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Best Wholesale Jewelry Websites 2023

Wholesale jewelry websites are sites where individuals and retailers can buy jewelry for a discount. These wholesale websites often offer the same quality of material that would be found in a high-end retail store. The wholesale websites often have products that are one of a kind or from a reputable manufacturer. These websites provide jewelry at the lowest possible prices to customers. Most of these sites sell jewelry at discounted rates that are meant for resale. Some wholesale sites also allow you to sell on their website by selling the items to other individuals or retailers. This makes it easier to sell the items than sell them in a retail store since there is no need to handle retail salespeople and deal with other people who may not know much about jewelry buying.

Below is the list of the best wholesale jewelry websites in 2023.

1. Nihao Jewelry

This is a China-based supplier of wholesale jewelry. Their products are designed by a team of professional jewelers who use their experience to ensure that each piece is well-made and beautiful. They carry a wide range of fashion jewelry from earrings, necklaces to bracelets. Nihao’s prices are competitive, especially if you buy in bulk.

nihaojewelry website

Why is Nihao Jewelry one of the best wholesale jewelry websites online?

  1. Competitive price. Nihaojewelry is your best choice if you want wholesale cheap jewelry. Most of the necklaces, rings, and earrings on the site are priced under $5, and you can even buy jewelry in bulk for under $1!
  2. No or low minimum order quantity. This means that jewelry brands can purchase multiple styles of jewelry at Nihao with a low budget. It reduces the risk of stocking up and also gives you a quicker idea of what types your customer base likes.
  3. Ship worldwide. Nihao can ship to most countries and regions such as USA, Germany, France, UK, Mexico, Spain, etc.. And with a warehouse in Mexico, Nihao is able to ship within 48 hours within Mexico.

Nihaojewelry website: https://www.nihaojewelry.com/

2. Cheap Wholesale Jewelry

Cheap Wholesale Jewelry is a reputable supplier of jewelry. Their products are made from high-quality materials and they offer a wide range of jewelry types, including gemstones, diamonds, pearls, precious metals, and more. On the cheap wholesale jewelry website, they have a large selection of wholesale accessories to complement your jewelry collection. You can also shop by theme on their online store, such as rings or earrings, or necklaces. Items are available in bulk and when you buy in bulk the prices go down even further.

cheapwholesalejewelry website

Cheap Wholesale Jewelry website: https://www.cheapwholesalejewelry.com/


JewelryMax is a jewelry company that works closely with jewelry designers and is deeply involved in the design process, introducing unique designs chosen according to the season. On this wholesale jewelry website, you can purchase unique styles of American-made fashion jewelry. Valentine’s Day jewelry, Mother’s Day jewelry, Easter jewelry and other holiday collections can all be found here.

jewelrymax website

JewelryMax website: https://www.jewelrymax.net/

4. Wholesale Jewelry Website

As the name of this website states, this website offers wholesale jewelry. Their products are mainly stainless steel jewelry, biker jewelry, gothic jewelry, stamped and engraved jewelry. The more you buy, the more you save. $100 Order Minimum.

wholesale jewelry website

Wholesale Jewelry Website: https://wholesalejewelrywebsite.com/


The longest-running and biggest wholesale marketplace site in the world, Alibaba is how most manufacturers find buyers of their products, and is thus a great place to look for wholesale suppliers. It’s free to register as an individual buyer and it offers free online auctions of all sorts of products for those looking for a bargain.

It has a collection of products from almost all categories, including wholesale jewelry, apparel, consumer electronics, and even industrial instruments. If you want to wholesale jewelry from this site, pay attention to their starting order quantity and supplier qualifications.

alibaba jewelry website

Alibaba wholesale jewelry website: https://www.alibaba.com/timepieces-jewelry-eyewear/jewelry/p36_p1509

6.Ali Express

As a platform owned by the same company as Alibaba, Selling.com was originally positioned as a retail website, but many retailers or dropshippers choose to wholesale jewelry from here due to its low prices, wide variety of styles, and no minimum order quantity requirement. You can also choose your preferred payment method for shipping costs.

aliexpress jewelry website

AliExpress wholesale jewelry website: https://www.aliexpress.com/af/category/1509.html

7. Kenzepanne

This site sells a wide range of products, including costume jewelry, handbags and fashion accessories. They bring the most sought-after and trendy jewelry to their customers at competitive prices, and also offer custom designed fashion jewelry. However, this wholesale jewelry site only delivers to the United States.

kenzepanne website

Kenzepanne website: https://kenzepanne.com/

How to verify that the wholesale jewelry website is legitimate and reliable?

Below are tips to help you verify that the wholesale jewelry website is legitimate and reliable:

1. Check if the site has live chat support.

This will allow you to get answers from their customer service team in real-time. If possible, try to choose an agent with the same level of expertise as you have. Look for agents who are knowledgeable about jewelry and can answer your questions accurately. You can also ask them about their reputation among their customers so that you can know how likely it is that they’ll be able to deliver what they promise.

2. Check their contact information.

You can always contact the company in concern through the live chat support to ask for the contact information. This way, you’ll know where to reach them if you have any problems. The names of their sales agents will be printed on their websites. You can also ask to email them and get a sample of their work so that you can see if they’re reliable when they promise to deliver what they say they will. If a manufacturer gets results from customers, it is more likely that they’ll repeat such actions with other customers as well.

3. Check their testimonials page.

If any customer has deemed it fit to write a testimonial, go through it quickly and see if there are any patterns in the comments made by different customers. Also, make a mental note of how trustworthy they are and what kind of items they carry. If at all possible, ask them if you can buy some of their products. This will let you see the quality of their goods firsthand, and also give you an idea of whether the site is worth buying from or not. This is particularly important when it comes to wholesale jewelry websites since there are so many copycats out there.

4. Check if they have a return policy.

This will allow you to verify if the site has strict rules about its quality control. It also gives you an idea of how likely it is that you can get a refund for items that are broken or not in the same condition as advertised. If possible, try to ask if they have a period on their return policy. This way, you’ll know how long you can keep the item and check it before deciding to return it or not. You can also ask if they do the free replacement in case of the item breaks while being shipped or arrives too late due to inclement weather conditions such as storms.

Important tips for buying wholesale jewelry

Research the market: It’s important to understand the current trends in the jewelry industry and to be familiar with the different types of jewelry available.

Find a reputable supplier: Make sure you work with a reputable wholesale supplier that has a good reputation in the industry. Be sure to read reviews and ask for references from other buyers.

Look for deals and discounts: Wholesale prices are generally lower than retail prices, but you can often find even better deals by looking for discounts or buying in bulk.

Check for quality: It’s important to thoroughly inspect the jewelry for quality and to ensure that it meets your standards. Make sure the jewelry is made of the materials and to the quality standards you expect.

Negotiate the price: Wholesale prices are often negotiable, so don’t be afraid to negotiate with the supplier for a better price. Especially if your demand is high or you are a loyal customer of the supplier.

Have a plan for reselling or using: Having a clear idea of how you plan to use or resell the jewelry will help you make better purchasing decisions.

Be Prepared with legal requirements: Be familiar with the legal requirements of your region when it comes to buying, selling, and importing wholesale jewelry.


If you love jewelry, then you’re probably interested in investing in one of your own. If you want to venture into high-end or designer jewelry and accessories, then wholesale jewelry is the way to go. Jewelry can be an investment, and there are many ways that you can resell the items that you buy and get a good return on your investment.

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