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What Differences Between Wholesale Jewelry From China And USA?

The jewelry business is the everlasting trade that would certainly not come to an end until a race called women are alive on the planet. A women’s desire to adore a magnificent piece of jewelry on her body never ends.

It’s an ongoing greed that keeps on increasing and increasing. If you are beginning an online jewelry start-up then you definitely have ample opportunity in this market.

wholesale jewelry from china
Wholesale Jewelry From China

Being a retail seller, you need to select a manufacturer that provides you with a wide range of jewelry in amazing variations and unique designs. Two popular manufacturers for importing wholesale jewelry are China and the USA.

These two have been dominating the market ever since the beginning. Out of the two China has been acclaimed by many MNCs and powerful nations including the USA as Chinese manufacturing helps them to reduce the prices of their finished products.

Not just in jewelry businesses, but Chinese manufacturing has been proved beneficial for many other sectors too. You must consider Chinese wholesale jewelry suppliers for your retail brand as compared to the ones offered in the US, it’s a better and wiser choice.

The Difference Between China’s and America’s Manufacturing

The USA is maybe the leader in the world but is certainly lacking when it comes to wholesale jewelry manufacturing. The basic reason behind it is their incapacity to maintain the stocks.

While China has grown a tag of “Made in China”, the USA is still competing to meet their orders. Even the range of products available in China for wholesale is way higher than the US.

The range and variety of products offered by China for your retail brand exclusively exceed in terms of custom jewelry, clothing and accessories.

The manufacturing industry of China has expanded from 80 million in 2002 to 112 million in 2018, and on the contrary, the USA is still tumbling around 15.4 million in 2017. This also shows their capability to give you the most efficiently manufactured product for your business.

Also, China ensures you with the lowest prices as the cost of labour in China is least as compared to any other nation in the world. The wholesale jewelry available in China is exclusively manufactured keeping the quality and durability in mind.

If you are looking for something authentic as well as chic for your jewelry business, then you must have a look at the Chinese jewelry wholesalers, who offer classic and stunning pieces of jewellery that are made with diligence and creativity.

Well, more factors contribute reasoning to your decision of choosing a wholesale jewelry supplier for your all-new retail jewelry outlet.

Why China is a Better Wholesale Jewelry Market?

  • The Type of Jewelry ” Target Market “
target market
Target Market

While starting a jewelry business, you need to select the market you are going to target. Obviously, its gonna be women, but between what ages?

The jewelry most prevalent with US wholesalers are charm bracelets, animal-inspired pendants and rings. These jewelry items might look adorable for a few events but won’t suit for all.

Especially if you are going to target the Asian market, then you need something unique and stylish. Such simple designs over pastel colours won’t do.

And its not just about the Asian market, but also about the majority of women who like to adorn a mature look with something like a retro alloy bracelet.

So it would be a nicer choice if you choose a wholesaler that provides you with jewelry that suits the taste and preferences of all your customers.

  • Make Your Collection Meaningful

If you really want to attract your audience and convert them, then you must go for a unique collection that makes sense. Some regular and plain designs would not give out the elegance ladies generally look in jewelry.

Chinese manufacturers offer you a catalogue of unique jewelry items that look elegant and charming. These are not just any simple design mostly found with US jewelry manufacturers.

The collection offered by the wholesalers of the USA has a substantial stake of beaded jewelry, which is usually not preferred by ladies. So go for something unique and meaningful in your fashion jewelry collection.

  • Go For An Option That Provides You Consistent Supply

Apart from the type of collection you should prefer for your all-new jewelry business, you also need to select a wholesaler that guarantees you the consistent supply of products.

China is well known for its extensive capability of providing wholesale goods throughout the world. The efficient workforce of china ensures a consistent supply of your orders along with maintaining the quality and class of the products.

The factories where these goods are manufactured are equipped with the latest technological equipment that quickly manufactures your products and gives a nice finish to your jewelry.

Although, on comparing with the USA, you come to know that it has less resource of labour which keeps it behind China.

  • Trusted Manufacturer

Among all the factors that support wholesale trading in China, the only reason that makes you a little concerned is the possibility of becoming a victim of a scam.

Most of the time, people get scammed due to the barriers of language, although if you select a reputable wholesale jewelry provider, then you can rest assured with your investment.

Well, scams do take place in cases of US wholesalers also. However, due to the availability of too many wholesale jewelry providers, China has a slightly higher risk.

  • Availability of Variation and Diversification

In comparison to the USA, Chinese manufacturers offer a great opportunity to diversify your business.

Starting with fine jewelry, you can further expand your business to the entire fashion line with your existing wholesale provider as you can import accessories and further clothing at wholesale prices from Chinese manufacturers.

Chinese wholesalers usually have a wide range of products, which make it easier for you to expand your business.

  • Most Important Reason ” The Cost “

Its a fact that the wholesale cost in China is comparatively lower than that of America.

The reason is the low cost of labour which has allowed China to offer such competitive prices on wholesale products. You can grab the best deal on pieces of jewelry from China.

So the option stays with you, as in either to pay extra and get a boring jewelry collection for your customers or attach your brand with a potential wholesale jewelry provider from China.

You can look for some of the most reputable and trusted jewelry provider in China and explore some unique jewelry styles. Out of plenty of options of wholesale jewelry providers in China, Nihaojewelry is the one which comes up with all the required elements you need in your manufacturer.

You can select from a wide range of products and make your collection worth a view. Do make your collection vibrant and classy with unique options varying from costume jewelry, finger rings, necklaces, brooches, danglers and much more.

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