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How to find the best wholesale jewelry supplier for you in 2021

Whether you are currently a white-collar professional, a business graduate who wants to start your own business, or someone who is bored with your current job, starting a wholesale business is a good choice. Among them, jewelry wholesale is always profitable. It has no seasonality, and even on some special holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas, the demand will usually become more exuberant.

More and more people are keen to buy jewelry products online. If you want to start your own business in this industry, the best time is now.

wholesale jewelry supplier 2021
wholesale jewelry supplier 2021

How to choose the niche market segment for jewelry wholesale?

Before deciding to start a jewelry business, it is very important to choose a suitable market niche. The most popular types of jewelry engaged in jewelry resale business are fashion jewelry (costume jewelry), fine jewelry and custom jewelry. Determine which type of jewelry is more suitable according to the age, region, and hobbies of your target customers.

Fashion jewelry

Fashion jewelry is mainly costume jewelry. This type of jewellery comes in various styles and rich designs, all for everyday wear. Fashion jewelry is the type of jewelry most commonly selected by resellers.


  • Fashionable
  • A variety of styles
  • Low price
  • Fast product update
  • Usually made of alloy or cheap metal or other materials (brass, copper or aluminum, plastic, etc.)
  • Suitable for everyday wear

Fine jewelry

Fine jewelry is different from fashion jewelry in that it is more refined and more expensive. They are usually jewelry made of pure gold, pure silver, platinum and/or other precious metals. This kind of jewelry often uses real gems, such as real diamonds, rubies, sapphires and so on. This type of jewellery is usually not produced in large quantities.


  • Exquisite workmanship
  • High price
  • Usually made of precious metals
  • Always keep value
  • Suitable for weddings, parties and other formal occasions

Custom jewelry

There are two forms of custom jewelry. One is handmade jewelry designed by business owners. This requires jewelry shop owners to have jewelry design and production capabilities. The second is custom jewellery mass-produced by jewellery manufacturers. The retailer or business owner will provide drafts or pictures of jewelry customization.


  • Unique
  • The price is higher than fashion jewelry
  • Optional jewelry materials
  • Suitable for all occasions

Where can you find wholesale jewelry vendor?

Once you have determined your jewelry market niche, finding the right jewelry vendor is extremely important. How can you find the source of jewelry?

Local wholesale market

If you want to open a jewelry store, many people will choose to buy from some of the nearby large wholesale markets. You can see a wide variety of products when you purchase goods at the wholesale market. Although it is convenient and fast, the profit margin is greatly reduced. Intermediate transportation fees, storage fees, and profits will cause the purchase price from the wholesale market to be slightly more expensive, so investors are required to have strong bargaining power so that the purchase price of the product can be kept to a minimum.


Buying from the manufacturer, you can get high-quality jewelry at a very low price, which has a great price advantage. However, general manufacturers require a large order quantity, which is very likely to cause overstocking. In addition, it is impossible to find all the goods you need in one manufacturer.

Trade show

The wholesale trade show is a great place to find wholesale jewelry that suits your store. Participating in a trade show gives you the opportunity to see many products with your own eyes. There are many options for trade shows, so you need to do some research to choose the right one. Trade shows are not only held offline, there are also many online trade shows for participation.

Online jewelry wholesalers and distributors

Alibaba and Aliexpress are well-known wholesale websites. Of course you can find hundreds of jewelry wholesale suppliers on these websites. In addition, there are many third-party websites that provide professional jewelry wholesale products, such as Nihaojewelry, Cheap Wholesale Jewelry and so on. It is worth noting that if you choose an international jewelry supplier, the delivery time will be longer. Foreign transportation is different from domestic transportation and requires customs clearance. Long-distance transportation combined with customs clearance time makes the delivery time longer than the delivery time of bulk jewellery purchased from local or nearby jewellery suppliers.

There are many online jewelry wholesalers worthy of your choice. This article provides you with some of the best jewelry wholesale websites and suppliers in China, India, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Best jewelry wholesale websites and suppliers in China/India/USA/UK

Wholesale jewelry in China

China is a well-known manufacturing country. The Chinese jewelry market has numerous jewelry factories, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. So you will find all kinds of fashion jewelry wholesale websites of different sizes on the Internet. The products on the Chinese jewelry wholesale website are updated quickly, and there is usually no minimum order quantity or low minimum order. However, due to geographical restrictions, there may be a time difference, causing communication inconvenience. Chinese jewelry wholesale suppliers generally allow global distribution.


As a fashion jewelry wholesaler in China, Nihaojewelry provides a variety of latest fashion jewelry and accessories on the official website. The products exceed 30,000 pieces. This wholesale jewelry website subdivides and filters out all kinds of earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc., so that customers can quickly find popular styles.

nihaojewelry navigation bar
nihaojewelry navigation bar

The materials of jewelry are diverse. Products in the Fashion jewelry category are mostly cheap costume jewelry made of alloy and resin acrylic. In the Fine jewelry category, there are a variety of high-quality 925 silver jewelry, titanium steel jewelry and natural stone jewelry. Buy multiple jewels of different materials on one website!

Nihao Jewelry is very friendly to small business owners and startups because they provide a wealth of wholesale jewelry and there is no MOQ. Cheap prices are especially suitable for shopkeepers with low budgets or who are uncertain about the quality of their jewelry. All jewellery items are white label products. If you want to create your own jewelry brand, label it yourself.

Nihaojewelry also provides customized jewelry. Provide your jewelry design drawings, requirements, delivery time and contact information to Nihao Jewelry, and the customer service will contact you for further cooperation.

nihaojewelry home page
nihaojewelry home page
custom jewelry from Nihaojewelry
custom jewelry from Nihaojewelry

If you have doubts about Nihaojewelry, you will find the answer here. Here are many articles on Nihaojewelry website usage guide, shipping options, freight calculation, and even wholesale tips for your reference.

Nihaojewelry blog entrance
Nihaojewelry blog entrance


  • Low barriers to entry
  • A large selection of products. Different styles of fashion jewelry such as Korean jewelry, Mexican jewelry, Indian jewelry, etc. can be found on the Nihao wholesale website.
  • Fast product update
  • No minimum order quantity
  • For white label products, you can put your own brand label on sale.
  • OEM and ODM manufacturers of jewelry brands
  • Allow jewelry customization
  • Allow to download and use beautiful product images on the website
  • Allow site order tracking and query
  • Their blog provides a wealth of wholesale tips and fashion information
  • Global shipping, some shipping methods are tax-free
  • Online order tracking available on site


SOQ is a jewelry wholesaler located in Zhejiang, China, established in 2012. SOQ mainly focuses on jewelry customization, providing OEM and ODM services. They are committed to turning your ideas into reality. You can see pictures of various earrings, rings and necklaces on their website. The usual MOQ is 120 pieces per style per color. If you want to order custom fashion jewelry in bulk on their website, they are a good choice.


  • Jewelry customization, jewelry OEM and ODM
  • Free sample available (pay a deposit or become their VIP user)
  • Cooperate with Walmart, Forever 21 and other brands, and the quality is guaranteed
  • Custom samples
  • Customized products and packaging samples. Samples and shipping costs only start at $20


silverbene home page
silverbene home page

Silverbene specializes in 925 sterling silver jewelry, jewelry discovery and accessories. They provide ready-made jewellery, custom jewelry design and jewellery manufacture services to more than 2,000 jewellers, travel shops, and gift shops around the world. Silverbene has more than 10,000 design options, and 400 new products are updated every month. All products are guaranteed 92.5% pure silver.

If you want to wholesale high-quality sterling silver jewelry, you can try this wholesaler.


  • Focus on 925 sterling silver jewelry
  • Allow jewelry customization
  • Ship to anywhere in the world
  • Minimum quantity limit for wholesale: 10 pieces per piece (1 size, 1 color)
  • Allow drop shipping

Wholesale jewelry in India

wholesale jewelry on youtube search bar
wholesale jewelry on youtube search bar

As you can see from the youtube search bar, many people are interested in finding wholesale jewellery vendors and wholesale markets in India. why? Jewelry is almost indispensable in Indian culture, no matter which region is considered. There are many types of women’s jewelry in India, including earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, bracelets, hair accessories, forehead ornaments, chest ornaments, anklets, etc. According to statistics from Statista, the value of the Indian jewelry market is expected to reach 6 trillion Indian rupees in 2021. With the increasing demand for costume jewelry in India and globally, it is not surprising to see so many manufacturers emerge.

jewelry market statistics from statista
jewelry market statistics from statista

India’s wholesale jewelry is famous for costume jewelry and imitation jewelry. The jewelry provided on their website is also mainly Indian style jewelry.


Eindiawholesale is a well-known jewelry wholesaler in India and a verified supplier on alibaba. Kundan jewelry and temple jewelry are their characteristics. Eindiawholesale is one of the best places to buy Indian fashion jewelry online. The website supports global shipping. The minimum order value for Indian customers is 5000 Indian rupees, and the minimum order value for international customers is 100 US dollars.

Free shipping within India. For customers outside India, if your order is equal to or higher than US$250 (about 17000 Indian rupees), free shipping is also available. The downside is that for international customers, Paypal is the only payment option.

eindiawholesale home page
eindiawholesale home page


  • Rich styles of costume jewelry
  • Provide Indian traditional jewelry
  • Reasonable price
  • Free shipping within India
  • Low minimum order amount
  • Global delivery

Kanhai Jewels

Kanhai Jewels is a manufacturer and wholesaler of imitation jewellery in Mumbai, India, selling a variety of wholesale jewellery online. The website provides a wide range of imitation jewelry, including antique jewelry, Kundan jewelry, American diamond CZ jewelry, Western jewelry, etc., to meet different needs.


  • Both traditional jewelry and modern jewelry can be found here.
  • Global delivery


manekratna home page
manekratna home page

Manekratna supplies high-quality Indian traditional and modern fashion jewelry to distributors, exporters, importers, wholesalers, retailers and resellers worldwide. Their products are loved by consumers for their exquisite workmanship, the latest styles, and unique patterns. The website is updated with 10-15 new designs every day. The inventory accuracy rate of the website is as high as 90%. The minimum order amount for the first order is 10,000 Indian rupees.


  • Domestic and international shipping are available.
  • High inventory accuracy rate.
  • Allow customers to use product images online/offline.
  • Custom jewelry with a specific MOQ is allowed.

Wholesale jewelry in USA

There are also many local jewelry wholesalers in the United States. They are mostly family businesses, providing small retailers with reliable sources of inventory, supply and support. Some US jewelry wholesale suppliers or distributors only allow delivery within the US or nearby countries (such as Canada).

Wholesale Accessory Market

wholesale accessory market home page
wholesale accessory market home page

Wholesale Accessory Market offers various styles of wholesale jewelry, accessories and home decorations. They are committed to stocking small businesses or boutiques with the products their customers need, so their minimum order amount is very low, with a minimum order of $50.00. You can customize personalized products on this website to meet your needs, but they are non-returnable. Wholesale Accessory Market does not provide international shipping policies.


  • Inventory is constantly changing so that customers can get the latest styles, prices and overall selection.
  • Free shipping for orders subtotal of $300 (domestic US orders)


Wona Trading, Inc. is a fast-growing wholesale fashion jewelry, established in 2004. They have a showroom in the center of New York City to visit. Wona trading’s online website offers a variety of products in a wide range of product categories. Fashion jewelry includes bracelets, anklets, body accessories, earrings, necklaces and so on. All jewelry meets lead and nickel standards. However, there is no guarantee that all required items are in stock and may be shipped without any notice.


  • No minimum purchase
  • International shipping available
  • There are showrooms to visit
  • Daily product update
  • Allow download and use of product images for commercial purposes
  • Provide Dropship service

Cheap Wholesale Jewelry

Cheap Wholesale Jewelry is a wholesale distributor of family-owned fashion jewelry and accessories. The site features wholesale brand-name and designer jewelry, including Target, Avon, Lia Sophia, Macy’s, Forever 21 and other brands. Most personal products have volume discounts, so the more you buy in bulk, the more you save. They allow shipping to any address in the world. Free shipping is available within the United States with a purchase of $50 or more.

Although they claim to cancel the minimum order quantity, the products offered on the website are sold by dozen, so your minimum actual order quantity is not one piece.


  • Worldwide shipping
  • Cooperate with well-known brands
  • Provide suggested retail price and resale price
  • Low wholesale price
  • Free shipping if you spend more than $50 (US only)
  • Provide dropshipping service (only in the United States)

Wholesale jewelry in UK

Most of the jewelry wholesalers in the United Kingdom are mainly family-owned and have a long history. They pursue the quality of jewellery and deliver them at low cost throughout the UK. Most suppliers have showrooms offline for viewing. But for retailers in other countries, the MOQ is relatively high.

Jewellery World

Jewelery World Ltd is a one-stop jewelry wholesale supplier in the UK, located in Manchester. They not only provide fashion jewelry, but also wholesale expensive gold, silver and diamond jewelry. The navigation design of the website is clear, and you can choose the latest design styles according to different festivals. Costume jewellery is sold in packages or by the dozen, and there are different standards for minimum orders. The minimum order for domestic retailers in the UK is £100 (excluding VAT and P&P). For buyers from EU countries outside the UK, the minimum order is £250.00, and for buyers from other countries, the minimum order is £500.00.

jewellery world navigation bar
jewellery world navigation bar

Their showroom is located on Chatley Street in the heart of Manchester. In addition to home delivery, they also allow online ordering and pickup. You can go to their showroom to pick up the goods.


  • Has more than 20 years of experience
  • Allow international shipping
  • The product is rich. Both fashionable jewelry and expensive jewelry are available.
  • You can go to the showroom to pick up the goods by yourself.

Lisa Angel wholesale

Lisa Angel wholesale provides wearable and trend-setting wholesale jewelry for various boutiques and small high-street shops in the UK and overseas. There are many types of products, most of the wholesale jewelry are plated with high-quality 18-carat gold/rose gold or sterling silver. The minimum order is £100 + VAT. They have their own retail stores and cooperate with many brands, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of their products. Note that they do not allow retailers to sell their products on Amazon, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Depop, or Etsy.


  • International delivery.
  • Innovative and unique products
  • Reliable quality


Cmejewellery originated from a family business and is one of the UK’s leading wholesalers of high-quality sterling silver and 9ct gold products, with more than 5,000 beautiful designs to choose from. They have a showroom in Leicestershire (temporarily closed). Their business hours are working days. It is closed on weekends, bank holidays and from Christmas to New Year. All prices on the website do not include value-added tax and will fluctuate due to fluctuations in currency exchange rates and precious metal prices.


  • Allow to place orders via website, post, fax, phone and email
  • Customized design and procurement services can be provided for large quantities of orders
  • A mature and reliable company with more than 40 years of design experience

How to choose the most suitable jewelry supplier for you

It is undeniable that the best jewelry supplier mentioned by anyone is not necessarily the best for you. Therefore, you need to choose according to your actual situation. Here are some things you can do for it.

Filter out suppliers that meets the requirements

Different jewelry vendors provide different types of jewelry. Use targeted keywords to the google search bar or the wholesale directory search bar to filter out the suppliers that meet the requirements. For example, 925 silver jewelry wholesalers, gold-plated jewelry suppliers and so on.

Some jewelry vendors have requirements for minimum order quantities. If you only want to order 50 pieces of jewelry and their minimum quantity is 100 pieces, try to negotiate. Sometimes they may meet your requirements for promotion.

Confirm the credibility of the supplier

In order to prevent fraud, carefully check the supplier’s address, contact information, and other relevant information to ensure that the company is legal and reliable.

In addition, the company policy, shipping, customer service, and FAQ sections are also worth knowing. The jewellery supplier’s policies for handling returns, sales, shipping, and payment are closely related to you. The response rate and speed of the customer service will affect your communication efficiency. Doing research in advance will help the two parties to cooperate smoothly and quickly.

Check product quality

If possible, try to order samples before ordering, or buy a small amount of products for testing. Check whether the jewelry color, workmanship, and materials meet your expectations. Test whether the jewelry is prone to discoloration or allergies.

Real shot pictures of other customers can also be used to check product quality.

Compare wholesale prices

Always set a budget for your jewelry purchases and choose affordable jewelers to cooperate. For small business owners or startups, purchasing from wholesale websites with no or low MOQ can help maximize capital and prevent inventory accumulation.

Compare the wholesale prices offered by different websites and choose the one with higher cost performance.

Choosing backup jewelry vendors

Don’t Put All your Eggs in One Basket. For the same reason, always keep at least a backup vendor. A jeweler may not be able to meet all your needs. Choosing local suppliers and overseas suppliers at the same time may also make effective use of capital. International suppliers offer lower wholesale prices, while local suppliers have shorter delivery times.

Even if you have prepared the goods one month in advance, it may still be unable to deliver on time due to special circumstances. At this time backup vendors are particularly important.


Choosing the most suitable jewelry supplier for you is not easy and requires a lot of time to research. But it is worth it. If you plan to get involved in the jewelry business, finding a trustworthy wholesale supplier is a key step in building a profitable jewelry business.

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