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Top 10 Cheap Jewelry Websites

Jewelry is a sensational adornment, which is not just an accessory but art, that exhibit one’s confidence and inner beauty. If you ever want to know the level of happiness of a woman, just have a look at her jewelry.

wholesale jewelry from China
Wholesale Jewelry

This business is one of the exclusive opportunity in the retail world, as people love to adore and embellish themselves with some elegant pieces of jewels.

Although, jewels are quite an expensive investment, especially when you import them from a different country for your business. In such a case, all you need is a supplier, who provides you with elegant, charming and beautiful jewelry pieces at a reasonable cost.

In this article, you can find the list of best wholesale jewelry supplier who offers magnificent collection at reasonable pricing. But before that, here are some interesting tips on importing jewelry from China.

Tips For Importing Jewelry From China

tips for importing jewelry from China
Useful Tips
  • Check the Feasibility of Your Business

Hence, if you are willing to import jewelry for sale, then you have to check whether jewelry you are willing to bring in are permitted and what are the necessary measures you need to take in terms of licensing and duties for importing jewelry.

Every country has different regulations and terms of import, so be cautious about it.

  • Cost-cutting is an Essential Part of Business

When your government allows some redemptions, then it is a lucrative option for you. Checkout your import rights before placing any type of order with the supplier in another country.

  • Assess the Expense in Advance

Take prior measures to assess the expense involved in the landing cost of your imported jewelry. This can be done on the basis of the type of jewelry you are going to order. Here again, every country has distinct terms and policies.

  • Find a Reliable Wholesale Jewelry Supplier

Lastly, lookout for a suitable supplier of your jewelry. Be assured with jewelry you are going to import and the attributes and details you are expecting. Place your order and import jewelry from China.

If you want to know more about finding supplier, you can enter into: How to Find A Reliable Jewelry Supplier and Increase Your Business?

Top 10 Cheap Jewelry Websites

wholesale jewelry supplier

With an experience of 8 years, Nihaojewelry is a trusted jewelry manufacturer for a wide section of clients from all over the world. as well as a high-quality one-stop shopping website.

Nihaojewelry has been working to supply a variety of fashion jewelry. You can find a complete range of fashion apparels, starting from jewelry to clothes and more.

The interesting part is the delivery, as Nihaojewelry assures it’s users to have a quick delivery experience. Quality control is another benefit of ordering wholesale jewelry from Nihaojewelry.

You can even share your idea and get a collection as per your choice at no added cost. With Nihaojewelry, you can certainly save your time and money.

  • AliExpress
AliExpress homepage

The journey of AliExpress started in 2010 as an online retail service brand. It combines the efforts of small businesses from China, Singapore and Malaysia to supply their products to a massive international online market.

Based in China, this brand has facilitated global reach to the smaller business of all kinds. The range of products offered by AliExpress is anything to everything. You should certainly have a look at AliExpress for your wholesale jewelry requirements.

  • TTT Jewelry
TTT jewelry homepage
TTT Jewelry.com

TTT is another wholesale jewelry supplier started in 2010 this site is a major eye-catcher when it comes to hand-made jewelry. Their artistic jewelry offers professional look and design as somewhat 600 skilled artisans take the challenge to provide unbeatable finish in their design.

You get a chance to enjoy jewelry that is made of raw materials acquired from 16 different plants. Get jewelry from TTT jewelry and enjoy exclusive quality at a potential price range with amazing customer service.

  • Chinabrands
Chinabrands homepage

Get your fashion jewelry from one of the popular wholesale websites in China. Chinabrands is a major provider of fine jewelry in China as it offers quick deliveries to any place in the world, because of the widespread warehouses and a fantastic transport system.

Also, you can enjoy the 24/7 customer service from any part of the world. Another interesting part is Chinabrands do not have any restrictions in terms of the minimum order criteria. The quality of products is ensured by the permanent quality control team, who assure standard supplies.

  • Veryselection
Veryselection homepage

Veryselection is a wholesale jewelry provider from the UK, however, has expanded it’s business in China as well. They cover customers from UK, Europe and many other countries.

Operating in China has allowed them to cut costs and provide wholesale fashion jewelry at a reasonable price. Presently, they supply in more than 150 countries and offer a substantial range of jewelry ensuring quality and value.

  • SOQ Jewelry

SOQ is another reputed name in the online wholesale jewelry supplier list. Based in Zhejiang, it was set up in 2012 to provide unique and exclusive jewelry collections. They offer competitive pricing for their amazing designs.

They even ensure quality by having a careful quality control system. If you are looking to satisfy diverse tastes, then you must come to SOQ as they have something for all. Check out the variety of high-class fashion jewelry to a cheap range of costume jewelry provided by SOQ.

  • Jewelrybund
Jewelrybund homepage

Jewelrybund is an in-house manufacturer of wholesale fashion jewelry in China. They have an international clientele from all over the world. The jewelry you can find here has an inspiration from the latest trends followed by Korean and western designers of jewelry and other fashion accessories.

They update their site on a monthly basis to maintain the trendy and unique appeal of their jewelry. Take a look at them for your jewelry business as their 3 different factories in China are always ready with something attractive for your customers.

  • Alibaba
Alibaba homepage

Established in 1999, Alibaba is one of the leading online wholesale trade in the world. Their clientele is massive and comes from different sections of the world.

Alibaba is moreover a platform that allows all type of suppliers, be it wholesale jewelry supplier or fashion accessories suppliers to reach the audience sitting far away in another corner of the world.

They cater tools to facilitate ease of business operations for these sellers. Alibaba leads in a range of product lines like clothing, machinery, consumer electronics and more.

  • Gets
Gets homepage

Launched in 2000, Gets is a popular manufacturer of wholesale jewelry that offers a variety of jewelry collection inspired from beads, lampwork beads, rhinestone jewels, pearls, glass beads, precious stones and the list is unending.

They deal in export of such wholesale jewelry in different parts of the world. They follow a well-patterned production plan that consists of 6 distinct departments of production, in all 1800 employees including 150 highly trained technicians. All this allows them guaranteed quality, effective delivery and best deal on new arrivals.

  • Yiwu Products
Yiwuproducts homepage

Yiwu products is another relatively popular name in the wholesale fashion jewelry supplier list. It was launched in 2010 and has a definite line for jewellery only.

The range of jewelry designs offered by Yiwu are 925 silver sterling jewelry, semi gemstone jewelry and rest belong to the trendy designs prevalent in the industry.

Being an international wholesale jewelry supplier, Yiwu has the potential to maintain its customer expectation in terms of quality and service. However, pricing lacks a bit. You can certainly have a look at the collection.

At Last:

So these were top 10 cheap wholesale jewelry suppliers for your jewelry business. Don’t forget, your audience would not settle at something pale and regular, so it’s important you choose a collection that is worth a bid.

China being one of the best suppliers of wholesale jewelry consists of many styles and designs. You have an option to explore from a range of beautiful delicate jewelry to tough bold pieces.

If you are on a budget for your business requirements, then these sites can help you with a range of products that comes at less price but assures the quality.

Alibaba, Aliexpress and Nihaojewelry have been the potential sites for jewelry importers from all over the world for many years. Make your collection diverse and vivid by adding global styles like Mexican neck pieces, European bracelets and more.

Start with these sites to explore a wide range of jewelry collection at the best competitive price range!

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