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Wholesale Accessories Suitable for Resale in 2021

The fashion accessories industry has been grown in the past years and is still growing. In fact, there is even an estimated increase of 8.7% in the market when we reach 2022. Its significant market growth is pushing more and more entrepreneurs to target this niche, especially the young generations. They know how these fashion accessories are a trend. So, it’s not doubtful that you might be one of them, planning to take advantage of these raging industry statistics.

However, it’s not a secret that the competition for the niche of fashion accessories is also at its peak. So, it’s essential that you know how to get ahead of the competition. You can start doing that by learning the suitable wholesale accessories to resale in 2021 here.

wholesale accessories for resale in 2021
wholesale accessories for resale in 2021

What’s the Benefit of Buying in Wholesale Accessories?

Most of the time, wholesale fashion accessories are sold to retailers at a discounted price. For example, if you will buy one dozen of necklaces, you can get them for $100 instead of their original price which can be $150. It’s efficient for most small business owners or those who are planning to start their own. The shipping cost of the products can be lessened as well since you’ll be buying less often because you have enough stocks.

2021 Wholesale Fashion Accessories to Resale

Fancy Scrunchies and Headscarves

If you’re on Instagram quite often, you will notice how the scrunchies and headscarves are back in the trend. These types of accessories are mostly attractive for consumers because of their affordability and convenience. The innovation of designs of these items is also versatile in that they can keep their spot on the trend list.

Another reason reselling scrunchies and headscarves is suitable for a start-up business is because of their light materials. The shipping charges for light materials are not costly, which is advantageous for you as the seller. These items are easy to pack as well without worrying much about them getting any damage.

DIY Rings, Bracelets, Earrings, and Necklace

Instead of lucrative fashion jewelry, it’s suitable to target DIY jewelry like clay earrings, resin necklaces, and more. DIY fashion accessories are rising in demand because they are more affordable, and some are available for customization.

However, making DIY fashion accessories is hard, so it’s wiser to just purchase wholesale DIY accessories. There are plenty of suppliers that offer DIY fashion jewelry and accessories at a lower price which is perfect for small businesses. And the same with scrunchies and scarves, they are made of light materials that lessen the shipping fee.


Sunglasses are also on the list of wholesale fashion accessories suitable for resale this 2021 as they are high in demand. A pair of sunglasses has been one of the accessories that can complete a fashion style. There are also various designs to choose from, which is advantageous for a start-up business as they can really expand on this niche.

Moreover, the US has the spot for the largest revenue of the sunglasses industry in the world, which is another reason why wholesale sunglasses for resale in 2021 can be something.

Here are some sunglasses wholesale supplier we recommend for you.

Tote Bags

Although fashionable bags are still famous, tote bags are getting the attention of people because of their simple yet versatile style. Originally, the purpose of tote bags is to carry groceries alternatively for plastic bags.

However, since more and more people are re-purposing the bags by adding attractive prints, colorful dye, and many other designs-it gained its spot as a fashionable accessory to spice up someone’s style.

Purchasing wholesale tote bags and reselling them is a wise choice to make if you want to start a business with little funds. They are mostly cheaper to fund than those fancy shoulder bags. You can also redesign the tote bags to build a unique brand.


Watches have become one of the fashion accessories aside from using them to tell the time. The wide variety of designs and styles is one of the reasons to take advantage and resale them. Moreover, the whole price of watches is also low which is enough to earn profit from them. You just have to have the patience to look for suppliers that provide quality products at affordable pricing.

Phone accessories

There are many products for mobile phone accessories. Although they look inconspicuous, as decorations, they are loved by many people, especially women. Mobile phone cases and mobile phone chains have always been one of the most popular mobile phone accessories. In different seasons and times, there will always be new styles appearing on the market. Moreover, the brands and models of mobile phones are diverse and the sales market is huge. Wholesale mobile phone accessories for resale has huge potential for profit.


With all the fashion accessories available for resale, it’ is still essential to know what you really want to sell. The list is just your guide to know which products are suitable for the business that you’re planning. Take time to consider other factors such as your target market, budget, and marketing before choosing which product to resell.

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