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Top 10 wholesale sunglasses vendors list

sunglasses- wholesale vendors 2021
sunglasses wholesale vendors 2021

Buying wholesale sunglasses online is quick and easy to sell – you can buy high-quality eyewear at very competitive prices from all over the world. However, given the large number of online sunglasses vendors and distributors, it may be difficult to find a suitable supplier. Where can I buy the most cost-effective bulk sunglasses?

In this article, we will recommend you a list of 10 best wholesale sunglasses vendors in 2021. You can choose the most suitable one based on the advantages of different suppliers and your needs.


nihaojewelry sunglasses
nihaojewelry sunglasses

Nihaojewelry is a wholesale accessories supplier in China. Sunglasses are their other best-selling category besides jewelry. Women’s sunglasses are the main product, and men’s and children’s sunglasses are also available. At Nihaojewelry you can find eyewear of various styles and materials. There are all kinds of uniquely designed women’s sunglasses made of metal, acrylic, resin and other materials. Some funny styles are very suitable for taking pictures and parties.

Nihaojewelry works with businesses, retailers and online sellers of any size, and more than 200 new designs are added to their catalog every day. They have their own factories, and they provide sunglasses at prices as low as single digits. The biggest advantage of this website is that there is no minimum order quantity and global shipping. They allow single-piece purchases. Low-budget novice online retailers can also find beautifully crafted wholesale sunglasses here. They accept a range of different currencies, use different languages, and ship to all destinations operated by DHL. BTW, Nihaojewelry provides high-quality pictures for companies and individuals that start online distribution to save customers’ resources and improve their marketing response.

CTS Wholesale

CTS wholesale is a leading supplier of wholesale sunglasses, accessories and even reading glasses in the United States. They provide the most popular styles and fashion trend sunglasses series for gift shops, convenience stores, e-commerce websites, etc. They have strict control over product quality. All sunglasses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection. Custom printed sunglasses are also available.

CTS wholesale provides free shipping for orders over US$99 in the continental United States. International shipping is also an option in many other countries. They have strong business relationships in many countries and regions around the world, including Canada, British Columbia, Europe and Australia.


Frame&optic is a bulk wholesale sunglasses supplier. Thousands of stocked quality wholesale eyewear and sunglasses styles can be found on this website. You can buy wholesale fashion sunglasses by the dozen here. Although they do not have a minimum order quantity requirement, all products are offered on a per-dozen basis, starting at $18/Dz.

It is very easy to find the products you want on Frame&optic, because the navigation of the website is clear enough. Buyers can choose different eyewear according to gender. Men’s, women’s, and children’s sunglasses are all available. You can also choose different sunglasses according to styles and types, such as cat-eye sunglasses, retro sunglasses, polarized sunglasses and so on. If you have a plan to create your own brand eyewear, they are also able to help you to implement your brand and logo in the design of sunglasses.



Olympiceyewear provides more than 20 brand design fashion sunglasses. The company is located in the United States and is one of the wholesale sunglasses vendors. They have been engaged in wholesale sunglasses since 2006. Most eyewear are made of polycarbonate (PC) plastic lenses. All sunglasses comply with U.S. and international UV protection standards and are safe to wear.

The sunglasses on Olympiceyewear are also sold by dozen. The quantity per dozen varies according to different products, so please refer to product pages for details. For US orders over $300, free shipping is available. They cooperate with UPS and USPS to allow worldwide shipping.


Apparelcandy provides wholesale apparel, accessories, perfumes, bags, and sunglasses. They offer the best wholesale sunglasses options for women, men and children. They are only limited to wholesale, do not sell single pieces or provide drop ship services. Products are sold in pack only.

Although they support international shipping, not all countries can be shipped to. If you are located in other countries and regions and want to be in Apparelcandy, it is best to create an account first. If your country/region is not in the drop-down menu of available countries/regions, then they will not be able to ship for you.

Miami wholesale sunglasses

Miami wholesale sunglasses – wholesaler and distributor of premium designer sunglasses located in San Diego, California, USA. Eyewear on this website are sold per dozen. Usually every dozen contains 3-6 different colors. All sunglasses provide UV400 protection and they can block 99.9% of all harmful UVA and UVB rays.

On Miami wholesale sunglasses, you do not need to have a resale license or business license to order bulk sunglasses from them. They also provide retailers with suggested retail prices so that you can easily price products and estimate potential profits. The suggested retail price is US$10-20 per pair; the retail price of polarized sunglasses is usually US$15-30 per pair.

Frontier fashion

frontier fashion eyewear
frontier fashion eyewear

Frontier Fashion Inc. was established in 2001 and is a leading supplier of high-quality eyewear and discount sunglasses. You can buy wholesale sunglasses in bulk on this website for as low as $12/dz. What you need to note before placing an order on this website is that they require a business license/seller’s license. If you are an individual buyer, you may not be able to buy here.

Frontier Fashion not only provides trendy sunglasses, but also allows you to order any style of specific color, as well as out-of-stock items. Custom own brand sunglasses are also available. In addition to domestic delivery in the United States, Frontier Fashion also ships to Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, but it is not free.

Sunny sunglasses

As a trusted American wholesale sunglasses vendor, many high-end fashion sunglasses provided by Sunny sunglasses are made of high-quality materials and ingenious craftsmanship. Each pack is sold as 12 pieces of sunglasses, and only for wholesale. They provide free shipping for domestic orders over $250.

In addition to sunglasses, you can also place an order with some related accessories, such as eyewear chains, sunglasses cords, displays and so on. Their customized sunglasses series meet the needs of many private brands. For buyers who order in large quantities, you can also enjoy bulk discounts when shopping at Sunny sunglasses.

Shark eyes

sharkeyes sunglasses
sharkeyes sunglasses

Shark eyes is committed to wholesale sunglasses, bulk reading glasses and protective glasses. There are a variety of excellent styles for you to choose from. Almost all kinds of eyewear such as traveler, heart-shaped, round, square, sports sunglasses, etc. can be found on this website.

Shark eyes does not have a minimum order quantity, but it does not accept orders for single items. The minimum order amount is 100 USD. For orders between $1.00 and $99.99, they will charge a flat rate processing fee of $25. Create your own wholesale custom sunglasses with logo are acceptable. The turnaround time is approximately 6 days. They have a showroom in the fashion district of Los Angeles. If you are nearby, you can visit and carefully check the quality of their products.

Iris sunglasses

Iris sunglasses has been in the sunglasses industry for 30 years and has extensive experience in retail, wholesale and manufacturing. They are both wholesalers and retailers, so you can buy all types of sunglasses in any quantity from them. On their wholesale website you can find hundreds of stylish and elegant sunglasses, suitable for any taste, style and occasion. There is no minimum order requirement. All sunglasses are sold by dozen. You can choose a dozen of each color or various colors.

Polarized sunglasses series and anti-blue glasses series are their main collections. The parent company of Iris sunglasses is located in China and has its own factory. Therefore, sunglasses OEM, private label, customized sunglasses and other services are all available.

To sum up

The above is a list of the top 10 wholesale sunglasses vendors we have collected. All suppliers are from the United States or China, and international shipping is allowed. Almost all products provided by US sunglasses wholesalers are sold by dozen. If you want to buy wholesale sunglasses in single piece, Nihaojewelry is the best option. If you want to wholesale custom sunglasses, CTS wholesale, Frame&optic, Frontier Fashion, Sunny sunglasses, Shark eyes, Iris sunglasses can all meet your needs. However, there is a minimum order quantity requirement for customization.

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