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12 Effective Tips That’ll Increase Your Online Jewelry Business

In 2019, more and more people purchased jewelry  online daily, which becomes a trend. So many jewelry business are developing online and hope to have a foothold in many online jewelry companies.

Considering this situation, we conclude 12 tips to help get noticed by your target market and increase your online jewelry business.

Finding effective and suitable marketing strategies will cause your online jewelry business to soar.
Sales Profits

If you already have experience about marketing management , these tips will cause your business to soar . If you’re just starting out and operating the jewelry business , then these tips will bring you to a new world and give you some directions about increasing your business .

1. Target Market

As a Chinese saying goes, a workman must sharpen his tools if he is to do his work well. So the preparation is fairly important. Then you need to have a clear target market. That is to say you have to know:

  • your buyers income and age
  • what do they do
  • your buyers and what they want
  • what buyers like about jewelry
  • what sort of jewelry do buyers prefer
  • seasonal trends

Having a basic understanding of your buyers render you better define your target customers in terms of their occupations, interests and regions so that you can better serve them.  

2. Competitive Product

Good new things are always more attractive. Competitive products includes many aspects which are good price with high quality, latest products and trend-setting products.

More importantly, you can provide a complete after-sales service, then you can build a reputation which means you will get more regular customers and new customers.

Competitive products include many aspects, which can make you quickly get the favor of customers among many peers.
Competitive Products

3. Keep Inventory Of Your Stock

It is beneficial for enterprises to hold a certain amount of inventory. Because holding a certain amount of inventory is conducive to adjusting the imbalance between supply and demand, ensuring timely and fast delivery, and avoiding or reducing the economic losses caused by inventory shortage or delivery delay.

In fact, your customers expect to receive the product immediately from the first second of ordering.

Always check your inventory to keep track of product sales. Then can ensure timely and fast delivery.
Keep Inventory Of Your Stock

4. Build A Brand

Once you’ve established your products’ aesthetic and nailed your customer profile, it should be easier to identify an overall look that will define your brand.

Try to build a brand of your own, only form the brand effect, can you have more speaking right and pricing right. If your brand is special and unique, customers will remember your company better and your company’s image will be built.

When you built a brand, you must design it seriously. And you also need to design a logo for it, which represents your company’s identity.

5. Create a story that resonates with emotions.

After building a brand, now you should tell a story. Maybe you feel confused, why tell a story? You know jewelry with a story is a great seller. And the establishment of a brand also comes from a story.

Fashion doesn’t just consume products, it also consumes the emotions of its customers. Therefore, when you find your inspirations for your designs, let your customers know that is how they have been sourced.

Always pay attention to the little things in your life and find the special things. Collect everyday surprises and happiness and remember to look back on and share them with others with gratitude or upload them to social networking platforms.

All these can give you jewelry a deep significance and attract more customers . Using social media to sell your jewelry is one of the fastest ways of reaching out to potential customers, developing your brand and making it known to your target customers.

Jewelry with a story is a great seller, so you'd better creat a story that resonates with emotions.
Create A Story

6. Beautiful Photographs

If your jewelry business is online, you are in a sense selling photographs. Beautiful photographs can greatly improve your conversion rate.

What’s more, these photographs can fully demonstrate each detail, making customers happily purchase. So when you’re looking for a supplier, you should know whether he has a lot of beautiful photographs.

7. Product Description

If images alone are not enough, matching theme-appropriate description with images increases people’s willingness to place an order. Don’t overburden your words.

Description should be concise, but it can completely illustrate characteristics of the product. Of course, you can also use rhetorical device in your description which can make your products more attractive.

In addition, it will also attract Google’s spiders (Google robot), which will improve your website’s natural ranking and attract more customers.

If only the picture is not enough, you must have a product description. The language should be refined and concise, fully demonstrating the characteristics of the product.
Product Description

8. Multiple marketing channels

Increasing online jewelry business also depends on marketing channels, which needs many skills. Such as advertising marketing.

It refers to the activities in which an enterprise promotes products through advertisements, facilitates direct purchase of consumers, expands sales of products, and improves the popularity, reputation and influence of the enterprise.

Don’t just focus on your natural traffic on facebook. Advertisement on facebook can also bring a lot of orders. The appropriate advertising investment is a big growth.

Advertisements need to be creative if they want to catch people’s eyes. Making full use of consumers’ eyeballs to plan creative advertising marketing can render your advertising stand out in the mass of commodity information.

Publish as many ads as possible on social networking platforms, increase the exposure of your company's sales websites, and attract potential customers.
Nihaojewelry’s advertising on facebook

9. Marketing Campaign

Create a topic and a marketing campaign for your product. For example, you can design some significant jewelry in a special day ( like Valentine’s Day ) or you can make a discount for some specified jewelry.

And even you can offer one-of-a-day or one-of-a-week specials on jewelry, allowing customers to get a better deal at a lower price. Low price promotion is easy to cause a wave of buying of customers.

On the other hand, You can set up a membership system, and the amount of members’ consumption is accumulated in the form of points. The higher the customer’s points or rank, the more discounts they can enjoy.

Low price promotion is easy to cause a wave of buying of customers.
Pricing Discount

10. Establish An Ecommerce Website

If your jewelry business is based solely on social networking website like facebook, you’ll need to create your own ecommerce website. An ecommerce website with a perfect sales process and product presentation can attract more users and can use a variety of marketing methods.

The more complete the sales process, the better the customer’s shopping experience. If your jewelry business is based solely on social networking website like facebook, you’ll need to create your own sales website.

A website with a perfect sales process and product presentation can attract more users and can use a variety of marketing methods.

If you want to start your online jewelry business, you must establish a complete ecommerce website. The more complete the ecommerce website, the more customer it attracts.
Nihaojewelry’s sales website

11. Sales Channels

Nowadays with the rapid development of the Internet, the choice of sales channels is increasing. Amazon, etsy, and ebay are all worthwhile platforms. They can help you contact more people, improve your jewelry business, and intangible certification for your brand.

At the same time, you should combine the sales channels with social networking platform to increase the visibility and exposure of jewelry. In this way, your jewelry business will be expand.

Using social media to sell your jewelry is one of the fastest ways of reaching out to potential customers. So you should combine your sales channels with the social networking platforms.
Sales Channels Combine With The Social Networking Platforms

12. A Reliable Supplier

Finding a reliable supplier is the most important point. Only after you have completed this can you start your jewelry business. It is a prerequisite and never reverse the order. Even the dropshipping model can hinder your business, so it’s important to find reliable suppliers ahead of time.

In fact, it is very difficult to find a supplier that is suitable for oneself, because each merchant’s business model is different from the main product. Your supplier must provide both the product and other conditions, such as no minimum order quantity, fast delivery, lots of products and more.

It is Nihaojewelry that can meet all your demands as a reliable supplier. Nihaojewelry has the latest trend information and updates products every day. If you want to know more about it, please click:

Can’t wait to start your online jewelry business? hurry up. On the way to improve your online jewelry business, if you encounter any difficulties, welcome to leave a message below, maybe we can help you.


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