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How to Find A Reliable Jewelry Supplier and Increase Your Business?

When it comes to women’s accessories, jewelry plays an important role in it. And it widely uses in many occasions.

If you are a jewelry practitioners who interested in online sale or you want to expand your business, and even you know nothing about this but you enjoy the internet and online sale then this article is for you.

The article will help you have a comprehensive understanding of how to find a reliable supplier and increase business. There is no doubt that if you want to become a wholesaler then find a reliable jewelry supplier is fairly important.

Because each business needs a supply chain. Only the supply chain strong enough, can the wholesalers increase their business. However, there are many suppliers of jewelry, which are not uniform. So how to find a suitable supplier for you? Next, we will introduce it clearly.

When you find a suitable supplier, there are a few things you need to consider first:

1.The Minimum Order Quantity

If the price of jewelry you order is very high, more jewelry you order, more expensive the cost. So it had better to find a supplier with no or lower MOQ.

2. Price

As we all know, different suppliers will offer different prices for a product whose material appearance and origin are exactly the same. So we have to shop around to find the most cost-effective supplier.

3. Trend-setting Products

Jewelry is a trend-setting product, which is constantly changing. So you must not purchase the old style. And this requires the supplier have the classic style as well as constantly update.

Meanwhile, the supplier must keep up with the trend and understand the current fashion trend. More importantly, the supplier always recommend popular products to meet various demands of different customers.

Therefore, it’s very important for the supplier to have popular products, which is related to whether the wholesaler can continuously attract customers and expand their business.

Irregular geometrical figure has design feeling very much , and it is a kind of fashion trend at present .

Irregular design

4. Delivery Speed

Delivery is an significant link which decides whether your business can quickly operate. The faster delivery speed, the better the shopping experience of customers. And your company’s credit and comments will be higher than your peer companies. Moreover, your money will come back faster.

5. Providing Picture Package

Based on your business, you definitely need complete and beautiful product pictures. And more beautiful the picture, more attractive for people. So the supplier should provide complete and beautiful product pictures.

You can show the pictures for your customers through facebook or instagram. Then you can also upload these pictures on your homepage to increase exposure and attract potential customers.

6. Customer Service

Customer service can best reflect the pursuit of an enterprise. Customer service representatives businesses develop strong relationship with their clients and customers. Representatives answer customer questions, help resolve problems, process refunds and make suggestions regarding the purchase of additional products and services. Therefore a good customer service can give customer a better shopping experience.

7. Other Help

Whether it can help your business is actually important. Your suppliers have a very close relationship with you. Only your sales continuously grow can bring about their growth, so many suppliers will provide some additional methods to help your business.

For example help with your marketing methods. ( Improving facebook’s approach of resaling, providing facebook group sales methods etc ) and offer solutions to sales model ( solving the pain points in your sales process ). It’s very important to be able to launch fashion styles earlier.

8. Dropshipping

If your business model is dropshipping, you must consider whether the supplier supports dropshipping ( in terms of delivery time , freight and other aspects ).

Drop shipping is an ecommerce business model that allows you to sell products from your store without investing capital in inventory, warehouse and fulfillment.

When a customer buys from your online store, the product is shipped instead from the vendor. You – the retailer – will fulfill the order by letting your vendor or their warehouse know the customer address or preferred delivery address of the customer.

Dropshipping allows you to cut out on the inventory bills, shipping hassles and retail fulfillment issues. As such,  it is an attractive ecommerce model for many small and home-based online entrepreneurs.

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn't keep the products it sells in stock . Instead , when a store sells a product, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer . As a result , the merchant never sees or handles the product .
The Dropship Model

There is no best accessories supplier, only suitable for their own is the best. The above 8 points can help you better judge whether the supplier is suitable for you.

Here are some reliable jewelry suppliers we recommend .

1. Alibaba

Alibaba has been a giant in the wholesale market. As one of the largest B2B business markets in the world, it has a very wide product range and a huge product library with millions of Chinese manufactures.

But most of the commercial tenants are manufactures, not suppliers, which means they often don’t have a website, and even they can’t speak English. Orders have to be paid by wire rather than credit card, and there ‘s no guarantee you’ll get what you want.

Advantages :

  • Getting started is cheap.
  • It has many suppliers and a huge choice of products.
  • The information is highly targeted and efficient.
  • The world’s largest Chinese BBS.
  • The huge number of members, the promotion of popularity and the establishment of brand make Alibaba’s information coverage more and more wide, which attract more merchants.
  • The opening of ” Chenxin Tong ” provides guarantee for safe online transactions.

Disadvantages :

  • The quality of the manufacture’s products is uneven.
  • In some cases , the delivery time may take more than one month.
  • No products pacakages.
  • No the recommendation of trend-setting products.
  • The price competition is intense, and the transaction order profit if generally low.
  • Due to the strategic shift, Alibaba has invested a large amount of funds on Taobao, a consumer-to-consumer personal trading platform. And Alibaba will face the embarrassing situation that the number of B2B old customers decreases sharply, while the number of new customers is insufficient.

2. Made-in-China.com

Made-in-China is an online world of Chinese product information. It provides e-commerce services of Chinese products to the whole world, aiming to introduce made-in-China products to global buyers through the internet. Made-in-China is the first choice of B2B website for domestic small and medium-sized enterprises to develop international trade.

Advantages :

  • Toprank service of members ranks the top 10 randomly , and each keyword only sells the top 10.
  • Inquiries are sent one-on-one.
  • Lower fees.
  • Much of its popularity is based on world of mouth rather than advertising.

Disadvantages :

  • The scale is small, and the influence overseas is not enough. Then the degree of domestic promotion is still insufficient.
  • It lacks its own characteristics and professionalism.

3. Welman Group

Headquartered in Bethesda Maryland, Welman group is a leading supplier or distributor of wholesale jewelry for at least 30 years. Welman group is famous for its different styles of stainless steel and silver jewelry, and the jewelry is priced at a discount.

Welman group have the largest pure silver product category, with more than 900 pieces of pure silver jewelry. Their rings are particularly unique and the company offers a range of exquisite Celtic designs with high quality rings.

Welman group sets its minimum order level at $100. You can get a larger discount depending on the number of orders. For example,  3% for orders of $500 to $999.9, and 7% for orders of more than $2,000. Order processing takes 1-3 days, but most orders are shipped within 24 hours.

Advantages :

  • the goods with high qualily.
  • Variety of styles , and the price is discount.

Disadvantages :

  • There is a minimum order quantity.
  • Limited products , mainly silver products.
  • No fashion recommendations, no fashion information.

4. Nihaojewelry

Nihaojewelry is one of the best wholesale jewelry supplies. It provides one-stop shopping for fashion jewelry, costume jewelry, fine jewelry, accessories, fashion clothing and bags for women.

If you’re looking for a reliable supplier, then Nihaojewelry is perfect for you. Whether you buy in bulk or in small quantities, or resell after purchasing, Nihaojewelry can meet all your needs and maximize your profits.

Nihaojewelry sells sells many different types of products and has the most popular single products that can meet the needs of many customers.
Product Catalog

Advantages :

  • No minimum order quantity
There is no minimum order quantity , so you don't have to think about capital . You order one item is ok .
No minimum order quantity

There is no minimum order quantity for you desperately want to start your business is wonderful thing. Are you short of money or aren’t you take too much risk? Then Nihaojewelry will solve your scruple. 

  • Lower price and good quality

Low prices tend to attract more customers. But how do you keep a good quality with lower price? Nihaojewelry has done just that. The price of each item is very competitive, and the quality of each item is in the leading position in this field and they have special inspectors to control the quality of products.

  •  New fashion recommendation and updating everyday

Trends are always changing, which requires suppliers to have something new to output all the time and know the fashion trend forever. Nihaojewelry has new fashion recommendations, and a lot of new products update everyday to ensure that you always have the latest products on sale. So you can get a sense of fashion trend and elements from it.

  •  Delivery speed

The faster the delivery,  the more time it will save both parties. If you choose Nihaojewelry as your supplier, you don’t have to consider the delivery speed. In addition, it has a variety of logistics options.

Nihaojewelry has a lot of shipping for you choose .
Shipping Methods
  •  Providing picture package

Good pictures are always more attractive to customers, which means that when you choose a supplier, you should consider whether they have a beautiful picture package or not.

Nihaojewelry has a lot of beautiful picture package. Therefore, You can clearly see every detail of the product and better understand the product content.

  •  Good service

Good service can give customer a better shopping experience, but also reflects the culture of an enterprise. Nihaojewelry’s online customer service can solve any problems and answer your questions 24 hours a day.

If you have any problem after purchasing, you can contact customer service for giving you the best shopping experience.

  • It has its own ODM and OEM

Nihaojewelry has its own ODM and OEM, which means they can produce and design the products. If you have special demands in this aspects, then Nihaojewelry is a better choice.



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