How To Manufacture A Product In China?

Getting a product manufactured in China isn’t difficult if you know the right steps to take.

Deemed by many as the world’s factory, China boasts an impressive capacity for manufacturing and its ever-growing network of suppliers, component manufacturers, distributors government agencies, skilled labor, and more.

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This article will explain the most critical aspects of successfully manufacturing your product in China.

The Process of Manufacture a Product

  • Do Sufficient Research

Whether you want to expand your current product or want to start creating a product from scratch, you need to conduct adequate research before taking your next step. For instance, what does the product require? What are the changes to be made?

  • Prepare a Design or Prototype

This step is the key to show your potential supplier how serious you are in this new product business. You could be a good talker and telling the supplier that you are going to order 100,000 pieces of it.

Then you take a paper to draw a product draft from your mind. However, China Suppliers had met countless customers showing their idea this way; they will not trust and not willing to help, or just quote the wrong price to keep you away.

  • Intellectual Property

One of this you should not forget is preparing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). NDA is critical during the development and production of new products from China. NDA determines the duration at which your product can be advanced if your competitor copies your idea.

  • Find the Manufacturer You Need

Once you have developed a prototype, your next step is to locate the best factory, trading partner, or sourcing agent. They will help you in completing your product which is important in the success of your business.

Most factories operate with the theory of Scale. So in most cases, they will offer a subsidized price and high MOQ for quotation to maximize their production space.

Nevertheless, they pay attention to production speed and quantity. In selecting the factory, you need to consider the registration record.

  • Make a Cost Breakdown

This is one of the most critical aspects in the manufacture of products. You need to come up with the overall cost of production and the retail price.

This helps you determine if the plan is workable for the market. This includes the cost before production, cost during production and cost after production.

  • Customize a Pre-production Sample

After checking your cost carefully and confidence on the product will make a margin of the market, then you can start the pre-production sample process.

It is vital that to follow it as an inspection Sample and a critical reference of quality/outlook/function. Also, you can start selling to some distribution customers months earlier than the mass cargo arrived in port.

  • Choose a Suitable Packaging and Label

Good package design and packing material will significantly value up your product value and support it to sell at a higher retail price. So do not save your cost in designing for packaging, try to find someone right, and finish a brilliant design to compatible with your hard works.

  • Start Marketing Your Product
marketing  products
Marketing Products

It is no doubt that marketing is important in deciding if the new product will be successful or not. Do not wait for the bulk products to arrive for you to begin the marketing process.

Waiting means that you will waste so much time and spend more on stocking the products. You can start by selling the pre-production samples.

Factors to Consider When Deciding the Factory to Work with

  • Price

This is an essential factor, but don’t settle on the lowest offer. What you will focus on are the supplier’s experience and patience and you also need to make a balance of price and quality.

  • Sample Quality

The quality of the sample normally determines the mass production quality. Once you are happy with your sample, proceed to order more products.

  • Good Communication

Communication is important to any business. A good manufacturer ought to attend your needs and be willing to be able to enhance your product. A good supplier should not try to push for the order rather than helping you make improvements where necessary.

Most importantly, choose a supplier who is patient because you are working on a new product that may require constant changes.

  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

A lower MOQ is certainly better. Nevertheless, when MOQ is fixed, you can try to get more color options at the same price. Provided the supplier needs to increase the little cost of producing more color options; it is worth to pay.

  • Factory Qualification Authentication

Check with your supplier if the production factory gets ISO 9001 / BSCI / ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001 etc. It is not necessary to have all listed Certificates. 

But more certificates the factory has done means their product has been proven to be qualified to enter more countries, so their product quality is more stable and reliable.

At Last:

Are there minimum order quantities you have to have even to get a factory to work with you?

The minimum order quantity normally differs based on your product. The higher the MOQ the cheaper the per-unit cost. You need to know the manufacturers are very flexible when it comes to negotiating the negotiate the minimum order.

This is why it is important to visit the factory in person as it will give you the advantage of working with them on the minimum order requirement. Very rarely is the initially quoted MOQ going to be a deal-breaker if you can’t meet their requirements.

Outsourcing manufacturing with Nihaojewelry means that you get to take advantage of the highly skilled workers at a reasonable price, factories with stable facilities and advanced technologies at relatively low costs, and better political stability.

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