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Top 9 websites for wholesale womens clothing no minimum

MOQ is the minimum order quantity, which sellers generally encounter when looking for suppliers to purchase products. Most wholesalers require business owners to place a minimum number of orders to ensure that they do not waste time and resources to obtain trivial orders.

The minimum order quantity generally depends on the cost of the supplier’s production, which includes not only labor and material costs, but also product manufacturing costs, and other special costs.

Because the production volume is large, the cost of a single product will be reduced, the unit price provided by the supplier is usually the most favorable. In order to maintain a high profit margin, many wholesalers will set a minimum order quantity or a minimum order amount to prevent small orders. This makes it difficult for small businesses and new boutique owners to start, because buying large amounts of inventory up front requires a lot of investment and greater risk. For owners who want to or have started to establish women’s clothing boutiques, it is more friendly to choose a clothing supplier that does not have a minimum order limit.

In the previous article, we mentioned Top 10 Websites Wholesale With No MOQ. Now we are targeting the women’s clothing industry and have collected 9 wholesale women’s apparel supplier websites with no MOQ.

Websites for wholesale womens clothing no minimum


Nihaojewelry is a website that wholesales women’s fashion supplies, focusing on jewelry and fashion accessories. They also provide all kinds of ladies garments wholesale, including dresses, blouses, T-shirts, pants, sweaters, coats and so on. Due to business expansion, Nihao established a new website to develop women’s clothing wholesale business. The website category is more detailed, so that retailers can quickly and clearly find the clothing they want to wholesale.

nihaojewelry women clothing
nihaojewelry women clothing

If you want wholesale fashion clothing for boutiques from China, Nihaojewelry/Nihaostyles is very suitable. More than 400 styles are updated every day, always keeping the latest trends. Neither website has a minimum order quantity limit. Nihaostyles provides free shipping for orders over 99 USD.



Wholesale7 specializes in apparel wholesale for more than 8 years, with a wide range of women’s apparel, men’s clothing and children’s clothing. This website focuses on the production and sales of international trading Japanese and Korean copy styles. Most styles are copied from the latest fashion magazines. If you want to buy Japanese and Korean style women’s clothing in bulk, you can browse this website. Their advantage is that they allow customization and produce your own styles by providing clothes style photos or clothes samples.

Except for some special customized styles and customized labels, most of Wholesale7’s products have no minimum order requirements.


Yaaku is a typical apparel wholesaler and supplier from China. Its products include Clothing, Dress, Skirt, Leggings, Sweater, T-shirt, Outerwear, Tops, Pants, Underwear, Coat, Jacket, etc. Wholesale women’s clothing from this website is just as convenient and simple as buying products on any online store .



Buy wholesale women’s apparel usa online-Katydidwholesale. They have a variety of high-quality women’s clothing, accessories and gifts, tailor-made for those beautiful women who love life. Most of the products are designed and manufactured in the United States, and the quality is guaranteed. They provide the latest styles of women’s clothing to retail stores and boutiques of all sizes and provide the best wholesale shopping experience. There is no minimum order quantity. Currently, Katydidwholesale provides drop shipping service!

The advantage of working with them is that they are not limited to enterprise wholesale. You can sell Katydid Wholesale products on any personal social media page or website. (Not including selling on Amazon or or other third-party vendors platform)


Vanillla Monkey specializes in wholesale fashion clothing. They provide women’s clothing in various sizes, colors and styles, and guarantee that the products are top-notch in quality, style and price. Vanillla Monkey is one of the few women’s clothing supplier websites that do not require membership to make purchases. Any individual or business can buy at wholesale prices, and there is no minimum order quantity requirement.

The company is located in Los Angeles, USA, and only uses UPS Ground as the main transportation method. Of course they also support international transportation. If you want to buy wholesale women’s fashion products made in the United States from other countries, they are a good choice.

New Yorkers Apparel

new yorker's apparel
new yorker’s apparel

New Yorker’s Apparel specializes in women’s fashion wholesale for more than 40 years, providing boutiques around the world with a variety of clothing suitable for daily and special occasions, especially evening wear, business wear and modern casual wear. On this website, you can buy products in bulk for different occasions and festivals.

There is no minimum order for each style, and it is very friendly to new women’s clothing boutiques. The website is limited to registered buyers of owners or corporate buyers for wholesale, and a copy of the business license or sales permit is required. If you do not have a business license, New Yorker’s Apparel is not for you, although they do not have a minimum amount.


Bloomwholesale is also an American women’s clothing distributors and drop shipper. They buy products directly from designers and manufacturers in Los Angeles to follow the latest fashion trends. Retailers can buy all kinds of women’s clothing from this website. Choose the various items that make up the store’s inventory. Bloomwholesale’s low shipping costs and no minimum requirements will help retailers gain an advantage in market competition and build successful retail stores.

If you are interested in American boutique clothing wholesale or drop shipping, do try Bloomwholesale. You can start your fashion boutique without pre-stocking costs, further reducing risk.


Albanos is a Spanish wholesale womens clothing supplier and one of the main distributors of European women’s clothing wholesalers. It was established in 1982. Rich wholesale experience provides a reliable basis. Their clothing styles are mainly young, elegant and exquisite, and there are also some formal clothing suitable for weddings, parties or other special occasions.

If you are located in a European country or region, Albanos has a great advantage because it does not require a minimum purchase amount and can ship products to all European countries/regions within 3-5 days. Like the aforementioned New Yorker’s Apparel, it requires registration to purchase and requires the necessary business license.


babez london
babez london

Babezlondon is an online women’s fast fashion clothing wholesaler in the UK, providing the latest styles of popular fashion clothing to retailers, online sellers and boutiques around the world. Their latest collection will be updated with new styles every day, always keeping the trend. Showroom address Babez London, 45 Bent St, Manchester, M8 8NW, UK. You can visit their showrooms and learn more about their products according to their opening hours.

It is worth noting that the website does not have a minimum consumption limit, but their products are sold in packages/bundles. The quantity per pack or bundle varies from 3 to 12 pieces. If you will buy wholesale womens clothing for resale on Babezlondon, please pay attention to the quantity and size of the product.

Advantages of Small/No MOQ

1. Low cost

Small or no MOQ is very beneficial to boutique owners and retailers who are just starting their business. You will spend a lower cost to establish a complete industrial chain, and have the opportunity to invest more money in publicity.

2. Reduce inventory and reduce risks

As a buyer, you may worry that buying a large amount of goods to be introduced into the store will cause inventory accumulation. If these products cannot be sold as estimated, there will be a risk of loss. No MOQ allows you to easily replenish its inventory when you need it, but you don’t know about over-purchasing.

3. Enrich clothing styles

There are many types and styles of women’s clothing. In the case of limited funds, a low MOQ helps to buy more different styles, colors and sizes of clothing.

In addition to the MOQ, what other supplier factors need to be paid attention to?

The minimum order quantity is certainly important. From the 9 websites listed above, you can also find some different clothing supplier website requirements. For example, some websites are for business use only, and some websites do not need to provide a tax number or business license. Another example is that some websites support free delivery for orders over a certain amount. In addition to these requirements, the number of products provided by the supplier, product quality, transportation, return and exchange, etc. all need to be understood in detail.


There are not many women’s clothing wholesale websites without MOQ requirements. We hope these 9 websites we provide will be helpful to your new business. In addition, there are many low MOQ clothing wholesalers to choose from, and there is no need to limit it to the non-MOQ range. Shop wisely for your clothing boutique and choose suppliers wisely to maximize profits.

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