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Top 10 Websites Wholesale With No MOQ

Lack of MOQ is a very important issue for small and new retailers. When it comes to businesses that buy at wholesale, you are likely to come across the term MOQ.

MOQ stands for Minimum Order Quantity. More than half of the manufacturers and distributors have no minimum order quantity as policy. This implies that you can purchase one item at a time.

Usually, the more you order from a manufacturer, the more the discount offered. I can recommend buying bulk orders to remain competitive with other businesses selling the same products.

Websites Wholesale With No MOQ

wholesale with no MOQ

Nihaojewelry is a popular wholesale supplier, providing a wide range of products ranging from fashion clothing, fashion jewelry, fine jewelry, costume jewelry, accessories, and bags.

If you need a reliable and legitimate manufacturer and distributor, then Nihaojewelry is perfect for you. Nihaojewelry can meet your business needs and increase your sales, whether you are buying in large or small quantities.

If you desperately want to start a business or looking for a supplier, Nihaojewelry does not require any minimum order quantity. 

Providing manufacturing, and drop shipping, you can buy what you need at wholesale price with Zero MOQ. And they have discount point policy and CB points, which can be offset as payment.

  • Chinabrands
Chinabrands homepage

Chinabrands is renowned for covering both high-end and low-end product lines at wholesale prices. They provide a one-stop, drop shipping service from product sourcing, product publishing, system integration for shipping, everything.

Only what you need to do is to promote your store. At the same time, all products are at wholesale prices with no MOQs limit. New products and best-sellers are launched daily at the lowest price. Major brand suppliers provide most of Chinabrands jewelry products.

  • AliExpress

AliExpress.com was launched as a B2C website. You can find a variety of products ranging from electronics, garden ware, houseware, and fashion.

Aliexpress has zero MOQ, and you can buy as little as one product. You can negotiate with the sellers on the website. This can get you affordable prices for different products. AliExpress also provides drop shipping services.

  • DHgate

Established in 2004, DHgate.com is one of the wholesale online shopping sites that allow impulse purchase of products. It serves customers in China and worldwide.

They provide a wide range of products ranging from toys, fashion jewelry, electronics, cosmetics, clothes and accessories. You cannot miss a special deal on the website.

Purchasing in DHgate means, there are no MOQ requirements of the products. Typically, the prices of the products are based on the quantity ordered. This means that the more you buy, the lower the price.

  • Yiwu go

On Yiwu go, you can find small products that are listed in various categories. The minimum order requirement differs between different manufacturers.

You can order as little as one product, but most of the manufacturers’ MOQ is more than ten items. In this case, the price differs based on the items ordered.

  • Bloom Wholesale
Bloomwholesale homepage

Bloom wholesale mainly focuses on selling women’s fashion at lower prices. The company stocks the latest fashion trends that you cannot miss to stock in your stores.

They have a reputation for buying quality wholesale boutique clothing and delivering new products on the website every week. They have no limits of minimum orders, damages can always be refunded, and if the buyer is unsatisfied with the product that can be exchanged within three days of receipt for a full refund.

  • Bangood.com
Bangood homepage

Established in 2006, Bangood.com moved from selling technology and computers to becoming an e-commerce website. This Chinese wholesale website provides items that are of high quality and low cost.

They stock products ranging from electronics, clothing and apparel, mobile phones and accessories, home and garden, sports, and many more. Being one of the most affordable wholesale websites, Bangood.com ships to customers worldwide.

This wholesale website provides dropshipping services and fast delivery. This website has no joining fee and No MOQ requirement.

  • Modishhome.com

Modish Furniture co., Ltd owns this wholesale website. It has a sofa factory and ships them to wholesalers around the globe. This wholesale website mainly deals with wholesale furniture and household products.

They are one of the cheapest wholesale websites you can come across. They sell ranging from living room furniture, outdoor furniture, dining room furniture, and many more. This wholesale website offers fast delivery at a competitive price, and their customer service is excellent.

When you purchase items from at Moshihhome.com, there is zero minimum order quantity. Buyers can order both small and big quantities of products.

  • Yaaku.com
Yaaku.com homepage

This is a wholesale website mainly deals with products ranging from fashion clothing, dresses, sweater, T-shirts, skirts and many more. Yaaku.com provides its customers with affordable items and high-quality products.

They offer good products, easy payment method and quick delivery of the products. You can find fashion items for men, women, kids, and couples. No Minimum Orders required. Guess what! You can shop for retail items at wholesale prices!

  • Chinavasion.com

Established in 2004, this wholesale website provides high-quality products at affordable prices and they are customer-oriented. They are a top electronics wholesaler that offers dropshipping services that are completely free to customers internally and worldwide.

If you are looking for a secure, safe, and simple website to purchase any electronics, check out Chinavasion. This China online wholesale website is one of the best as they provide both full-time pre-sale and after-sale services.

There is no minimum order requirement. You can purchase single or bulky electronics products. So you can test products and find out about the details of importing from Chinavasion before you’re committed to any large orders.

FAQS About Wholesale With No MOQ

  • How do I Wholesale Products without MOQ in China?

There are many factors should be considered. But the key point is that you should find a excellent wholesale supplier. Previous market research is also necessary, which can help you have a clear plan.

All wholesale websites mentioned above are great suppliers. If you really want to start a business, select one from them. I think no matter which one will not let you down!

Wholesale China? Here’s what You Need to Know. — You can get more useful information here.

  • How do I Find out the MOQ of a Supplier?

The MOQ is often specified in the supplier’s website. You can also contact them to ask if they have a stipulated MOQ or not. You need to realize that MOQ is very fluid, and it varies depending on different factors.

  • How do Suppliers Set Their MOQs?

The minimum order requirement differs from supplier to supplier. Most suppliers tend to be more flexible in reducing the MOQ to accommodate smaller businesses. Therefore, reducing MOQ requirements is open to negotiations with most companies. Several factors determine the MOQ of a product:

  1. The cost of raw materials
  2. The MOQs set by their suppliers
  3. Whether the product is custom designed
  4. The cost of shipping and storage
  5. The cost of running the production line
  • What are the Benefits of No MOQ?
  1. You don’t have to order in bulk for first time purchases or pre-production builds.
  2. Low MOQ makes it easy for retailers to top up their stock levels whenever they need to.
  3. With no MOQ it is possible to order custom designs.
  4. The No minimum order requirement gives you flexibility and the ability to buy wholesale even if you are not buying in bulk.


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