trends of high quality and affordable apparel. The company offers shipping all over the world and easy returns on items. At Parisian, you will find unique items that will sell fast, and hence you will be able to run a successful boutique.


Sugarlips is a wholesale clothes supplier based in the US that supplies major clothes outlets such as Macy’s and Urban outfitters. Sugarlips offers the latest outfit trends at affordable prices to help you run a successful boutique.


At bloomwholesale, you will be able to find the latest fashion trends of clothes made in the USA at wholesale and affordable prices. The clothes sold at bloomwholesale are of high quality and a wholesale supplier; you can get any amount of product shipped to your location.

Start your boutique today

Starting a business is a considerable risk and an outstanding achievement before setting up your boutique.

Ensure that you have all the relevant information you may need and find a supplier who will help you achieve your business objectives by delivering quality products.

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